What is neck pain?

It is that discomfort or discomfort that occurs in the highest and back of the neck, which is called the neck, where discomfort or tense sensations may occur, making it almost difficult to move the neck, which often generates a lot of pain. The problem may persist depending on age.

Pain is never very common, however, it can be mild or severe depending on the case, as it can be caused by muscle tension, diseases called “cervicalgias” or by a strange cervical syndrome caused by the sametension.

Note: A medical study mentions that “Neck pain is a common global problem, at least in the industrialized world, and constitutes a major cause of disability.” (1)

What causes neck pain?

There aredifferent causes of neck pain, some very present in everyday life and others may be due to unexpected, external and unrecognizable factors. Here are the main causes:

1. Improper body posture

It is the Main cause of unusual neck pain , body posture is vital to the human body, but there are those who ignore it.

To highlight: An inadequate posture is being hunched over for a general period of time, sleeping in incorrect positions or without a pillow, doing bad exercises without proper posture, among many others.

2. Muscle Strain

This refers specifically to sports activities, muscle strain is a symptom of a muscle tear after a hasty movement or an exaggerated stretch, it Can cause painful injuriesand reaches the point that it is almost impossible to move said muscle. It is usually uncomfortable for the vast majority.

It is related to rheumatoid arthritis,of the cartilage of the joints, it can be easily observed through X-rays.

3. Problems in the cervical spine

These are a series of disorders or diseases that occur directly in the cervical spine, disabling the proper movement of the neck, they are usually hereditary and very rare, but they are still of great alarm.

Note: One study divides neck problems into acute, chronic, or inflammatory neck pain, among many others. (two)

4. Intense headaches

Headaches, mostly of great intensity, are the cause of neck or neck pain , because tension and discomfort can be transmitted to the muscles, it is also a form of reaction to stress.

5. Stress and anxiety

Speaking of stress, in addition to anxiety, these mental factors can affect a person psychologically and physically, often not in a positive way.

often occur .

6. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is mostly to blame for neck pain, but in its own way, it is a very unusual and degenerative pathology . It mainly affects the vertebrae and joints of the body.

As it progresses, the movement of certain joints or extremities becomes more difficult, including the part of the neck or neck.

7. Meningitis

This disease is mainly caused by very dangerous bacteria, which gets into the bloodstream and spreads to the brain and spinal cord mainly, makes the neck feel stiff and causes severe headaches.

Important: It requires immediate attention, because the bacteria can aggravate the situation over time.

How to relieve neck pain?

Fortunately, since it is a global problem, neck pain Can be relieved in a simpler waythan it seems, even at home. Here are some recommendations to alleviate this annoying pain:

1. Apply warm compresses

You can apply a warm compress, just using a hot and comfortable water bottle,which you apply with a clean towel to the area of the neck where the pain occurs. This can take time but itReliefs any tension or pressureon the muscle in that specific area. It takes at least 15 to 20 minutes.

To highlight: Many studies agree that “Acute neck pain is when pain comes suddenly or little by little and is very strong. This type of pain is very common and rarely serious . (3)

2. Perform localized massages

A massage never hurts, you can do it or with a suitable professional. The goal is toRelieve muscle tension in the neck in a more direct way, surely you will feel some pain but the subsequent relief is really amazing.

3. Perform stretching exercises

It is important to stretch the muscles in the morning or before exercising,this must be done as a routine, also if you find yourself with unbearable neck pain, try to slightly stretch your neck or perform stretching exercises for this area to alleviate that little pain. This evenprevents rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Consume painkillers or muscle relaxants

This is in case the pain in the neck cannot be easily alleviated, for this you must have a necessary medical prescription , to consume certain analgesics or muscle relaxants such as Carisoprodol , because its side effects can be somewhat serious if not followed. They take the right considerations.

5. Improve body posture

This should become routine,having a better and proper body posture, whether at work, social or at home. It is importantnot to be hunched over for a long time , nor to keep your back curved when sitting in front of the computer.

6. Avoid stress and anxiety

Try to do activities that do not generate stress and relieve anxiety, this serves as a distraction to prevent these factors, but in addition to that, it will work for you when it comes to relieving neck pain, as if it did not exist for a few long minutes.

7. Go to the doctor if necessary

Never hesitate to see your doctor if the problem persists , in case the neck pain does not heal properly or even if you cannot treat it yourself, in case of any doubt.

In this sense, a reliable and recommended doctor for a patient with neck pain are professional chiropractors or traumatologists (in more serious cases), who specialize in addressing this type of discomfort .

Key Findings

  • Neck pain is that Tense Sensation that occurs in the upper part of the neck, it can be very mild or severe.
  • It is quite common in society today, it is not a strange problem.
  • It can occur due to spinal diseases, poor posture or other external and little-known pathologies.
  • Are
  • Given the persistence and aggravation of pain, it is recommended to see a specialist doctor.

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