Jamaica water , which is made mostly from the flower of this plant, is known as an effective relaxing home remedy , in addition, its characteristic color and citrus flavor have made it an excellent option for those who are not lovers of hot tea, but they prefer drinks at natural or cold temperatures.

However, hibiscus helps to improve other health conditions in a natural way, which is why it is currently being implemented as a special ingredient in some refreshing and moisturizing vitamin formulas.

For these reasons, below you will discover everything you need to know about this beneficial drink, in addition to the vitamins and minerals it provides for physical health, you will learn the easiest way to prepare it from home.

What is the Jamaican flower?

Scientifically it is called Hibiscus Sabdariffa L , it is a medicinal plant of the hibiscus group, its branches can extend from 1 to 3 meters in height, its leaves are elongated and the bud-shaped flowers are bright red.

Jamaica is native to tropical Africa , however its various benefits have led farmers to produce in Asia and Central America, especially in arid areas, where it is commonly planted in May to harvest its flowers in mid-October.

Note: Commercially, it is known as hibiscus flower thanks to the fact that these are the ones that are used to make drinks, tea and infusions, from the dry state of the same, they are also responsible for containing the greatest amount of nutrients that the plant can contribute to the human being.

Jamaican water benefits for health

There are many benefits that drinking Jamaican flower water brings to health, used to cure various conditions that attack the different systems that make up the body. Next, you will know the 12 outstanding benefits if you consume the Jamaican drink.

1. Boosts the immune system

The journal Acta Agrícola y Pecuaria (1) of the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos , published an article where researchers reveal that the hibiscus flower has antimicrobial properties against pathogenic bacteria, being especially used to treat urinary tract diseases.

Important: The intake of Jamaican flower water helps to increase the immune system by acting as a natural antibiotic to combat certain conditions and defend the body from different microorganisms that can unbalance your health.

Therefore, it is an excellent option if you want to strengthen your immune system , and thanks to its high content of vitamin C, you can raise and strengthen your body’s defenses against viruses and respiratory diseases, mainly.

2. Balances blood pressure

One of the main benefits of this rich water is that it has relaxing and diuretic properties, these two influential elements within the ranges of high blood pressure, thus helping to control hypertensive states , especially in elderly people.

Note: Because there are currently few studies on the action of hibiscus in balancing blood pressure, it is important that treatment for this condition is not discontinued or completely substituted by this drink.

3. Reduces cholesterol levels

Jamaica, beyond its delicious flavor, helps reduce the level of bad cholesterol that is lodged in the bloodstream, because it causes a decrease in the normal flow of blood by clogging the different main veins and arteries. of the human body.

In this sense, Jamaican water eliminates atheromatous plaques formed in the arteries, significantly lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which also helps to lower blood pressure and decreases the risk of heart disease.

4. Lowers blood sugar

The consumption of Jamaica helps to reduce the alpha-glucosidase enzyme that is produced in the intestine, which prevents excessive absorption of sugars from food, thus favoring the regulation of blood glucose, especially after eating.

Tip: To obtain the benefits of this delicious infusion, we recommend that you consume it in the morning and before each meal, so you can lower sugar naturally .

5. Fights liver diseases

The antioxidant properties that these flowers have improve hermetic conditions, because hibiscus helps neutralize free radicals located in the cells and tissues that make up the body, it also strengthens health and improves liver function.

6. Relieves menstrual and muscle pain

Jamaican infusion has anti-inflammatory and calming properties, which are the main elements for relieving menstrual pain and certain muscle ailments, it also has a powerful action that balances hormonal disorders, making it the ideal drink to eradicate annoying colic.

Tip: Prepare hibiscus water and drink it warm during your menstrual period, this way you will help your body to avoid colic and pain that occur in the abdominal area.

7. Fight fever

To lower fever naturally , you can drink Jamaican water since the vitamin C content strengthens the immune system, helping to fight diseases or viruses that are lodged in the body, in addition, this plant has a cooling effect, which helps to regulate normal body temperature.

8. Eliminate fluid retention

Its powerful diuretic action combats fluid retention, especially in people with high blood pressure, however, its consumption must be regulated because if there is an overdose of diuretics, the person may suffer from dehydration and have low potassium levels. .

9. Regularizes intestinal transit

According to data provided by the Manual for the Good Use of Medicinal Plants (2) , hibiscus sabdariffa has digestive properties with a mild laxative effect that can be beneficial for people who suffer from constipation, since this drink regulates intestinal transit and helps to remove accumulated debris.

Tip: To reduce stomach discomfort, you can drink cold Jamaican water with a little lemon , this will benefit the action of the digestive system as well, which acts as a natural purifier.

10. Reduces anxiety and depression

Due to the different types of anxiety and depressive states that exist, people who suffer from these conditions tend to stick to home remedies to combat them.

For this reason, regular consumption of hibiscus water, taking into account its relaxing properties that also balance blood pressure, help combat problems associated with anxiety that can, in certain cases, generate depressive attacks, in turn this powerful drink facilitates falling asleep.

Tip: If you suffer from some type of insomnia , depressive or anxiety attacks, we recommend you drink a warm cup of Jamaican tea, preferably without sugar in the morning and before bed, this will keep your nervous system balanced and you will be able to rest peacefully.

11. Promotes weight loss

The set of benefits that Jamaica has will help you lose weight naturally. Its diuretic action, combined with properties that improve intestinal transit and its powerful ability to regulate fatty acids stored in the liver, in addition to improving your health, will benefit weight loss.

Likewise, Jamaican water significantly decreases the absorption of fat from your digestive system and acts as a natural fat burner.

Note: Jamaican water is low in calories and has no cholesterol, which makes it the ideal drink for those who need to lose weight naturally.

12. Protects against oxidative damage

An article published by the Revista Mexicana de Agronegocios (3) describes that hibiscus water has various health benefits, including “ bactericides, antifungals, hypocholesterolemics, diuretics, anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, among others” .

In addition, the specialists concluded that the properties of the hibiscus flower mean that it can be used as an ingredient in the preparation of functional foods , mainly due to its powerful antioxidant effect thanks to the vitamin C content that characterizes it so much.

Jamaican water properties

The benefits of this powerful medicinal plant come from a wide variety of properties, which are classified into essential vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning and development of the body. Here are the most prominent:


The Jamaican flower is mainly rich in vitamin C , thus providing 18.4 mg of this compound per 100 mg of Jamaican water, in addition, it contains vitamin A, B1 and E, thus providing the necessary substances to prevent muscle pain, conditions associated with the skin and the immune system.


The minerals present within the properties that hibiscus provides are: iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium , thus making it a good option among people who constantly perform physical activities, because it strengthens bone health at the same time. while avoiding muscle tension.

How to prepare and consume Jamaican water?

After knowing the wide amount of benefits that you can obtain just by drinking Jamaican water, then you will be able to discover the simplest and most effective way to make this wonderful drink and enjoy its refreshing flavor.


  • jamaican flowers
  • Water
  • sweetener to taste

Preparation and consumption

  • Take a handful of dried hibiscus flowers, add them to a pot with water, cover it and put it on the fire. Once it has reached its boiling point, let it cook for a few minutes so that the water soaks up the properties of the flower.
  • Once the time has elapsed, remove the pot from the kitchen and let the infusion rest covered for at least 15 minutes, you will begin to notice that the water will turn reddish.
  • Next, strain the preparation, add honey or the sweetener of your choice. You can consume this drink cold or warm.

Key Findings

  • Jamaica is a medicinal plant with red flowers native to tropical Africa.
  • It has excellent amounts of vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and has antimicrobial qualities.
  • Jamaican water helps regulate glucose levels and lower blood pressure.
  • Its diuretic and laxative properties promote weight loss and intestinal transit.
  • It protects the body against oxidative damage, helps to eliminate fat stored in the liver, as well as being a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

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