The diet is part of the life of many people, some light, others quite demanding, it is in itself a food routine whose main objectives are weight loss, a balanced diet and also seeks to become a habit.

In this sense, in this article we will learn about a very interesting routine diet, the so-called military diet , where we will present what it is and how to carry it out.

What is the military diet?

It is called a military diet for its duration of three days, being a very strict type of diet but endorsed by nutritionists , as well as one of the fastest that has attracted attention due to its effectiveness plan and required level of commitment.

The objective of this diet is to lose a large portion of weight (approximately 5 kilos) in record time, where people can exert themselves during a period of three days , eliminating various foods and reducing the calories they usually consume.

Note: A study adds the following: “After the three days of the diet, you can continue to control the diet for the next 4 days and obtain much better results . But it cannot last more than 2 weeks”. (1)

How to do the military diet?

To be a strict and peculiar diet, it is very easy to apply, the subject only comes with enormous willpower that is almost difficult to control. Do you want to know why? This is how to carry out the diet:

1. Foods that can be eaten

This diet has a limited number of foods to consume, many of them must be low in carbohydrates or low in calories (it starts with 1,300 calories and goes down) but what foods does this diet have?

Foods such as whole wheat bread, eggs , veal (without any fat), canned tuna, vanilla ice cream, crackers and apart from it, the consumption of coffee without artificial sweeteners (only natural) is included.

Important: A study mentions that: “The objective of the military diet is to reduce the intake of calories, so that your body burns excess fat. With limited food at specific times . (two)

2. Foods to avoid

This routine is unique in its style, by eliminating essential foods from the morning and afternoon snacks, which are replaced by stimulating drinks such as coffee (which helps burn fat) as long as they do not contain artificial sweeteners.

This diet is merely poor in foods that contain a lot of fiber , calories and other nutrients, for example, the consumption of sweets , sauces or foods that contain fat and a lot of sugar are eliminated and prohibited for 3 days .

You should know: The lack of intake of certain caloric and nutrient foods can affect the mood and energy of the body if this diet is prolonged.

3. Example of a menu in the military diet

The important thing is to know how to make a military diet, many are impressed and others conclude that it is really difficult to continue 3 days so short, with a rather peculiar menu . This is what a menu of that routine looks like:


Regardless of the days of the week, keep in mind that your consumption will consist of: a slice of whole wheat toast with butter ( peanut butter or substitute with olive oil) and it can be accompanied with a boiled egg or half a banana, without forgetting the cup of coffee.

Note: You also opt for a cup of broccoli, a small apple , green beans, or a boiled egg, in no apparent order.


The only options will be offered to you, the consumption of 200 grams of grilled beef, with a green salad, or they can also be a hard-boiled egg and tomato , accompanied by a cup of coffee and crackers. Also if you want you can eat a slice of whole wheat toast again.


In the last meal, you should consume 300 gr of a can of tuna, half a banana and a cup of vanilla ice cream especially, if you do not want this, you can opt for two hot dog sausages , with broccoli and a cup of sliced ​​carrots.

What benefits does the military diet have for health?

Despite how strange this routine may seem, it really brings certain benefits to the body , in such a short time it is possible and punctual, do you get the idea? We present the benefits of the military diet for health:

1. Helps detoxify the body

During the 3 days that this diet lasts, altered foods that can usually intoxicate the body (including most of its organs) are consumed to a minimum degree, as are soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and plenty of water.

To highlight: This prevents sudden appearances of gastrointestinal inflammation, bacterial infections in the liver and stomach , as well as an endless number of diseases that can be suffered from food poisoning.

2. Contributes to weight loss

In this routine, the goal is to lose weight in the shortest possible time, with the contribution of energy drinks (such as caffeine) that help burn the fewest calories that are consumed in said routine.

Taking into account that it accelerates the metabolism, it is estimated that the military diet helps you lose from 10 to 30 pounds approximately, in addition the food must be very low in fat , which prevents the development of cholesterol and the accumulation of fat.

Important: The following must be taken into account: “Weight loss must be accompanied by a series of requirements : the reduction of body fat and nutritional education with well-established times” . (3)

3. Strengthens muscle mass

This diet is not called military because the militias apply these same routines, but because of the discipline that it entails and a great contribution that can be matched with the military corps , is that it helps to strengthen or increase muscle mass to a great extent.

You should know: Although you lose weight, you also seek to maintain a balance with obtaining muscle mass or muscle fibers, thanks to foods such as red meat (without fat of course) as well as the consumption of hard-boiled eggs that provide proteins.

4. Increases physical energy

Body energy is required for the system and the body to be quite effective, for this reason the military diet is relevant, and that is thanks to the physical energy that this diet provides , which is required to work, concentrate or prepare for a busy day, but what is not recommended is to perform exhaustive physical activities during the time this diet lasts.

To highlight: There are meals in this diet that have healthy fats , carbohydrates and good levels of protein to have enough physical energy, taking into account that it also promotes cardiovascular health , especially blood pressure and protects circulation.

What are the risks of the military diet?

This routine is interesting and can be a good alternative to lose weight fast, but it is not suitable to be carried out for life, so it only lasts 3 days and usually does not exceed 2 weeks, since there are certain risks which we present to you below . continuation:

1. Nutritional deficiency

This is a relevant and quite obvious point, since a nutritional deficiency occurs mainly when the levels of nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals and even amino acids) are far below what are required by the body, it can be recognized by pain Headache or lack of concentration.

2. Fatigue and tiredness

If during this diet exercises or even strenuous activities that require physical effort are carried out, you can end up suffering from fatigue, which is nothing more than a state of extreme tiredness , accompanied by lack of encouragement or weakness, due to the little force generated by low calorie and protein intake.

3. Rebound effect

It is a very mentioned point in this diet, since if the routine is broken, the lost mass can be recovered (including the fat level) after having carried out a part of the diet , in short, you could gain weight again when consume a single food that is not part of said diet.

Note: For this reason, this diet requires demand, discipline and self-will for the three days that this peculiar routine lasts.

Key Findings

  • The military diet is a food routine, lasting three days for rapid weight loss .
  • In it, both at lunch and dinner, foods with low caloric levels such as lean meats and coffee are consumed.
  • This routine helps detoxify the body and protects the cardiovascular system properly.
  • Despite everything, this routine can lead to rebound effects (lost weight recovery) and also to a nutritional deficit.

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