What is neokap-lf?

Neokap-lf® is the name of a commercialantidiarrheal medical product, whose active ingredients in its formula are themixture ofneomycin, kaolin and pectin. These compounds have astringent, antibiotic capacities and also function as efficient regulators for intestinal transit or in another plane, with protective effects on theskin.

Note: Neokap-lf® is part of the drug products manufactured and distributed under theDegorts Chemical laboratory brand. (1)

What is neokap-lf for?

  • Neokap-lf® has as its mechanism of actionto absorb toxins and eliminate bacteriapresent in the gastrointestinal system. On the one hand, neomycin acts as an antibiotic, whose effect is to inhibit the synthesis of proteins of bacteria, increasing their sensitivity andpreventing them from multiplying. Added to the soluble fiber of pectin to purify the intestinal system (the mucous wall and intestine) and kaolin canincrease the stool in its volume inorder to facilitate the expulsion of them, even when they are riddled with toxins. (2)
  • It is used to treat:
    • Diarrhea.
    • Bacteria or germs lodged in the gastrointestinal system (Example: Escherichia Coli, Salmonella, Paracolon, Shigella and Enterobacter).

Dosage and routes of administration of neokap-lf

Neokap-lf® is a drug that comes in a box form with 20 tablets andup to 40 tabletsof 129 mg neomycin sulfate, 280 mg kaolin and 30 mg pectin, which is administered orally. The recommended doses of neokap-lf® are as follows:

  • Adults: It is recommended to administer 2 tablets for 5 days of the duration of the treatment, at an interval of 4 to 6 hours approximately.
  • Children from 6 years to 12 years old: It is necessary to administer in this paediatric population 1 tablet at an interval of 4 to a maximum of 6 hours, for at least 5 days as stipulated.

Side effects of neokap-lf

Neokap-lf® can bring mild adverse effects like a large majority ofgeneric or commercial drugs, however its frequency is quite minimal as it is a very tolerable drug. It should be known that the adverse reactions of neokap-lf® are:

Important: Discontinue use of this drug andseek medical advice immediately if side effects occur for a long time and worsen your health condition.

Contraindications and warnings of neokap-lf

Neokap-lf® is limited for a certain patient population, in order to protect their healthagainst specific diseasesthat may have a very negative interaction with the substances of this drug. It is recommended not to use it in these cases:

  • Hypersensitivity to the active substances.
  • Intestinal obstruction.
  • Myocardial infarction.
  • Pregnancy andlactation.

Avoid it if you have:


  • It is advisable to use this drug with a prescription or prescription.
  • The medication should be kept out of reach of children.
  • Reserve the sealed drug in a dry place.
  • Keep the medication at an appropriate room temperature.

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