Sexuality is equally pleasurable and intimate for all sexes , including all tastes that exist, as well as for homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals. It is a way to mature as a society and understand each and every one of us.

For this reason , sexual education is important regardless of tastes, since homosexuals, whether they are gay or lesbian people, have the same way of exploring their sexuality with their partners , in a pleasant and fun way.

In this article, 12 very pleasant and exciting positions for lesbians will be known , who have a vast sexual world that they can explore, without fear and with great security.

What are the most pleasurable lesbian positions?

Lesbian women are creative when it comes to sexual relations , the absence of penetration by a male member is no longer a problem for them. To demonstrate it, we will show you the most pleasurable lesbian positions:

1. Magic hand

This position is a great start for the sexual act between two women , very simple and erotic. The ladies should throw themselves on the bed, one on top of the other , the one on top should be with her legs open, while the other subtly touches her vagina and introduces her fingers to stimulate the clitoris , complementing the work with the other. free hand or with their own language.

Tip: To increase the enjoyment you can take turns and change positions, which provides greater mutual satisfaction .

2. spoon

This is another common position preferred by lesbian women, it can be considered quite exciting. Both girls simply put themselves on their sides in bed , the one in front of her opens her legs again, while the other girl introduces her fingers more quickly, not only in the vagina, but also anally . .

3. Strong point

A very practiced sexual position, in which both girls sit facing each other but one must be on her knees and the other standing.

Note: The one who is sitting gives oral sex to the one who is standing, complementing with the use of her fingers and her hand. It is very famous and recurring .

4. Face to face

It is also known as facial sex and derives from 69 . The two girls can take turns in this position, one should be placed lying on her back and the other should sit on her face, masturbating the one lying down, while letting the one lying down please her private parts. Basically oral sex  .

5. Simple scissors

The famous and classic scissors, known even by men, but considered quite erotic and full of pleasure by lesbian women. She is famous and preferred by the rubbing and the contact of the vaginas .

For the position to be comfortable, both girls must cross both legs , fully open at first, meeting face to face, while making rubbing movements to join their vaginas, gaining momentum and support through the buttocks and pelvis.

Curious fact: A study mentions that: “Tribadism is a position that consists of rubbing the clitoris with one of the parts of the body of your sexual partner, also called scissors.” (1)

6. Velvet scissors

Derived from scissors, it is simpler but it is also very exotic . In this case, one of the girls lies down, with her legs open and her body relaxed, while the other joins her vagina with her partner’s, moving with light touches, acting as the dominant one and as if it were a penetration. .

Tip: In this position you can even use lesbian sex toys , which will increase the pleasure and enjoyment between the couple.

7. The 69

Another famous position, both for lesbians and heterosexual sex . Simply, both girls are placed on the bed, in a comfortable way, one will be on her back and the other will lie on top of her but inverted, with her face towards the genitals of the girl lying down, immediately afterwards, both begin oral sex with each other and in sync .

To highlight: Here the work with the hands , the mouth and the touches to other sensitive parts such as the anus are complemented.

8. Butterfly

It is a position that generates a great orgasm , but to achieve this orgasm, you must be very prepared.

One of the girls must be sitting with her legs open, while the other will give her oral sex, holding her legs, while moistening and pleasuring the entire genital area. Both girls can take turns, it’s a position of great intimate pleasure .

9. Swing

A very creative and interesting sexual position , where one of the girls will find herself lying on her back, with her legs gathered up but without closing them completely, while the other surrounds her partner’s legs, only until friction and contact between each other is reached. the vaginas.

Tip: While moving erotically, you can touch each other’s breasts until you orgasm .

10. The 99

romantic and erotic position . Both girls should be sitting, on their knees, where one is behind the other’s back, but the one behind the other has all the time to explore the body of the one in front, she can kiss her neck, gently touch her vagina or her breasts, which generates a moment of passion .

11. Pleasure floor

Another very effective and exciting oral sex position . In this position, one of the girls will be standing and the other will be kneeling, the one who is standing opens one of her legs, while she pushes the head of the one who is kneeling towards her vagina, making a very wet oral sex and exotic .

12. Wild Rider

A required sexual position for passionate couples with a mere desire for satisfaction, one of the girls must lie on the bed, with her legs bent, while the other is sitting on her vagina, holding tightly the other’s bent legs.

Immediately afterwards, both girls begin rubbing movements , guaranteeing a great orgasm when they both want to finish.

Recommendations for better sex between women

As much fun as sex can be, even for lesbians, sexual protection and health measures must be taken to enjoy it.

Important: A study mentions that: ” Sexually Transmitted Infections are spread from person to person, by physical contact during sexual relations, whether vaginal, anal or oral.” (two)

So regardless of sexual tastes, certain protections must be in place for sex between women. Here are some recommendations for safe and pleasurable lesbian sex:

1. Do it under mutual consent

Lesbian sex must be mutual, with a consensus between the two girls who are a couple and really only like the female sex. Confusions or intimate insecurities should be avoided .

2. Maintain adequate genital hygiene

Both girls must have very adequate and almost strict genital hygiene . This includes having the vagina shaved, washed and, above all, free of bad odors from dirt and sweat.

To highlight: In addition to this, the area of ​​the anus is included, which must also be clean and neat.

3. Use barrier and protection methods

Female contraceptives are different from male ones, they do not prevent pregnancy, but rather the spread of incurable sexual diseases .

Note: Among these methods there are barrier methods, gloves or vaginal sponges , which are extremely protective and easy to acquire.

4. Use lubricants

If you want to have a wetter time, the use of lubricants helps a lot in dealing with concerns. Not only to moisten areas like the vagina or breasts, but also to dilate the anus for safe and enjoyable anal sex , it is a very important resource .

5. Properly wash sex toys

Sex toys are widely used by lesbians , such as the double dildo for example, but they must also carry their previous protection, such as the use of condoms on top of these , lubrication and disinfection, to avoid misuse and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. .

6. Avoid very long nails

Nails must be kept short and not excessively long , since this makes sexual enjoyment null. In addition, this can damage the vaginal walls or lips, as well as the rectal area. Awareness and protection for the couple must be taken .

Key Findings

  • Lesbian women can enjoy the best sexual positions , even make combinations.
  • The best positions for lesbians must be carried out with prior consensus and agreement between the couple.
  • Even though it’s just women, sexually transmitted diseases can still spread.
  • Sanitary measures and protection methods must be taken to enjoy these lesbian positions.
  • Lesbian sex is enjoyed with positions capable of reaching a great orgasm, but it requires maturity and responsibility .

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