The non-verbal language, the responses and physical expressions that the human body has when it is attracted to another person, are derived from psychological processes, hormonal reactions and innate characteristics that every individual possesses.

Thus, as there are a series of signs that every human shows when he likes or feels in love with another person, these are often unconscious answers for those who show them, that is, they do not know that they are behaving in a different way.

In this sense, in the following article we show you the key signs so that you learn to differentiate if someone likes you and the way in which that person will behave when they are attracted to you.

Signs that someone likes you

It can be a smile, a detail and even a look, the physical responses that people can experience when they like someone, so it is important that you know the most obvious signs of physical attraction:

1. Your pupils dilate when you look at you

Astudyconducted by researchers from theDepartment of Human DevelopmentatCornell University in Ithaca, New York, revealed that pupil dilation when observing another person is considered an indication of sexual desire.

In addition, the research showed that men tend to show greater dilation of pupils than women, therefore, it is evidence of attraction and affective feelings if the person looking at you increases in size their pupils.

2. Their gaze is fixed on your eyes or mouth

Staring into a person’s eyes or mouth when expressing themselves is an unconscious act of nonverbal language that is related to physical attraction and desire.

In the same way, it means that it is paying attention to you above all the other things that are happening, therefore it is one of the characteristics that occur when you speak and the other person stares into your eyes or your mouth.

For some individuals it is uncomfortable to have their lips observed when speaking, however, it often happens when one person likes another, so that their gaze instantly goes to your mouth or pays attention to your eyes.

3. He keeps a smile when he is in front of you

The physical responses that a person shows, sometimes unconsciously, when they like someone, are derived from the hormones and neurotransmitters secreted by the body as a response to the affective feeling known as love.

ToStudy published by the National University of Colombia , entitled “The Biochemistry of Love” , points out all the biological responses that the human body has thanks to the substances that the organism generates when feeling in love.

Therefore, if someone is smiling, cheerful and amused when they are around you, it is a key indication that they like you and their body is reacting to what that person is feeling when seeing you.

4. He makes constant physical contact when talking to you

Physical contact can be a hug, a small caress or touching you when you are expressing a specific idea, this is because the other person wants to get your attention and give you some sign that they are interested in you.

On the other hand, some people carry out this action to know the reaction of the other individual when maintaining physical contact, however simple it may be, the nervous system will show some response.

Therefore, it is important that you be careful, be aware of your reactions and above all, those of the other person.

5. He is always aware of you

It is one of the most common acts when someone likes you, who cares about the simplest things, even about your state of health and mood.

The reason for this is the degree of importance that you are representing for that person, likewise, they will show interest in the things that affect you and that make you happy, to show you how valuable you are in that person’s life.

6. He treats you especially kindly

Being kind can happen to any individual in the world, the important thing is that you know how to differentiate when that treatment goes beyond what is socially normal, you can corroborate this by distinguishing the treatment that person gives you compared to others.

If you show that he is especially nice to you, behaves differently and his actions are different in a positive way towards you, it is evidence that he likes you and is experiencing feelings towards you.

7. Nervousness shows

Feeling nervous when you are around the person you like is a physical response that happens to most people.

Therefore, if your friend or acquaintance is shaky, his hands sweat, he finds it difficult to pronounce some words or blushes, these are signs that he is attracted to you.

Keep in mind that these characteristics are nervous responses of all people when feeling in love, therefore, some do not realize that they are showing nervousness, that is, they are not aware of the type of behavior they are experiencing.

8. Seek to spend time together

Closeness, intimacy and trust develop as two people spend time together and these are some of the elements that make up love in the relationships that are being formed.

In this case, if someone likes you, they will look for reasons to spend time together, get to know each other and establish emotional ties, and they will also pay special attention to your interests to please you and make you feel happy.

9. Try to find common ground

This is due to a basic instinct of every person when seeking to be pleasant, that is, trying to find similarities in everyday things such as: favorite dish, sport, recreational activities, music, among other elements that can unite them in some way.

The reason for this is because the other person is interested in being special to you and by sharing the same interests, this will have as a response that you also feel attracted, that is, they are psychological signs of attraction for similar tastes.

10. He gives you compliments and flattery

This is one of the most obvious clues that someone likes you, since that person will want to let you know how important and special you are because of your attitudes, personality , or some physical trait that catches their attention.

Therefore, compliments and flattery will appear in a subtle way, all with the purpose of attracting your attention and being nice to you as a sign that he is interested in you and notices you.

11. Has details with you

From the smallest detail to the largest show of interest, they are signs that you are interested, it can be a gift, a show of affection, a compliment, all this will be done in order to make you feel special.

However, you must know how to differentiate when a person has details with you because they simply like you or because they feel some physical attraction, for this, you must also be aware that they show a special interest only towards you.

12. He writes or calls you constantly

If he is interested in always communicating with you, it is because he cares about you and it is a key indication that he likes you, a call at night to find out how your day was or a message at the beginning of the week, are signs that show interest and attraction.

In the same way, it is important to emphasize that in the 21st century, technologies and communications are within the reach of the majority of the world’s population, therefore, staying connected today is easy.

In this sense, it will be normal for this person to look for you and start following you on your social networks, to be interested in what you post and will be receptive to what you show digitally.

13. He wants to introduce you to his friends and family

If that person is interested in introducing themselves to their loved ones, it is one of the most significant acts of commitment and trust they can show you.

The above is because he is so interested in you that he wants to establish such a deep bond that he shows in turn, wanting to include you in his personal life, therefore, this is one of the most important and significant signs that someone can show towards you.

14. Takes care of you and is interested in your tastes and activities

Knowing your favorite film genre, the season of the year that you like the most, if you prefer trips to the beach or the mountains, those are the signs shown by a person who likes another.

In addition, he worries about you at all times of the day, not only to appear pleasant, but as a sign of importance and so that you also know that he is attracted to you, all with the aim of getting closer and maintaining greater contact with you.

15. Act protectively

An article carried out by researchers from the University of Palermo , Italy, reveals that protective attitudes in people in love are totally normal and even common.

This concept originates from romantic ties, which in turn denote feelings of attachment, sexuality and protection, in addition, researchers describe that it is a natural instinct to want to protect the person or being loved.

In this sense, the protective reactions that one person may have towards another suggest in some cases that it is a physical response derived from the attraction between both individuals.

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