What are pimples on the tongue?

Pimples on the tongue are also calledtransient lingual papillitis, butthey are very common. They aresmall red bumpsthat form on thetop of the tongue, being very annoying and sometimes even painful.

They have various causesthat can vary fromallergic reactions, burns, or infections from physical and sexual contactwith others with viral illnesses. They can be severe or very mild, depending on the cause.

Note: One study determines that “Transient lingual papillitis, or pimples on the tongue, is due to inflammation of one or more filiform and fungiform papillae as a result of mechanical or chemical irritation, which produces intense discomfort not proportional to the size of the damaged tissue.” (1)

Causes of pimples on the tongue

The causes of pimples on the tongue are diverse, but easy to recognize. The person who has pimples on the tongueshould be aware of their situation and symptoms. For this reason, we summarize the main causes and the most relevant:

intolerances or allergies

It is one of the most common causes, although difficult to determine, the body reacts by allergy to certain foods or intolerance (as occurs with lactose and gluten), they are not easy to know due to the great variety of products that an individual consume.

But if pimples occur on the tongue for this reason, it is important to see a specialist. In severe cases, they are due to Chemical reactions to household elements such as sodium Lauryl sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate .

Important: A study mentions in the form of a warning, that “There is allergy to food, medicines, bee and wasp venom and even contact allergy with certain substances.” (two)

poor nutrition

Poor nutrition is not very common, but it is relevant in certain low-income sectorstag. Also the so-called malnutrition, allows the easy passage of food in poor condition or contaminated, whichcan affect the organ of the tongue and infect it easily, causing annoying pimples on it.

Note: It is known, thanks to a study, that “In underdeveloped countries, malnutrition is the main cause of deficiency diseases . ” (3)

Bites on the tongue

It is the main symptom and it is one of the most annoying causes, so it can be embarrassing. Accidental biting of the tonguecauses openings in the tongue , which can become infected and cause small pimples on the tongue.

But it’s not a bad thing to worry about, its recovery is very quick, even if it’s a slight bite.

Alcohol and cigarette consumption

Mostly, cigarette consumption affects the mouth in its entirety , in addition to the teeth and gums, it is capable of deteriorating the texture of the tongue due to the numerous chemicals that Contaminate it entails to the point of generating pimples and even cancer in ittag. The same happens with alcoholic substances in excess or with very low reputations.

Note: The white tongue is a symbol of bad breath caused by the consumption of cigarettes.

Infections due to low defenses

Having a weak immune system affects the whole body, therefore, through cuts or contact with food,the tongue can be infected quite easily. What not only causes grains in it, but other types of infections and bacteria that affect the body.


The case of the human papillomavirus, is the most serious cause of pimples on a person’s tongue, it is commonly due to sexual contact (orally) being very contagious, with innumerable infections and lesions beyond just the pimples and the long does not heal easily.

Note: According to a study “Oral papilloma is a benign lesion that affects children and adults, but has a certain predilection for people between the ages of 30 and 50” . (4)

Genetic factors

Finally, hereditary and genetic diseases may be involved , sometimes unpredictable, which can cause injuries, malformations or strange grainslocated on the tongue. It should be noted that genetic factors are solely from the family and do not involve external agents.

Treatment to eliminate pimples on the tongue

Fortunatelythere are several suitable treatments to eliminate pimpleson the tongue, we present the most important and simple to apply to solve this annoying problem.

Avoid popping grains on the tongue

It is the main thing, touching or trying to explode the pimples on the tongue is useless , in addition to the fact that this can create ruptures in its tissue, it can be contaminated by bacteria and microorganisms, it is important that a specialist doctor take care of this.

Maintain good oral hygiene

Hygiene is crucial for any part of the body , brushing at least three times a day, keeping the tongue neat and clean, but above all, removing food and debris from between the gums.

Note: It is a process that is applied every day, but that will prevent the appearance of annoying pimples and other infections.

Make mouth rinse with water and salt

Salt has antiseptic properties that are very ideal for treating pimples on the tongue, this rinse with water and salt should be made with warm water mainly,this will disinfect the tongue and relieve pain. It is very practical and homemade, it can be easily made at home.

Gargle with lukewarm water

Gargling with warm water is ideal for relieving pain and removing microorganismsfound on the tongue. This process should be done in the morning for approximately 5 minutes. It is very effective.

Avoid consuming acidic, spicy or very sweet foods

Spicy foods like chili peppers can damage the tissue of the tongue, creating the appearance of the small pimples.

Foods that are very high in sweetness can also have bad consequences (due to the unhealthy properties that sugar possesses) apart from acidic foods in excess, such as citrus fruits.

Avoid smoking and moderate alcohol consumption

You must stop smoking cigarettes , it is a terrible vice that affects the tongue and eventually deteriorates the body or can cause diseases such as cancer.

In addition , alcohol consumption should be moderated, since it also creates dependency and the consequences that it brings to your body will not be very pleasant.

Maintain a regular dental checkup

You should constantly go to the dentist already established personally, because these Dental Check -ups help us to be advised and informed of the state of our tongue, mouth and gums.

Note: Theyalso know how to treat cases such as pimples on the tongue. It’s a complete oral exam, much needed.

Drugs prescribed by a specialist

From the dental checkup, the medical prescription is made for certain drugs , treatments and remedies necessary to treat pimples on the tongue.

To highlight: It is important to be well advised, have reviewed and done all kinds of tests, so as not to make mistakes and know what drugs are necessary, to avoid allergic reactions.

See your doctor if needed

If you have the slightest suspicion that you constantly suffer from pimples on your tongue, if you locate bumps and you don’t know what the real cause is, you should see a specialist doctor, who will do an evaluation and oral check-up, to determine the cause of said pimples. and what treatment you should take for it.

Key Conclusions

  • Pimples on the tongue appear as net or different colored bumps.
  • They tend to be annoying and almost hard to bear.
  • Can suffer
  • Its causes are diverse, due to allergies, cigarette consumption, poor hygiene and human papilloma virus.
  • There are several treatments , in order to eliminate them and restore the original texture of the tongue.

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