Exploring sex life is a vast topic. Various couples break the established routines, many times to try sexual positions, different kisses or role plays. All this in order to deepen sexual desires and pleasure.

However, there are many taboos, and the rainbow kiss is perhaps one of the most risky and strange sexual experiments that a couple can come up with. It’s hard to say why it might turn some couples on, but that’s why this article is here.

Next, we will learn what the rainbow kiss really is, its most relevant characteristics, the types of diseases that can be transmitted through this fetish, and finally, recommendations if you really want to put it into practice.

What is the rainbow kiss?

The rainbow kiss is a sexual kiss given orally, practiced mainly in heterosexual couples, however it is considered grotesque and harmful like the white kiss . Therefore, it has been called a prohibited practice.

Its process consists in that the woman must be in her menstruation days, with her menstrual fluids, let them rest inside the man’s mouth. He, on her side, must ejaculate into the woman’s mouth.

To highlight: The act ends when both kiss passionately, using different types of kisses , while the bodily fluids mix, giving the similarity of a rainbow. It is a dangerous exchange.

It is hard to believe that it is a passionate and pleasurable practice. Due to its low acceptance, there is very little information about this sexual technique and how harmful it is to health.

What are the characteristics of the rainbow kiss?

The rainbow kiss has certain characteristics that make it stand out from other types of kisses, such as the black kiss, which is also widely practiced among couples. It is important to know the characteristics of this kiss, to better understand how this practice works and in what type of couples:

1. It’s based on mutual oral sex

The rainbow kiss does not involve the penetration of the man into the woman, it only covers oral sex (at the time of the man’s ejaculation or the woman’s menstrual flows).

Note: Mutual masturbation can also be involved , so it can be considered more of a moment of eroticism than casual sex.

2. It is practiced by heterosexual couples

The rainbow kiss is a practice exclusively for heterosexual couples, because the main role falls on the woman, being the only one of both genders who can menstruate (a completely natural process).

Therefore it cannot be confused in homosexual or bisexual couples. From what is known, it is just a practice involving semen and menstrual blood.

3. It is performed during a woman’s menstruation

The rainbow kiss has only one requirement, to be performed during the cycle or menstrual days of the woman .

Many studies point to it as “the bleeding that every month, approximately, flows from the uterus, through the small opening of the cervix and leaves the body through the vagina” . This menstruation process can last up to a week, which means that the couples who do this practice have the precise time for it. (1)

4. It involves a fusion of bodily fluids

This sexual practice involves bodily fluids, just like the golden shower (bath with urine). In this case, the rainbow kiss gets its name from a mixture of colors, which include both male and female bodily fluids, simply put, semen and menstrual blood.

To highlight: It cannot be strange that semen merges with normal or menstrual type blood due to mere laboratory experiments or various investigations (2) , however it is very grotesque to mix these fluids through kisses and with consent, without say that the taste can be disgusting.

5. It must be carried out under prior consensus

The rainbow kiss is done by consent and prior agreement between the couple, due to the risk and responsibility that is carried over. Both the man and the woman put their conditions and come to the conclusion to try or not, this different technique. .

What are the effects of the rainbow kiss?

The rainbow kiss has different negative health effects, many of them irreversible. Therefore, even out of curiosity, it is important to know the consequences that this sexual technique can bring:

1. Oral herpes

The herpes virus is very common through sexual contacts, although it is of many types such as genital, there is oral or labial herpes.

To highlight: An extensive study defines this type of herpes virus as follows: “it is a DNA-type virus contracted during childhood or adolescence through contact with blood, saliva or genital secretions” . (3)

Therefore it also applies to menstrual blood (if the person is contaminated with herpes). This disease is identified by small blisters around the mouth or its surroundings, which are painful and highly visible.

2. Chlamydia

Chlamydia is another sexually transmitted disease, very dangerous and highly risky.

You should know: An article written by doctors mentions that: “The chlamydia family has the property of adhering to certain epithelia, where they can end up producing various infections” . (4)

In this sense, chlamydia can be identified with main symptoms such as burning or swelling in the penis or vagina, as well as pain during sexual intercourse or discharge from the genitals.


HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is undoubtedly one of the most fearsome sexually transmitted diseases, which is why sexual education classes are urgently needed worldwide. (5)

This virus is capable of causing AIDS , and there is no cure for both, just treatments, the bottom line is living sick the rest of your days. HIV is transmitted by fluids such as semen or menstrual blood, as well as by needles or transfusions contaminated with the virus.

4. Gonorrhea

It is another frequent disease through sexual contact, it can be transmitted even during the perinatal period. It infects the genitals, causing diseases such as urethritis, or it can also affect the rectum and throat.

Note: It is identified by burning, swelling, secretions or bleeding from the penis or vagina in any case.

5. Mouth and throat cancer

The rainbow kiss is capable of causing oral cancer, affecting the lips, gums, and tongue, and can be identified by lumps or small ulcers in the mouth, difficulty swallowing or moving the jaw, bad breath, and tooth loss.

As well as cause throat cancer, affecting the tonsils and larynx. The main symptoms are more or less similar, but there is also pain in the ear and a sudden change in the voice, as well as lumps and incurable sores.

How to perform the rainbow kiss safely?

Perhaps out of curiosity or excitement, people decide to try this technique . Everyone is responsible for her actions, so it is preferable to be prepared if you want to explore sexual limits of this magnitude.

1. Maintain adequate intimate hygiene

Intimate hygiene is necessary for erotic moments and sexual intercourse. In addition to this, it is healthy.

Important: It is likely that the way of transmitting diseases is reduced with this, by maintaining adequate hygiene ; the genitals shaved and well washed, to avoid accumulation of secretions or smegmas, which are bad-smelling and bad-tasting for people.

2. Practice it with only one person

The rainbow kiss should be practiced only with one person, since this ensures that unwanted diseases are not spread to someone else, it is also understandable as a very risky sexual technique, which is only done with someone of great and intimate trust.

3. Make sure you do not have diseases and infections

If you want to try a rainbow kiss, you need to go to a doctor, to do different types of tests, to come to the conclusion that there are no high-risk diseases in our system or that of our partner.

Note: It will not be a difficult process as it can be done through blood tests. It is important and should not be dismissed.

4. Use barrier and protection methods

Despite all of the above, protections or condoms should not be ruled out for a type of kiss like this. There are spermicides, contraceptive sponges or oral condoms, which are ideal for creating a barrier and preventing the entry of unwanted diseases.

Key Findings

  • The rainbow kiss is an oral sexual practice, given in heterosexual couples, however it is considered grotesque and harmful.
  • It consists of the fact that the woman must be in her menstrual days, with her menstrual fluids, let them rest inside the man’s mouth.
  • Rainbow kiss has different negative health effects such as oral herpes virus, HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and mouth and throat cancer.
  • If you decide to try this technique, you should keep in mind how important it is for both you and your partner to maintain adequate intimate hygiene.
  • It is recommended to practice it with only one person and make sure you do not have any type of disease or infection.

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