Water is the essential liquid to quench thirst and maintain vitality, taking into account that the body is merely made up of 80% water for tissues and organs.

In this sense, water has a hundred important values ​​for the body, some even become ideal for maintaining body weight, so in the following article we will show you 7 of the benefits of water specifically for losing weight .

What are the benefits of drinking water to lose weight?

Water is a natural drink, quite special for people who want to control their body weight , so we share the benefits of water to lose weight below:

1. Decreases appetite

It is well known that water is ideal to reduce appetite . It is a natural liquid that, in greater volume accumulated in the body, helps to reduce food intake , by increasing the physiological satiety of the digestive system and diluting nutrients.

Note: According to a study, it is determined that: ” Consuming 375-500 ml of water 30 minutes before a meal reduces food intake in older adults.” (1)

2. Helps burn calories

Water is ideal for burning calories and fat, boosting the metabolism of lipolysis that is related to this liquid.

To highlight: Lipolysis (whose purpose is to break down fats) is done through the combination of hydrolysis, where water combines with blood lipids (such as triglycerides) providing essential fatty acids and glycerol.

3. Speed ​​up metabolism

Drinking water helps a lot to speed up metabolism and burn fat, taking into account that this liquid does not contain calories and positively intervenes in the functions of the organism.

In this sense, water can boost metabolism by increasing and stimulating thermogenic responses , specifically with the thermogenesis process that helps in energy balance, ideal for weight loss.

Important: A study confirms this by establishing that: “Drinking at least 500 ml of water causes a 30% increase in the metabolic and thermic rate . ” (two)

4. Eliminates toxins from the body 

Water is a natural purifying liquid of toxins. This is because, thanks to the fact that water drives the functions of leukocytes, it disposes of microorganisms through the urine through the kidneys and if water with lemon or water with cinnamon is combined , the diuretic and cleansing effect becomes faster. and cash.

5. Stimulates intestinal transit

Water is a great stimulant for the intestinal transit of the organism, since it can prevent constipation with hydration, soften the excretions of digested food or nutrients with soluble fiber, and also greatly reduce the levels of stomach acidity in the gastric system.

6. Increases physical energy

Drinking water is ideal for increasing physical energy , contributing to better performance in exercises for weight loss.

You should know: Water relieves dehydration by regulating body temperature levels, contributing to the elasticity of muscle tissue and transporting oxygen to both cells and vital organs.

7. Avoid the intake of caloric drinks

Water is a natural liquid that prevents the intake of caloric drinks , such as sugary sodas or even alcoholic beverages.

In fact, a glass of water is free of calories, sweeteners and any other artificial additives that are used especially in commercial drinks to increase their use (which greatly increases body weight), so the water is devoid of toxins and provides better sensations to the nervous system .

Note: It is known that: ” Water is a fundamental tool for weight loss , especially because it replaces alcohol, soft drinks and packaged juices , which contain a lot of sugar and calories.” (3)

How should you drink water to lose weight?

Water should be taken, like many other drinks and foods, in moderation, so it is ideal for humans to drink 8 to 11 glasses of water a day on a special diet , regardless of the person’s age or sex. in order to lose weight properly.

Important: A study adds that: “The most common recommendations for water intake to lose weight in adults (including older adults), are 2 liters of water a day for women and 2.5 liters of water a day for men.” (4)

On the other hand, in order to better contribute to the weight loss process, water should also be taken in plenty during training sessions , in order to hydrate the tired body, oxygenate the muscle tissues and also to improve brain responses, in order to stimulate Also metabolism.

Key Findings

  • Water is a natural liquid with no sugar or calories 
  • Drinking water is beneficial to help reduce appetite , improve the burning of calories, fat and toxins. 
  • Drinking water also works to improve the expulsion of feces and increase physical performance. 
  • Water should be taken in quantities of 8 to 11 glasses per day to lose weight, and it should be both in the common diet and during exercises.

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