Having a partner, loving someone, depositing and caring for mutual trust is one of the most valuable commitments for the human being. Over the years for some it means a lot and for others, the true value of love and the ineffable feeling that is explored with it has been lost.

We have all had a partner, but the subject will not go in the past, but in the present and somewhat in the future. You may be currently in a relationship and want things to improve for the future, or you can even prepare yourself psychologically about how to behave when you’re with a partner.

This is the right article for you, we review what love means, what are its most notable features and therefore, how to strengthen a relationship with your partner.

What is love as a couple?

Love as a couple is a rewarding feeling, it is about two people who share a bond of love.

In this sense, couple love can go from 3 well-known stages: falling in love, courtship and to conclude in a marriage union.

But it does not end there, it is a love within a positive and healthy relationship, complemented by important values in the education of the human being: respect, trust, coexistence and enter even sexual issues.

Characteristics of love as a couple

It is curious, theBolivian Catholic University “San Pablo” quotes: “In these times the study of love has been left aside.”

However, it is not far from reality, so below you will know what are the relevant characteristics of love as a couple.

There is a mutual commitment

The fundamental basis of love , before courtship, is to create a bond that is the reason for uniting the hearts of both people.

If you love your partner, she should feel the same, and maybe even more, for you. Therefore, the concern between the two must be reciprocal, sexual issues must serve, according to what interests both parties positively.

In short, it is a mutual commitment that keeps everything stable, with the aim of making love flourish.

Communication and understanding is adequate

Many times, true love arises when two people exchange faces and words, in a society where most relationships arise through social networks among other means.

In this sense, words and gestures are another of the greatest strengths of love as a couple. Face to face, word to word, smile to smile. All in order to reach agreements and understandings that positively affect the relationship.

Support is reciprocal and unconditional

In love as a couple, mutual support is a sure affection. Perhaps, it is what gives you a real reason to love and be with someone.

In fact, a Study at the University of California , showed that constructive and supportive attitudes between couples are clearly associated with attitudes that promote affective security in the relationship.

It builds and consolidates over time

Feeling love, in a matter of days, weeks or months, is a light thing for some, although if we talk about years, they are big words.

Love is not built from one day to the next, as it was said, it is a relationship based on a base of commitment and values, which can be maintained and become stronger and even improve over the years.

It is normal then, to hear a young man say that he fell in love in a week, knowing that he still has to experience the days of being in a wonderful relationship.

Some sacrifices and agreements are made

A couple knows each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We all have our problems, being with a partner one must hear what they have to say about our decisions, knowing that everything is for the greater good.

Harmful friendships, job opportunities, investments, etc., are some of the issues that address our social life, in which we can make better decisions by agreeing with the opinion of our partner.

In this sense, by sacrifices we understand that there are factors that can harm the healthy relationship that one has, in a peculiar case it is worth noting, if your partner were to fall ill, sacrificing a little of your money and time for her, is a symbol that you really care.

Everyone is free to show themselves as they are

Love also stands out for understanding the person you appreciate and accepting them for who they are, be it in their physical appearance (their body, their eyes or the way they dress), in the psychological aspect and even in other situations, such as the economic situation, family and social circle.

Not everything is perfect, but things can improve with the right person.

Goals and objectives are shared

Love can continue for a lifetime with a clear goal and various objectives. For example, the goal is to reach a marriage, the objectives would be the various efforts to maintain a stable, healthy and loving life.

But not only that, personal goals and objectives are also shared, such as entrepreneurship, where many couples come together to create something together or get a job that is beneficial for both of them. There are various goals that two people may be willing to meet together.

Keys to strengthen love as a couple

Now that you know the characteristics of love as a couple, we will teach you the keys to strengthen it and, more importantly, keep alive the flame of love that unites two people.

1. Maintain assertive communication at all times

The Central America Province,made toStudy where it quotes: ” Love between people is communication in the encounter and in the embrace, that is why there can be no love without communication.”

In this sense, communication is essential to face any concern, problem or situation in which the couple is involved.

Therefore, communicating verbally and sincerely can keep the trust that two people place in each other afloat. Never avoid situations, always talk to your partner, face to face, with the ideal words.

“The word reinforces the structure of two beings linked by presence” (Central America Province).

2. Respect individual spaces

Personal space must be respected for a long time in the life of the human being, even when it comes to love or family situations. This is vital to maintaining the balance of a healthy relationship, although it doesn’t mean letting your partner date other people, mean-spirited.

It is about giving him his personal space, see groups of friends, work meetings, time with the family and even moments in which the person wants to be alone.

It is important to mention that if there is good communication and an invaluable foundation of trust, neither party should worry about anything else.

3. Accept each other without complexes

Change is not a bad thing, as long as it is for the good of the person who wants this goal. But there are things you should accept from your partner, even if your partner doesn’t see it as a hindrance or disruptive to daily life.

In this sense, accepting the person you love as they are means another way of growing up. From the physical side, many men want a woman with an exotic body, and women want strong, trained men.

But even if something is not found as we wish, perhaps what we find is enough, because it reaches the mental and psychological side of how our partner thinks, what their plans are, their virtues and their defects.

This can speak more than anything else, and if it does not present an obstacle to the relationship, the ideal is to respect your partner’s way of being, always supporting them to become an authentic person in every detail.

4. Show affection with caresses and pleasant words

We don’t need to unite so much, affection is crucial, don’t do it out of necessity. When you see the person you love, you always think of a detailed word to describe them, first your heart beats and the words come out on their own.

Hug her when you want it most, take her hand and walk together. Give him your support even if he doesn’t ask for it. Wishing good morning and even good night, because that’s how you want it for your partner. Tell him how beautiful or beautiful he is today.

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can consent to your partner, but the important thing is not only what you read at this moment, but also what you feel for her. That part is on your side.

5. Maintain constant sexual contact

Sex is sometimes a complicated topic for certain couples, since Intimacy is not something that is shared with anyone, but when you are with the ideal person, you must have confidence with them.

In this sense, exploring your tastes, having sex when you both want without having to plan and practicing safe sex are crucial factors.

Therefore, always keep your partner satisfied in this area, as it also greatly influences how both parties feel in love.

6. Attend to the needs of the other

A couple is a team that can mutually solve problems, since by sharing a love life, a social life is also shared that should concern each party.

When you meet the needs and dedicate time to your partner for their personal moments or other people’s problems, it is a sign of importance and a true commitment to them.

7. Timely resolve conflicts

Doctors John and Julie Gottman created the “House of Strong Relationship” it has 9 components that are essential to building a healthy functioning relationship.

Among these components is “Managing conflicts”, but why? It’s very simple, conflicts help to learn to love and understand our partner better, to deal with the upcoming changes and to keep interest in our partner afloat.

8. Avoid offenses, criticism and claims

A couple does not start out being that, not from courtship, they start from the stage of establishing a friendship and first becoming friends. That is why respect is present, a value that must continue forever.

Therefore, offending your partner is not healthy. In the same way, criticizing their appearance, their private life or social environment, is something unforgivable and does not speak well of you.

But above all claims without reasons, which is a factor of toxic lovethan trust between two people. For this reason, respect must be maintained before your partner, without resorting to unnecessary words and acts.

9. Share time together

You don’t have to wait so long to see your partner and show your love, you shouldn’t spend free time alone.

For that there is a person who loves you and dedicates a small space for you, something you can do together, activities such as: dinners in restaurants, a walk to a park, spending movie nights or even traveling to some exotic place.

This is important, as it is a couple’s way of writing their own loving chapter together with one another.

10. Break the routine and monotony with new activities

This is very much related to the previous paragraph, sometimes, since when a couple does not progress with their relationship, things tend to become frustrating and even boring.

For this reason, they must break this monotony with various activities, such as exercising with each other, vacation trips to tourist places, gestures never done before and trying new things in privacy.

This is achieved by knowing more about the tastes and desires that the couple wants to fulfill by your side.

11. Have special details with the other

Never stop making your partner feel someone special, the small details are those that make the difference.

You don’t have to buy a house or a car for your partner to love you more, sometimes roses, chocolates, a special trip, among others… are things that a person would expect from their ideal partner.

Dedicate something to the person you love , something that perhaps they want so much that they only hope that you are the one to give it to them.

12. Maintain good humor and joy

Be positive, have incredible energy and always be happy. You may not be able to avoid bad moments or some conflicts, okay, but in a healthy relationship, even if you have fights and bad moments, you always have to try to make them pass with smiles, tears, words of forgiveness and a commitment to improve, to maintain the love that unites them

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