Kissing can be considered something very intimate and special. It can almost be considered an achievement, however small. Kiss the person we love the most or the one we want to try their tentative lips. The kiss is something intense in this convoluted world.

However, it is not that simple, there are many myths with the act of kissing and there is a great variety of kisses that motivate two people, which stimulates the feeling more and, of course, excites both people more to enjoy a unique moment. in private and in public too.

In this article you will know 16 types of kisses, very interesting to put into practice with your partner or someone you want to kiss passionately. It will be a fascinating journey.

What are the types of kisses that exist?

The act of giving a kiss is even considered a small science. As the author Sheril Kirshenbaum (1) of the book The science of kissing mentions, “Kissing causes a chemical reaction in the brain, including an explosion of the love hormone” (2) .

For these reasons, it is important to know the different types of kisses  in order to know which ones are more comfortable for the person we are going to kiss, and we must also create a good impression for her. Not looking like a newbie but someone interesting, no need for words, just use your lips.

Next, we share with you a variety of the most common types of kisses in practice and others that you may know for the first time today:

1. French kiss

The famous French kiss, considered the most erotic, passionate and romantic kiss. It is very typical in couples, therefore, you should reserve this kiss for someone quite special.

It consists of a very slow kiss where the protagonist is the tongue of both people, which joins the lips in a soft and humid way, creating a tempting and exciting moment.

To highlight: According to studies from the University of Barcelona “the French kiss is capable of accelerating your heart and your muscles in a passionate moment”. It is in itself an exciting journey with an ideal person.

2. Kiss on the cheek

A very tender type of kiss, it is one of those that betrays a person in love. Famous among young children, when they show that they are deeply in love with someone.

Note: In addition to this, it is a greeting kiss like the Eskimo kiss (with the tip of the nose), both in family and friends, even within a couple. Therefore, it is considered part of a greeting universally. In the case of several countries, everyone greets each other with kisses on the cheeks, regardless of gender or age, it is a custom.

3. Peak Kiss

It is also considered the first kiss for many, very different from the French kiss, since it is slower and clearer, for people without much experience who want to take things slowly and safely.

Important: In this kiss, the lips interact little and the tongue and passionate movements are discarded, however it is still important in the lives of many young people when they give their first kiss.

4. Kiss on the hand

It is quite a formal kiss, but one that has a deeper meaning behind its concept. Although this greeting does not exist in several countries, it is common in elegant gatherings of kings and princes, showing it as a sign of respect.

Also at weddings, it is the way a man greets the woman about to get married. In this sense, National Geographic (3) mentions that “kissing hands is a sign of respect” , finally, in moments of intimacy between a couple, kissing hands is a strong sign of commitment and love.

5. Direct kiss

This kiss excites men a lot, more than the women themselves. It is about the lips directly together, where they begin to suck and play with the movements, involving biting and the tongue to make the moment more pleasant. It is an equally passionate kiss for a couple.

6. Kiss Brooch

This is a quite erotic intimate kiss , it is ideal to put it into practice for the process of making love .

To highlight: It consists of one of the two people subtly holding the lip of the other, it is a sign of self-determination and security, it also transmits confidence to the person we kiss, making the moment more intimate and exciting. It is a kiss of great security and self- esteem .

7. Kiss pressure

A strange and awkward kiss, it is usually like the first kiss or, in most cases, the kiss that gives the signal to end a relationship.

It is about joining the lips but with the mouth very closed. It shows no confidence or taste. It is a sign of lack of interest and breakup in a couple. It would not be ideal to go through this kiss.

8. Sex kiss

They are the different types of kisses in an erotic moment, to have sex or make love with our special person, since these are not kisses that are given directly to the lips, which are also very common with lovers.

Among the best known sexual kisses are the black kiss , an anal stimulation. There is also the white kiss , where someone directly receives the ejaculation of their partner (regardless of whether it is a man or a woman).

On the other hand, there is the rainbow kiss ,  which for various reasons is very unhygienic and not recommended to put into practice, and finally there is the Singapore kiss, which involves penetration and pelvic suction movements made by the woman.

Important: Sexual kisses must be done with consent and personal hygiene, to avoid the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

9. Kiss sucking

It can be considered the typical intuitive kiss to conquer a person, without already being committed to us.

It is a kiss that seeks to seduce a person in an impressive way, not necessarily on the lips, you can kiss a person on the neck (which is exciting for women) and even light and soft kisses near the lip or cheek.

Note: Everyone should look for the person’s most sensitive point, the one where the excitement reaches them the most, to conquer it with a seductive kiss.

10. Kiss Bite

A very flirtatious and daring kiss. It is mostly women who like to apply this kiss with a man, in order to leave him amazed.

It is a kiss where one of the people bites the lip of another, either in a small soft bite or in a rough way, both ways can excite depending on who the person is.

To highlight: The Mexican magazine Glamor (4) mentions that “a bite kiss strengthens the relationship between two people, being exciting and close for the couple. Strengthens intimate trust. One thing is for sure though, this kiss leaves a terrible mark if done roughly.

11. Spider-Man Kiss

From the famous spider-man cartoon, a very peculiar but quite romantic kiss emerges . If you’ve seen his movies, you’ll already know what this classic kiss is about.

The spiderman kiss is romantic, you can usually apply it with your partner. It consists of turning face down and the other person gives us a deeply slow kiss, like the French kiss, while he caresses our cheeks and holds us with his hands.

Note: This is a kiss where women tend to take control.

12. Kiss tab

It is also known as the butterfly kiss , being also considered a popular kiss within the Kama Sutra. It is a romantic and intimate kiss, without the need to generate sexual sensations, but rather, treat our partner sweetly.

It consists of kissing, in a very subtle way, the face of our partner, be it their cheeks, their forehead or even near their ears. The reason for this kiss is to caress our partner’s skin, like the fluttering of a butterfly would. It is very sweet and gives an incredible demonstration of the love that the couple has for each other.

13. Angel Kiss

It is a sincere kiss, little known, but with enormous meaning. It consists of kissing our partner’s eyelid when they close their eyes, it is a sign of protection and mutual commitment. Very unusual, but if two people really love each other, this kiss will never be wasted.

14. Possessed Kiss

It would be said that it is a passionate and exciting kiss, but also common in toxic relationships . It consists of kissing someone, in any way, except that you literally take possession of her mouth, not letting go and barely breathing. Very uncomfortable for some but exciting and perfect for others.

15. Kiss staple

A kiss similar to the bite kiss, with a slight difference. Although the information is scarce, it consists of a person who takes the other person’s lips with his own lips, without the need to bite or use his teeth roughly.

To highlight: It is a strange and very unusual kiss, it can be said that it is occasional and in people with minimal experience kissing.

16. Deep Throat Kiss

It is an exaggerated kiss from its very conception, in fact it is popular in adult movies and pages. It has two branches, since it is a sexual kiss.

Note: It is a kiss, where one person inserts his tongue deep into the other’s throat, this being the first form. The second way is oral sex from the man to the woman, but in a very abrupt way, inserting his penis to the limit into the woman’s throat.

It is not a simple practice kiss in the Kama Sutra, very famous in the porn industry, but it is doubtful that a couple would want to experiment daily with this kind of extreme kiss.

Key Findings

  • Kissing can be considered something very intimate and special. A kiss is something intense that happens when there is physical and sexual attraction between two people.
  • There are several types of kisses, the most common and known by most people are: the French kiss, the beak kiss, the kiss on the cheek and the kiss on the hand.
  • On the other hand, there are other kisses that are a little more intimate , such as sexual kisses, which involve black kisses, white kisses, and rainbow kisses.
  • There are other more delicate kisses whose meaning goes more with demonstrating commitment, protection, they do not imply initiating a sexual act, etc. These kisses are the angel kiss, eyelash kiss and spider man kiss.

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