The human being (man and woman) among their basic needs is the reproduction of the species, an act for which biology and genetic inheritance endowed both with especially sensitive organs in the body to make this need something pleasant.

In women, there are several sensitive organs for the sexual act and one of them is the clitoris. In the following article, we explain in a practical way how to successfully stimulate the clitoris step by step.

What is the clitoris?

The clitoris is the only organ in a woman whose only function is to provide pleasure during sex and it is located in the upper part of the vagina , just above the opening of the urethra.

It is an organ, the visible part of which is an end called the glans covered by a retractable cap, made up of erectile tissue, which fills with blood when excited, resembling a sponge, and can reach a size between 2 and 6 mm in diameter. width and 2 and 9 mm in length in some women and that in these conditions resembles the aroused penis of the man when it increases in size.

Note: Through the stimulation of this organ, the woman manages to reach orgasm  , since as we have mentioned, it is a very sensitive area due to the large number of nerve terminals that enable arousal and female pleasure.

How to stimulate the clitoris?

For the stimulation of the clitoris, advanced techniques or elaborate tricks are not required, so below we give you these simple but valuable recommendations so that you know how to treat the clitoris :

1. Create a comfortable and relaxed environment

Due to different daily circumstances, the human mind is subjected to many stressful situations , which is why our body is saturated with electrical impulses from neurotransmitters that keep us on constant alert and in constant hyperactivity.

To highlight: It is opportune then, to create an environment for women where they feel comfortable and relaxed and encourage their body to release some of the happiness hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin.

2. Use lubricant for better stimulation

The clitoris is a particularly sensitive area , especially the glans penis, which must be sufficiently lubricated either with the liquid produced by the Bartholin glands (5) or with the use of artificial lubricants.

You should know: Using lubrication in clitoral stimulation is recommended to avoid irritation due to vaginal dryness and continuous rubbing at the time of stimulation.

3. Caress and kiss the surrounding areas

Prior to direct stimulation of the clitoris, it is pleasant for women to feel caresses and kisses in the areas near the clitoris for several reasons.

The foregoing produces a series of benefits such as increasing contact and trust between the couple, increasing the general arousal state of the woman to cause greater lubrication of the vagina and its external areas, in addition to learning more about its areas . erogenous.

4. Make smooth movements with your fingers and tongue

Once that arousal state has been achieved in the woman, gentle but determined movements are made on the clitoris, taking great care not to exert too much pressure on that area at first.

During this process, you can use your fingers or tongue to explore the feelings of like or dislike that the woman expresses and adjust the movements.

To highlight: Let’s remember that this is an exploratory act, where both men and women make their tastes known in this regard.

5. Combine movements at different rates

To increase the stimulation of the clitoris, depending on how the woman’s reactions of liking and acceptance are perceived due to the sexual game she is experiencing, both the intensity and the movement that is carried out with the fingers or with the tongue can be progressively increased , or perform a combination of both.

In this sense, expressions of satisfaction or rejection are the best indication to make sure which applied technique is the correct one, but you must never forget to have the area sufficiently lubricated and not apply too much pressure unless it requires it.

You should know: The clitoral area is much larger than what is externally noticeable, so the so-called “G-spot”  is an extension of the clitoris in the internal part of the vagina.

6. Try clitoral sex toys

There are other options to increase the degree of general arousal of the woman and of the clitoris in particular. On the market there are various sex toys , to be used manually or that are mechanically designed to perform intense vibrations on the clitoral area in different positions .

Note: In this regard, there must be consent from both parties for the use of these sex toys and also have an open mind to accept additional experiences to personal intimate contact .

Key Findings

  • The clitoris is the most important sexual organ in women.
  • Proper clitoral stimulation can trigger sensations of pleasure before reaching orgasm.
  • To correctly stimulate the clitoris, you must create the right environmental conditions and act very delicately.
  • To stimulate the clitoris, the secretion of some happiness hormones must be stimulated.

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