What is inositol?

Inositol or also called D-chiro-Inositol, is a molecule classified as a carbohydrate which is obtained through the consumption of foods of animal and vegetable origin, by the metabolization of phytic acid and also marketed in the form of a supplement. (1)

To highlight: This molecule is considered a B vitamin and has an effect on the central nervous system (CNS) , the reproductive system and on the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates in the body.

What is inositol used for?

  • Inositol acts by activating enzymes that control glucose metabolism and is also an insulin-sensitizing agent, it also contributes to the regulation of cholesterol in the blood, stimulates the metabolism of fats and thereby improves people’s health and quality of life. .
  • It is used to treat: 
    • Polycystic ovarian syndrome and associated infertility or as a pretreatment for in vitro fertilization or ovulation induction. (two)
    • CNS disorders including nervousness, stress, insomnia , anxiety , depression , bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anorexia, bulimia, or irritability due to decreased neurotransmitters such as serotonin.
    • Imbalance in androgen levels in women.
    • Insulin resistance in people with diabetes mellitus.
    • As an aid in the processes of losing body weight.

Dosage and routes of administration of inositol

The presentation of this supplement is generally in powder and regularly combined with other substances, depending on the manufacturer brand or also in capsules . The administration of this supplement is orally and its dosage in an informative way, can be the following:

  • Inositol supplement: Adults and children from 600 to 750 mg daily according to medical recommendation.

What products contain inositol?

Some of the medicines that contain inositol are:

  • Feedpku Plus®
  • Althéra®
  • Neolife®
  • Inofolic®

Feedpku Plus®

  • Feedpku plus® is a nutritional supplement, made from a variety of chemical compounds, including inositol.
  • It is used to treat amino acid metabolic disorders .


  • Althéra® is a nutritional supplement in powder form , made with the combination of various chemical compounds including inositol, designed for infants and young children.
  • It is indicated for allergy and intolerance to cow’s milk proteins .


  • Neolife® is the trademark of a nutritional supplement, which has the combination of inositol and folic acid .
  • It is indicated to fill the deficiencies of inositol and folic acid in the body.


  • Inofolic® is a food supplement made from myo-inositol, D-chiro inositol and folic acid.
  • It is indicated as an adjunct to the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome .
  • If you need more information about this product, see Inofolic: What is it and what is it for? .

Inositol Side Effects

Data from clinical studies indicate that inositol treatment in a certain group of people may cause some of the following side effects:

  • Possible occurrence of allergic reactions.  
  • Urticaria and pruritus. 
  • Wheezing and shortness of breath. 
  • Swelling in the mouth and throat.
  • Nausea, dizziness and diarrhea .
  • Headache .

Important : If during the consumption of this supplement some of the symptoms mentioned or one not included appear, please stop using it and notify your doctor.

Inositol Contraindications and Warnings

The results of the use of inositol in people indicate that it is contraindicated in any of the following circumstances:

  • Hypersensitivity to any chemical component of inositol.
  • Children patients suffering from states of hyperactivity or attention deficit.
  • In women during the period of pregnancy.
  • During breastfeeding .

You should know: Provide your doctor with all the information related to your medical history, before starting treatment with this supplement.

Avoid if you have:

  • History of hypersensitivity to the components of the product.


  • Food supplements such as inositol, must be administered by prescription or prescription.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions while consuming this supplement.
  • Do not exceed recommended dose.
  • Keep this product stored in a dry and cool place.
  • Do not leave this supplement within the reach of children.

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