A healthy life is the most important tool to allow us quality of life , taking care of our needs and priorities. Daily activities and the balance we have between physical and mental health will be the key to staying healthy.

For this reason, in the following article we will talk about the elements or factors necessary to lead a healthy life , thus allowing their knowledge and benefit.

What should we do to lead a healthy life?

To lead a healthy life, it is important to keep in mind that there are habits and behaviors that will directly influence our vitality and energy, bringing our body and mind to a balance that allows us to stay healthy and in proper condition. We mention below what are the main recommendations to achieve it :

1. Maintain a balanced diet

Food is the foundation of our health. It is important to highlight that within all the variety of foods that exist, a balanced diet must be consumed and that it supplies all the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of our body and thus avoid nutritional deficiencies that may produce long-term consequences. (1)

2. Consume enough water

The amount of water recommended as adequate for daily consumption allows us to benefit our body’s health on a large scale, favoring everything from the immune system to the functionality of mechanisms such as kidney, digestive and cardiac mechanisms, as well as the transport of oxygen and cells. (two)

3. Exercise consistently

Physical activity through the years has demonstrated its therapeutic capacity and the interaction between interests, sports training and health. For this reason, its ability to reduce existing risks when practicing a sedentary lifestyle is highlighted (3)

Tip The practice of physical exercises and sports such as aerobics, cycling, swimming, athletics, as well as high intensity interval training (HIIT) is recommended. 

4. Avoid smoking 

Tobacco consumption is a factor that negatively influences the search for a healthy lifestyle, since cigarette smoke increases the development of diseases such as bronchitis, cancer and cardiovascular disorders.

You should know Tobacco contributes to 40% of deaths worldwide. (4)

5. Moderate alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption causes irreparable damage to the body, as well as being a reason for a wide variety of health problems, contributing to mortality and disability worldwide. 

To highlight The risk varies depending on the amount of consumption, age and various biological characteristics , but a minimum consumption is the most appropriate and recommended. (5)

6. Manage stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are psychological health factors that greatly influence the quality of life of individuals. Its reduction allows a more pleasant and healthy life, in addition to avoiding diseases and disorders in biological and cognitive functions. (6)

Note The pictures of stress and anxiety have given a turn to the conceptualization of health due to their influence on physical and social well-being, since they are emotional reactions that can even alter our immune system.

However, it is also important to mention that these types of disorders are related to the acquisition of behaviors that are harmful to our health.

7. Sleep and rest properly

Adequate sleep and rest have an incredible influence on health and psychological variables, mainly. 

Important Sleep disorders will greatly affect the quality of life and put health at risk, since neuroticism and developed affectivity diminish many abilities and weaken intellectuality, producing cognitive and emotional dysfunctions. (7)

8. Take care of dental health

It may sound quite strange, but there is a reason. Our mouth is made up of several elements that constitute the entry of food into our body, so if something affects oral health, it affects the ability to eat and communicate, essential factors to ensure our quality of life.  (8)

9. Practice recreational and pleasant activities

Physical and mental health is supported by tools such as recreational activities, which allow us to clear the mind and avoid stress, in addition to getting out of routine situations that can reduce our integral development 

You should know The benefits are perceived from social, economic and environmental aspects, to a general well-being and better performance. (9)

10. Get regular medical checkups

Monitoring our health is a habit that we tend to ignore, but it allows responsible and continuous care of our body, in addition to the prevention and early detection of any disorder or abnormality that may exist. 

To highlight It is also important to highlight that mental health is just as important as physical health, so both must be monitored regularly.

Key Findings

  • A healthy life is obtained through the adaptation of habits that allow us to constantly take care of our body and our mind.
  • Food and hydration are key factors that allow us to take responsibility for our health.
  • Physical and recreational activities are important to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Mental health is just as important as physical health so both need to be regularly monitored and protected.

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