What is prodoline?

Prodolina® is the trademark of a synthetic medicine that uses sodium metamizole as an active ingredient , a chemical compound belonging to the line of analgesic, antipyretic and spasmolytic medicines, with an effect on painful processes of various etymologies .

To highlight: This pharmaceutical product is made in Mexico by the company named SANOFI-WINTHROP, SA DE CV . (1)

What is prodoline used for?

  • Thanks to the mechanism of action of metamizole, prodoline® acts by neuronal impregnation in peripheral receptors and in the central nervous system ,  exerting a local analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic effect on some conditions that cause pain for various reasons. (two)
  • It is used to treat:
    • Pain of mild to moderate intensity, whether acute or chronic.
    • Fever of different etiology .
    • Some cases of visceral pain.

Dosage and routes of administration of prodoline

The presentation of prodolina® is in the form of a box with 10 tablets containing metamizol sodium 500 mg. The administration is orally and the informative dosage can be as follows:

  • Adults: From one tablet to two, 3 to 4 times a day as directed by the treating physician.

Prodoline Side Effects

Treatment with prodolina® can cause some of the following adverse reactions in certain types of patients :

  • Possible allergic manifestations due to patient contact with any of the components of the formula.
  • Skin rash, itching, hives and itching.
  • Chest tightness, asthma and facial swelling.
  • Tachycardia, fever and inflammation.
  • Risk of decreased white blood cells , thrombocytopenia, leukopenia.
  • Bullous type reactions in skin and mucous membranes (Steven Johnson Syndrome, Lyell Syndrome ).
  • Proteinuria, oliguria, interstitial nephritis and gastric irritation.

Important: There is a possibility that the patient during treatment with prodolina®, may manifest any of these symptoms or another that is not on the list. If this occurs please discontinue use and consult your doctor .

Contraindications and warnings of prodoline

The use of prodolina® is contraindicated in any of the following cases:

  • Patient hypersensitivity to any of the components of the formula.
  • Patients with glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.
  • People with liver failure and hepatic porphyria.
  • Patients with acute myocardial infarction, shock, polytrauma.
  • During the pregnancy period.
  • During breastfeeding .

You should know: Before starting treatment with this drug, the patient must provide their doctor with all the information about their health history .

Avoid it if you have:

  • History of hypersensitivity to pyrazolones.
  • Arterial hypotension below 100 mm Hg.
  • Agranulocytosis, nephritis, hepatitis and blood dyscrasias.


  • Pharmaceutical products such as prodolina® must be administered with a prescription or prescription.
  • Do not alter the indicated dose.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions throughout the course of treatment with this drug.
  • Do not mix this product with beverages containing alcohol.
  • Do not consume this medicine without medical authorization, if you are being medicated for other pathologies.
  • Keep this product out of the reach of children.

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