Sexuality is often a personal and self- esteem issue . As human beings, we have a bad habit of criticizing ourselves for our body, often comparing it with that of other people, this affects women much more.

Women from puberty worry about the size of the breasts, a flat and perfect body, and even worry about the shape of their private parts such as the vagina. However, not all worries are really necessary.

In this article you will learn about the types of vagina that exist, what characteristics they have, also being an incredible way to get to know your body and value yourself for being unique in an intimate aspect.

What is the vagina?

There are certain confusions with the terms of the vagina, the correct thing is to say that it is an internal genital organ, of the female reproductive system. The menstrual fluids come out of this, functioning as a kind of membranous tube, which connects with the uterus.

In its anatomical aspect it is not so complex, as defined by a study of the female reproductive system “the vagina descends and forms an anterior concavity curve. This anterior wall has a length of 6 – 8 cm, and the vagina communicates through its upper part with the uterine cavity since the cervix projects inside it”.

It should be noted that the vagina also has highly beneficial components for moments of copulation and to protect the system from bacteria or viruses.

In this sense, the Official College of Nurses of Barcelona mentions that “the vaginal mucosa has large glycogen reserves, which creates an acidic environment that prevents the growth of bacteria and is not harmful or aggressive for spermatozoa”.

Differences between vagina and vulva

The vagina and the vulva have certain differences, which are important for every woman to know, as a way to better understand their reproductive system.

Although it is true that the vagina and the vulva are genital organs in the female reproductive system, the vulva is recognized as an external genital organ, while the vagina is internal.

The vagina functions as a conduit for menstrual fluids, forms the lower portion of the partal canal, and also receives male ejaculate during intercourse. It also serves as the base for the female urethra and bladder.

The vulva, on the other hand, is a set of external organs that surround the female reproductive system. The vulva is made up of the mons pubis, the labia majora, the labia minora and finally the clitoris. And each of these organs have different special functions to protect the vagina.

Main types of vagina

There are different forms of vagina, due to their morphology they can be easy to recognize. As the gynecologist Hilda Hutcherson mentions , “to achieve the g-spot and enjoy sexual intercourse, men and women must fully know the vagina.” Next we will know the main types of vagina that exist:


Barbie’s vagina, in addition to reminding us of the famous doll of the same name, is rather a type of vulva where the folds look narrower or larger and are not so visible, giving a slight impression that the labia are tight.

At present, many women request this aspect of the vagina, both for vaginal rejuvenation or for medical needs and plastic surgeries.


Barbie-type vulvas may be normal, but the tulip is very common in women, it is also one of the most curious.

It is identified because the labia minora (which are located by the clitoris and end below the vaginal opening) protrude much more than the labia majora, also allowing the visibility and presence of the clitoris.


Again like the previous one, the horseshoe-type vagina has the labia minora as its protagonist, which again stand out much more than the labia majora, making the entrance of the vagina wider, forming curves similar to a horseshoe.

The only downside to this type of vagina is that it can be quite visible through bathing suits or sportswear.


It is the type of vagina where the labia majora are more swollen, standing out more than the labia minora, it is very common during the development of adolescents (puberty) and with the passage of time it becomes more voluminous and prominent. It is also a type of vagina that hides the clitoris a lot, so the stimulus is more demanding.


It is a very common type of vagina. It is identified by the labia minora, which are very swollen and extended, in such a way that they resemble the wings of a butterfly, completely covering the clitoris. In this type of vagina, again, the labia minora stand out

olympic flame

This is the most attractive and preferred type of vagina by men. Its shape is very artistic, since the clitoris stands out above the labia minora or labia majora, creating a kind of figure that simulates an Olympic flame. It is more sensitive during sexual moments, the right stimuli generate a lot of pleasure for this type of vagina.


It’s a very peculiar type of vagina, but it makes it interesting. Its shape is due to the fact that the labia minora are slightly long and protrude above the major ones, creating a figure on the edge of a flamenco skirt. Despite this, it does not cause problems to enjoy pleasure during intimacy .


Finally, we have this vagina where the clitoris takes center stage again, because it stands out a lot and looks quite bulky. This is very beneficial for intimate moments, since the right touches generate pleasure in different ways, you have to know what kind of caresses are appropriate.

Vagina Type Considerations

Knowing the types of vagina (including identifying if you have one of them), there are also several considerations that will help you accept your body correctly.

each vagina is unique

Despite the fact that they are divided into many types, the truth is that each vagina is unique due to its appearance, its function and its smell, both for daily life and for sexual moments, which should not scare or make anyone feel bad. woman.

In fact, this is defended in projects like The Vulva Gallery , which collects stories, drawings and shapes of vaginas, with the goal of culturizing. Therefore, you become one with your own body and your intimacy. You just have to value it and understand it, since there are no unfortunate couples for a different type of vagina.

Age can influence the shape

From adolescence to old age, the vagina will take different forms, it is normal to notice these changes in the female body when you grow up.

But the care you provide or the level of health you have also influences a lot. It is advisable not to resort to surgeries to fix something in the vagina, when the natural process comes with its respective changes.

The type of vagina does not determine the amount of pleasure

As mentioned earlier in the article, there are types of vagina that have benefits and incredible qualities on a sexual level, since they can generate more pleasure, others can be more complicated, but none determines the maximum level of pleasure that a woman can achieve.

The important thing is that you have to know the body and the female erogenous zones, so that at the time of sexual relations , they are fully enjoyed as women really want, which is a task for men.

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