The American scientistBenjamin Franklinassures that: “Human happiness is generally not achieved with great strokes of luck, which can happen rarely, but with small things that happen every day.”

In this thought, the also inventor and politician, reflects that it is a misconception to believe that happiness is subject to things difficult to achieve or that can only happen to certain people, but that you must learn to find happiness in the small details of day to day.

In this sense, happiness and living in well-being are two of the most important goals that every human being sets throughout life, this is due to the constant struggle that people have to be happy and feel comfortable with themselves.

That is why, in the following article, you can know and learn to apply the most extraordinary and effective keys for you to live in well-being and the best tips for you to be happy from the simplest and most everyday things.

What is happiness?

The Greek philosopherAristotle, defines happiness as a state of self-realization that each person achieves according to the interests and objectives proposed in life, being thus, achieved and forged by each person.

In this sense, happiness is the combination of well-being, quality of life and high degrees of personal satisfaction, being the elements that influence to achieve happiness: family, work and relationships.

Although, it is believed that happiness is to possess numerous material goods, it goes further and implies a balance between well-being, which certain objects can provide you, and the fullness with which you live in relation to the affection or love you can receive.

For this reason, each person can manage their own concept of happiness, always considering their interests, goals and objectives, in addition to the combination of knowledge, the environment where you develop and your quality of life.

How to be happy and live in well-being?

An article published by the Intercontinental Journal of Psychology and Education, issued by the Intercontinental University of Mexico , points out that happiness and well-being are two concepts that go hand in hand.

This is because mood, personality, love or social relationships and satisfaction in general are what determine happiness, while motivation and self-esteem depend on well-being.

For these reasons, below you will know the best ways to achieve happiness and you can live in well-being.

1. Have the determination and willingness to be happy

Happiness does not come by itself, you must have the will and determination to be able to achieve that complete state of well-being, for this, it is important that you know what your goals are and the things you are willing to do to achieve them.

In this sense, being able to live in harmony and achieve a balance between adversity and the path to happiness is not easy, events may even arise that make you fall, however, the important thing is that you maintain your disposition and always believe in yourself. .

2. Free yourself from what disturbs and limits you

Insecurities and negative thoughts only slow you down and complicate the path to happiness, they don’t let you move forward and limit you from achieving a full life.

The first step to free yourself from everything that disturbs you is to recognize that there are things that do not let you move forward and that you must put aside for your well-being, then do everything possible to overcome those adversities.

Finally, set your own rules so that you don’t let yourself be influenced again by things that don’t allow you to move forward.

This process must be accompanied by determination and the desire you have to change your life and live happily.

3. Forgive and forgive yourself

Grudges and guilt are the main regrets that you must overcome in order to move forward, therefore, forgiving those who have hurt you is as important as forgiving yourself, for some bad action you have committed.

Forgiveness frees, heals and makes you live fully, it is one of the most important factors to become happy and to be able to live in harmony with the rest of the world.

4. Always be thankful

The simple act of gratitude should start from acknowledging how wonderful the universe is and everything it provides you, to the people who care about you and even if it seems incredible, thank your own body for staying firm and constant.

This is because the small gestures of gratitude help you give the necessary value to each thing, they are the acts of courage, humility and commitment that you have with yourself as a human being and that is reflected in everything that you propose.

In this sense, we recommend that you always be thankful for everything you have and thus welcome better things, opportunities and people.

5. Love yourself as you are

Accepting oneself with mistakes and defects, having Love and self-worth , makes feelings like envy and nonconformity go away and give way to happiness and well-being.

This means that by loving yourself as you are, negative thoughts and insecurities will not be a problem for you, so you will be able to achieve your goals faster and also, you will be able to know full happiness.

6. Take care of your needs first

In order to help others you must first consider yours, so your soul, mind and body will have the ability to be better for other people.

Therefore, it is imperative that you know the needs that you have as a person, be they physically, mentally or psychologically and attend to them one by one, this will make you a stable, balanced person and you will live in well-being.

7. Watch your diet and exercise

Exercise and stay healthy so that your body works with greater vitality, in addition, you will feel comfortable with yourself and psychologically you will be able to achieve any challenge that you set for yourself.

In turn, eating a balanced diet accompanied by physical activities improves conditions such as concentration problems, insomnia and even more importantly, regulates your mood and increases your self-esteem.

8. Rest properly

The mind and body need to rest to replenish the energy lost during the day, especially if you are doing activities that exhaust you physically and mentally, so getting plenty of sleep is essential, so that you can perform better and improve your quality of life.

9. Define your goals and work to meet them

It is important that you know what are the objectives, goals, purposes or challenges that you want to achieve and that you consider necessary to achieve fulfillment and live in well-being.

Therefore, you must define and prioritize these interests, ranking them according to the levels of importance they represent in your life and the way in which you must work to make them a reality.

Said exercise will help you not to deviate from your objectives and to meet your goals without the need for you to be forced to do so, since they are the things that you consider will be beneficial for your life.

10. Help others

Generosity makes you become a better person for society, but the most important thing is that it makes you more grateful for the things you have, for the health you enjoy, and life takes on a more altruistic and less banal meaning.

So that, you know how to value the things you have and know what the meaning of happiness and personal well-being really is.

11. Enjoy nature

The spiritual leader and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Tenzin Gyatso , who also serves as the current Dalai Lama or “Spiritual Leader of Tibetan Buddhism” , formulated 18 rules to achieve happiness.

One of them is “Once a year, visit a place you have never been before” , the Buddhist monk assures that knowing new places and connecting with the earth will strengthen your relationship with nature, so you can enjoy its wonders. and you will get all their positive energy.

12. Dare to try new things

Reinvent yourself, create and take risks. Routines that do not provide any benefit to achieve the goals you have set, only stagnate you, for this reason, you should lose your fear of trying new things and give your life another meaning with small pleasures.

Changes can sometimes be negative, however, this determines your initiative to live happily and in harmony, this is how the strength of your convictions will help you achieve any challenge you set for yourself.

13. Cultivate your interpersonal relationships

Although it is true, happiness is achieved by itself and people feel the constant need to be loved, however, human beings have the nature of always seeking happiness and states of fulfillment in other people.

Therefore, within the elements of happiness are interpersonal relationships, whether as a couple or with close people with whom you can interact and maintain affective closeness.

14. Surround yourself with positive people

Eventually, your thoughts and ways of being are adopted and even instilled by the ideals of the people around you, therefore, you must take it to your advantage and surround yourself with friends with energy and positive ideas.

This is because positive attitudes bring you one step closer to happiness, likewise, the optimism and enthusiasm that these people instill in you will help you improve your quality of life.

15. Let go of the past and focus on the present

Keeping yourself tied to situations of the past will not give you access to the good and better things that you can achieve in the present and what matters more, you will improve to achieve great things in the future.

Therefore, it is imperative that you release any burden that you carry from the past, overcome it, learn from it and continue to act in favor of achieving the fullness and well-being that you so desire, focus on the positive that the present is giving you as a reward for your efforts.

benefits of being happy

Thestudythat was carried out for 80 years byHarvard Universityand that was finally concretized by the clinical professor of psychiatryDr. Robert Waldinger, determined that true happiness is achieved through health.

In this sense, the doctor points out that to achieve happiness the human being must be healthy, have good affective relationships and know how to face adversity, so the combination of these three factors are fundamental to be happy.

This is how happiness improves health conditions and brings the following benefits to your body:

Increases self-esteem

Thanks to happiness, you can obtain multiple benefits, however, one of the main ones is that it significantly increases your self-esteem and makes you feel that you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way, becoming in turn a more active and positive person.

Improves the immune system

People who are always in a bad mood are more prone to contracting some type of disease, for this reason, a full, happy and satisfying life improves and strengthens your immune system, making it more resistant to viruses and diseases.

This is because when you feel capable of overcoming any adversity, your body behaves in the same way and increases its defenses to prevent the spread of any condition or attack a disease that you already suffer from.

Respiratory conditions decrease

Diseases such as asthma or sleep apnea worsen in individuals who do not have a good quality of life, because they are closely linked to the emotions that the sick person may experience.

This is how being happy helps these people to keep respiratory diseases without effect, improving the conditions that cause them and providing the well-being they need to breathe more easily.

lowers blood pressure

Elevated blood pressure levels are usually due to a busy life, where stress and fatigue predominate, accompanied by poor nutrition and insomnia.

However, a person who is physically, emotionally and mentally balanced, whether in relationships, employment or personal issues, will maintain a normal heart rate and is less prone to cardiovascular disease.

Reduces stress and anxiety

The Alkemy Diagnóstico Biomedical Diagnostic Laboratory , Argentina, published an article detailing the natural chemicals synthesized by the brain that are released when you feel happy.

This is due to the combination of neurotransmitters : endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, and the hormone oxytocin, which are responsible for making you feel important, relieving pain, producing a sense of leadership, and regulating pleasure levels.

This is how the mixture of these substances directly combat stress and anxiety, significantly improving the symptoms they produce while, in turn, transforming you into a stable person who enjoys complete well-being.

Increases sleep quality

By not having worries or negative thoughts, you will be able to fall asleep more easily.

In addition, it is important that you can rest correctly so that your body works in tune with your mind and you can achieve the main aspirations and goals that you have set for yourself.

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