HPV is the human papillomavirus, it is a fairly common and frequent sexually transmitted infection that usually causes the appearance of warts in the genital areas.

It is important to mention that there are even 150 variations , due to oral transmission, transmission during the birth process, and the severity of the pathology.

The orally transmitted variation produces HPV in the oropharynx and throat, which is the focus of the next article. We will know then that it is HPV in the throat , the causes of its appearance, risks and its prevention.

What is HPV in the throat?

HPV in the throat is a sexually transmitted infection, which is produced by oral sex encounters or deep kisses using the tongue.

There is usually an increased risk in the male sex, and it is very important to note that the statistics determine that it is either a benign contagion or has a high percentage of chances of leading to cancer.

Note: Warts occur in the oral cavity and usually disappear, in most cases, before causing major problems or complications in the individual’s health.

Causes of HPV in the throat

There are, although contradictory, studies that have sought to determine the origin of HPV in the throat and in the oral cavity. They will be mentioned and described below.

unprotected oral sex

It is possible to highlight that there is medical evidence that HPV infection in the areas of the oral area and oropharynx are produced by sexual contact, especially in the case of unprotected oral sex as the main mode of transmission.

Important: Studies reveal that there is a small, but existing, percentage of possibility of contracting this infection between the ages of 14 and 69 , increasing the risk in recent decades. Most of the patients are male.

Oral contact with an infected person

A person who presents HPV in the throat or oral cavity, being in direct contact with another individual , has a great possibility of spreading the infection. This type of contagion method is when open-mouthed kisses are used, that is, the French type.

weak immune system

The failure of the mechanisms of the immune system slows down the responses of the lymphocytes, which causes an increase in the production of warts or condylomas (genital warts) and the mechanisms are not prepared to fight infections, which increases the risk of their infection. acquisition.

Cuts or tears in the mouth

HPV strains are capable of producing tears, warts and lesions in both the mouth and throat, although they do not usually present symptoms and for the same reason in many cases due care is not applied.

Note: Kissing a person infected with HPV with a lesion in the mouth greatly increases the risk of infection.

Tobacco and alcohol use

Excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol is a definitive reason for the increased risk of acquiring infections or diseases in the oral cavity, especially in developing the complications that they may present.

Cigarettes twenty times increase the risk of developing cancer in the head or neck due to HPV infection and for its part, alcohol allows the mucosa to be weakened and the risk increase is four times greater.

HPV risks in the throat

The acquisition of HPV in the throat area has risks that lead to unwanted complications. They will be mentioned and described below, also covering the reason for their appearances.

Oropharyngeal cancer

This type of cancer, although it is caused by HPV in the throat, is influenced by elements such as tobacco and alcoholic beverages. It is a cancer that appears in the back of the throat , under the tongue and on the tonsils.

To highlight: It is believed that statistics show that 70% of oropharyngeal cancer cases are caused by HPV in the throat, clearly interacting with some other previously mentioned external agents.

Mouth cancer

Oral cancer includes cancers in the mouth and the back of the throat, forming on the tongue, gums, and tissue lining the mouth, among others. Its appearance is related to infection with the human papillomavirus , sometime during his life.

Note: HPV type HPV 16 is the one that is much more likely to lead to these types of complications in the patient.

respiratory papillomatosis

Respiratory papillomatosis is a disease considered quite rare , being an infection produced directly by the human papillomavirus, that is, HPV.

It presents papillomatous lesions in the aerodigestive tract and evolves aggressively, resulting in a recurrence that can even delay growth in the case of children.

Important: There is no curative treatment, there is a surgical extirpation that avoids the affectation of the functioning of the airways and the quality of phonation.

Treatment for HPV in the throat

HPV has certain treatments, which reduce the risks of complications and preserve the quality of life of individuals. They will be described and mentioned below for your consideration.

laser therapies

Laser therapies are aimed at removing warts, caused by HPV in the genital and cervix areas . It is a minimally invasive surgery and has very good expectations in its application and proper functioning.

Note: Carboxytherapy is one of the laser therapies applied as one of the innovative treatments and allows that, although the infection is not cured, its activity in the body is reduced.


Cryotherapy is an application of liquid nitrogen, to destroy genital warts, which works by freezing it through treatments and different applications for its correct elimination.

Important: It does not cure the infection and is 90% effective, even though the warts may reappear, but it is also responsible for reducing its activity and risk.


Electrocautery is a procedure where electricity is applied to heat the tissue and remove it, also preventing the possibility of infection. The soft tissue is removed, cauterizing and sealing the blood vessels that are involved in the area of ​​surgery.

Medications indicated by specialist

Most of these treatments have salicylic acid as an active ingredient, which acts to gradually eliminate warts through mild irritation that attacks it in layers.

Note: Topical medications are responsible for reducing the wart replication rate, but do not act directly on the infection.

Medications can vary, according to the severity of the infection and are aimed at limiting the progression of the disease and the appearance of complications. They will always be complemented with the previously mentioned treatments to obtain better results.

Prevention of HPV in the throat

HPV has prevention. Emphasizing directly with HPV in the throat, we will mention and describe the main factors to consider for its prevention and care.

use condoms

The use of condoms protects from direct contact of the genitals during sex , this being the main cause and therefore, which greatly reduces the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as the human papilloma virus. (HPV). Especially when the contagion of one of the individuals involved is recognized.

Limit the number of sexual partners

Irresponsible promiscuity, where adequate protection is not used increases the cases of infection and its proliferation. And although HPV is not considered a determining factor of promiscuity, it is recognized that limiting and knowing the partners with whom sexual relations are established reduces the risk of infection.

get vaccinated

There is a long-lasting protection vaccine , which limits the spread of HPV in a wide range of its variations, such as 9 and 16. Those that cause genital warts and health problems.

Note: It produces a generalized immunization that reduces the risks and can be applied even in girls and boys.

Key Findings

  • HPV is a sexual infection that is usually acquired through unprotected intercourse in the genital area and oral sex.
  • There are cases of complications where different types of cancer develop in the affected areas.
  • The treatments are usually oriented to the disappearance of the warts and the reduction of their proliferation, but they do not completely disappear the infection of the organism.
  • The use of condoms and limiting the sexual partners that one has, is the best way to prevent an infection of this type.
  • There are also vaccines for individuals who need to be in contact with infected people to prevent the proliferation of the infection.
  • A weak immune system is much more prone to infection.
  • The strange appearance of warts in the genital areas should be taken into account because it is one of the only characters that can be described as a symptom for the identification of this infection in our body.

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