Mental strength is one of the skills that are acquired to improve the quality of life, better resolve conflicts and focus more fully on the objectives or goals you want, becoming abetter personfor society in general.

It should be noted that this capacity is linked to the commitment of each person to want to change their lifestyle to a more optimal and positive one. Highlighting that, one of the main characteristics of mental strength, is to recognize and accept yourself as a person who values, respects and loves herself.

For these reasons, below you will know what mental strength is about, the most outstanding keys for you to begin to develop this wonderful capacity and the benefits that it will give you to put it into practice.

What is mental strength?

The American psychotherapist Amy Morin (1), reviews in her book “13 things that mentally strong people do not do”, that mental strength is nothing more than the ability to regulate emotions, behave positively and manage thoughts to obtain a better quality of life. (2 )

In turn, the author describes that mental strength can develop quickly in certain people, this will depend on the situations they have or are going through and the willingness that such an individual has to change and improve their lifestyle.

Note: The author also details that elements such as: genetics, personalityand experiences, are important characteristics forthe development of mental strength, taking into account that this psychological method is used from the behaviors, feelings and thoughts of each person.

Keys to developing mental strength

Mental strength is a capacity that is developed with practice and the willingness of the individual to change these aspects in their lives, however, for this to happen, it is important that you know the following keys that will help youdevelop the mental strengthyou need to have aharmonious and full life.

1. Boost self-esteem

The perception you have of yourself must be strengthened so that your mental strength develops to such an extent that you do not doubt your Physical and psychological abilities , have Self -respect and become an example for society to follow.

In this sense, self-esteem plays a fundamental role in the development of mental strength, being one of the main pillars to live in well -being and to be able to control your emotions, thoughts and ideas in a positive way.

2. Become aware of capabilities

You must be able to recognize the capacities that you possess, whether physical or mental, this is aimed at all types of people with any profession, that is, the individual can be a doctor, lawyer, athlete or musician , it will always be important that their mind is aware of what he is capable of doing and the way or abilities he has to act.

Important: The strength that your mind possesses in the face of different situations is what will help you realize the different capacities you have to control your thoughts and emotions.

3. Highlight the positive in situations

4. Take responsibility

Since the human being is capable of reasoning, he begins to acquire responsibilities that take on a certain complexity as the individual grows older.

Therefore, as you grow, responsibilities take on more serious roles and greater commitment , so assuming and fulfilling these acts will make you a person with greater self-confidence , capable of assuming different tasks. that are presented at a professional and work level.

5. Take action to achieve what you want

Beyond planning any goal or objective, you must act in favor of what you want to achieve, that is, carry out Small Daily Actions that bring you closer to your dreams, for this, it is important that you learn to Organize your time productively , set real goals and have the mental strength to overcome the obstacles that come your way.

6. Develop emotional intelligence

In addition, it focuses on Keeping frustrations under control , to turn the person into a socially empathetic being and in well-being with himself, for these reasons, mental strength favors the good exercise and development of Emotional Intelligence .

Note: Developing Emotional Intelligence results in people being able to cope with and solve negative situations that arise, in addition to transforming collective thoughts, thus achieving a better relationship between human societies.

7. Take risks and get out of comfort

From practicing a sport to acquiring responsibilities outside your field of work, it will benefit you to develop your mental strength. This is because expectations, willpower and self-Confidence will increase with the fact that you propose to leave your comfort zone .

In turn, by achieving these challenges, your self- esteem will rise, you will feel more confident in yourself, your thoughts and emotions will be more solid and thus your mental strength will increase.

8. Surround yourself with positive people

The ideas of your social circle, on certain occasions, can influence your thoughts, both personal and professional needs, it can even psychologically affect your Perception of reality .

Note: When your interests are focused on developing and strengthening your mental abilities , it is important that you surround yourself with people who provide you with energy, ideas, and positive thoughts.

Therefore, it is important that the people around you are in tune with your interests and that you can use what they bring you to achieve your goals and have a positive life .

9. Help others

Helping others not only makes you feel good about yourself, but also helps you strengthen your sense of belonging to what you have, be it material goods or Family Love , increase your empathy and reinforce your mental strength, while you contribute something to society and of course, to those most in need.

10. Practice self-care

Important:Self-care will favor you to strengthen yourself mentally, at the same time that you take care of your body from any pathology that you suffer or that you are prone to suffer, in addition, it helps you to eat healthy , exercise, rest enough to maintain the energy necessary for your day to day.

11. Trust your instincts

Therefore, the development of instincts goes hand in hand with the sense of survival , some others may be religious, reproductive, among others. Trusting your instincts will make you make better decisions, know what to think at any given time and look for the best way to resolve conflicts.

12. Ask for help when needed

Ask for help, can be, one of the most difficult actions for people to perform because, mainly, thefear of being judged, however, it is important that you keep in mind that the fact ofrequesting helpmeans that you are willing totrust someoneelse for the solution of some inconvenience or answer to any doubt.

Note: You should know thatasking for help from professionals, family or close friends will help youstrengthen confidenceamong those around you, thus increasing the mental strength of your decisions, thoughts and emotionalmaturity.

Benefits of developing mental strength

Mental strength has multiple benefitsthat are related to the ability to face adverse problems or situations, managing your ideas, emotions, thoughts, and actions from a realistic, coherent, and positive perspective. Here are the most prominent benefits of mental strength:

Increases self-esteem

Important: As mental strength increases, self-esteem also improves, making you a more confident, focused person and capable of overcoming any obstacle.

Power self-knowledge

Improve conflict management

By having greater awareness and learning to regulate your thoughts, ideas and emotions, you will be more rationalwhen resolving conflicts.

Note: This benefit is one of the most important, since it helps you face Adverse situations with greater use of reason , thus using the correct words and executing the corresponding actions to end, in a good way, the conflict that comes your way. .

Proper management of emotions

Mental strength is closely linked to emotions, the use and understanding of each of them, therefore, improves the moods of theperson who manages to develop this capacity, providing a better perception and management oftheir emotions in any situation.

Increases adaptability

The sets of the differentbenefits of mental strength, give the individual the wonderful ability toadapt, especially in adverse situations, fear or conflict, so that he is able to solve them, create ideas and overcome them effectively with lower levels harmful to hispsychological health.

Focus on achieving goals

Positive thinking, good levels of self-esteem, the ability to resolve conflicts andmanage emotions, make the person in addition to developing their mental strength, can focus even more on the achievement of their interests, whether personal or professional, granting fullself-confidence.

Improve interpersonal relationships

The University of the Basque Country , published an academic guide, where it highlights that Interpersonal relationships are necessary for the mental and physical survival of the common man, highlighting that individuals have three basic needs that are: physical contact, privacy and belonging to a group. (5)

For these reasons,mental strength, by keeping you in tune with your thoughts, emotions and actions, will help you to be more sociable and cultivatethe value of friendship, in addition, it will reinforce yourpersonal securitywhen interacting with other people.

Key Findings

  • Mental strength is the acquired ability to control and be aware of thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings.
  • One of its benefits is that it helps you face adverse situations with greater use of reason.
  • Improve your self-esteem, self-concept, self-care and develop your emotional intelligence.
  • Increase your focus towards your goals or life objectives, becoming a more confident person of yourself and of what you are capable of achieving.

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