Nature has provided man with a variety of foods with beneficial properties. These are not only rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, but also help us to be healthy and keep our body in good working order. Among this variety of foods is the carrot, a vegetable that is characterized by being orange in color, in most cases.

Carrot is a highly nutritious food, whether eaten raw or cooked. In addition, it is a vegetable commonly used in gastronomy for the preparation of a wide variety of recipes.

Among the benefits of carrots, the fact that it is a powerful antioxidant that contains beta-carotene, fibers and vitamins (A, B, B3, C, D, E and K) stands out. Not to mention that it is a source of minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine and calcium, which are essential to stop the premature aging of our cells (1).

In fact, there are so many benefits of carrots that even in 2014 the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that carrots have “promising effects” to effectively fight cancer (2). Likewise, an article published in 2020 also comments on this fact, arguing that carrots are an effective agent to prevent serious diseases (3). It really is a delicious and healthy vegetable.

So that you have a clearer idea of ​​how important it is to consume carrots, in this article we want to share with you all the benefits that this vegetable offers you for the health and well-being of your body. Do not stop reading all its benefits!

1. Strengthens teeth and gums

Carrot consumption helps strengthen teeth and gums. However, to get this benefit, it is recommended to chew raw carrots.

Likewise, it helps bacteria not to adhere to the teeth, and thus prevents the appearance of cavities.

In addition to this, carrots also help strengthen tooth enamel. This is because this vegetable is also rich in fluoride, which will strengthen your teeth.

2. Diuretic

Thanks to its high water content, this vegetable provides hydration to our body and helps us eliminate harmful compounds. Therefore, another of the benefits of carrots is that it acts as a powerful diuretic that facilitates the elimination of toxins and solutes, preventing the formation of kidney stones.

3. Stimulates the appetite

Carrots contain essential oils that provide the characteristic smell and flavor of this vegetable, stimulating the appetite of both children and adults.

Its consumption is highly recommended by nutritionists for the development of children and in the recovery of diseases or post-surgical treatments of people. This is because it nourishes and stimulates the consumption of other foods.

4. Strengthens nails and hair

One of the benefits of carrots most valued by people, especially women, is that it helps to strengthen and beautify nails and hair. It is a powerful ally for feminine beauty.

This is because, within the properties of the carrot , its high content of beta-carotene and provitamin A stands out (which, once ingested, are transformed into retinol or vitamin A). These molecules act as a revitalizer for cells damaged by the effect of environmental pollution, thus helping to strengthen the nails and scalp.

5. Fight constipation

Carrot helps the proper functioning of the digestive system. It is one of the vegetables with the highest fiber content, which helps the body in good digestion and fights constipation.

It has been proven that consuming raw carrots will not only help you regulate digestion and combat constipation, but it will also relieve stomach aches from poisoning and gastric discomfort. Therefore, its consumption is recommended in the treatment of gastritis.

6. Good for the eyes

Perhaps this is one of the benefits of carrots best known by many. It has been proven that regular consumption of carrots favors obtaining greater visual acuity.

In addition, thanks to its high content of beta-carotene, vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin, carrots are an essential element to prevent the appearance of cataracts in the eyes and to delay macular degenerative processes.

Scientific studies have verified that the lack of vitamin A in the body can cause various pathologies that make vision difficult, which are linked to premature aging and blindness. In fact, the WHO argues that one of the main causes of childhood blindness is the deficiency of said vitamin. Therefore, since carrots are rich in vitamin A, their consumption is important for the care and development of vision.

7. Invigorates the mind, energy for the brain

The carrot contains phosphorus and potassium, which are nutrients that contribute to the restoration of the nervous system, providing energy.

This vegetable is ideal for tired minds. Its regular consumption will help you fight fatigue, giving your body the vitality it needs to carry out day-to-day activities.

8. Increases the quality of breast milk

Carrot consumption is recommended for pregnant or lactating women. This is because, thanks to its high beta-carotene and vitamin A content, carrots directly affect the production and quality of breast milk. In these cases, it is advisable to consume it preferably raw, to also take advantage of its water and vitamin C content.

9. Anti-cancer properties

The digital magazine “consumer” recently published an article endorsing the anticancer properties of carrots, stating the following:

“A team of British and Danish scientists has carried out a study that shows that a compound in carrots has an important effect on the prevention of cancer (…). This work could help the manufacture of drugs against the disease, although its effects would first have to be analyzed more thoroughly (…)” (4).

Similarly, as stated in the introduction to this article, in 2014 the WHO published a report on the fight against cancer. It indicated that the carrot is important to prevent cancer.

This WHO report argued that constant consumption of carrots and other vegetables rich in carotenoids (such as spinach, for example) is essential to prevent some types of cancer, such as breast cancer2.

Likewise, another article published by the website “” highlights the anticancer properties of this vegetable as one of the benefits of carrots. This article says the following:

“Scientists from the University of Newcastle, in the United Kingdom, discovered that carrots boiled without being split contain 25% more falcarinol, an active component against the disease (…).

Lead researcher on the paper, Dr Kirsten Brandt, told the BBC: “Cutting carrots increases the surface area of ​​the vegetable in such a way that nutrients leach into the water during the cooking process.” ‘Instead, keeping them whole and then cutting them up keeps the nutrients and flavor inside, so they’re better in every way,’ she added, Brandt ”(5).

In this sense, full cooking of the carrot is recommended to take advantage of its benefits against cancer. If you cut it, you will be wasting its properties by cooking it in the water.

Include this valuable food in your daily diet. Preventing cancer is everyone’s job.

10. Skin health

Carrots not only allow you to get a good tan. Carrot beta-carotene also offers a citric component that helps in the healing processes of skin conditions. For this reason, in the past, carrots were used to perform natural skin treatments in order to heal burns, eliminate acne or heal wounds.

Likewise, carrot is an effective natural sunscreen. Carotenoids and their antioxidant properties provide protection to the skin against the sun’s rays. If you have plans to go on vacation to the beach, we recommend consuming natural carrot juices to provide your body with greater protection against sunlight.

11. Prevents aging

The beta-carotene and vitamin A contained in carrots also add benefits to your skin. Its antioxidant property helps fight free radicals, helping to prevent signs of premature aging (such as wrinkles or skin blemishes, for example).

12. Protect the heart

Carrots also help prevent cardiovascular diseases, which is why you should eat them daily, whether cooked or raw. Its antioxidant properties and the contribution of vitamins that it provides to our body helps to eliminate fat, thus avoiding the formation of plaques in the arteries.

Drinking carrot juice daily will help reduce oxidative processes and improve the body’s defenses. Thus, you can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 35%.

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