During a celebration, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is common and often in an uncontrolled way, leading us to excess.

This leads to a series of consequences for the body , including the loss of micronutrients, electrolytes, water, among others, causing the so-called hangover or hangover , with symptoms such as stomach upset, dehydration, headache, among others.

In the following article, we give you all the necessary information about a hangover and the different ways to recover from it.

What to do to remove hangover?

There are various natural strategies to mitigate the undesirable effects of a hangover. We mention the most used below:

1. Drink water or isotonic drinks

One of the consequences of drinking alcohol is that we excrete urine very frequently , so we lose salts, minerals and mainly water. This can cause symptoms such as headache, dizziness, muscle pain, among others.

So, one of the best remedies to mitigate a hangover is to drink enough liquid, mainly with isotonic properties, to recover the minerals, electrolytes and water that the body needs.

Important: Drinking alcohol in excess does not prevent dehydration, rather it accelerates it. (1)

2. Get enough rest and sleep

After having drunk alcoholic substances, we regularly go to sleep. But this sleep is not a physiological sleep , that is, it does not correspond to a restful rest, so it does not allow the body to regenerate . (two)

What is indicated then, if you are suffering from a bad hangover, is to rest the body to allow the body to start its energy and cellular recovery process.

3. Consume carbohydrates before and after

During excessive alcohol consumption, the body works tirelessly to eliminate all the toxins produced that cause the hangover. This activity consumes a lot of energy, so we must have a constant source to replenish it. (3)

Note: Complex carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, legumes, among others, represent a sufficient source of energy to synthesize energy molecules.

4. Have a shot of liquor

It has always been the traditional belief that having a drink of liquor during a hangover will help us recover immediately from a hangover. This has not been scientifically proven , but there are people for whom this practice has worked.

Important: To avoid a hangover, the best thing to do is moderation when drinking alcohol.

5. Exercise

Another practice, without a doubt, to mitigate the effects of a hangover, is the practice of some sport , preferably aerobic but in a moderate way. This practice accelerates metabolism and blood circulation , helping to eliminate metabolic waste from alcohol through urine and sweat.

Note: Exercise also acts as a relaxing and antidepressant mechanism against the mitigation of hangover symptoms such as headache, muscle pain, among others, due to alcohol.

6. Consume broths or light soups

Broths or light soup will help us in those moments when we do not want to consume any food, since they provide us with nutrients in a light and easy to digest way.

These broths, like the chicken broth, contain many micronutrients such as group B vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and fats that can help in the recovery process and with the additional advantage that they will help us hydrate during a hangover.

7. Consume natural infusions

Another of the undesirable effects of a hangover in people is stomach discomfort, among them heartburn, nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting are the most common. For this , the consumption of refreshing infusions is indicated , such as mint , chamomile or ginger tea .

To highlight: Many of these infusions have digestive, relaxing, antacid effects and as a stomach tonic.

8. Avoid drinks high in congeners

Congeners are naturally occurring chemicals that irritate blood vessels and brain tissue . They arise from the fermentation process of sugars or carbohydrates, in the production of alcoholic beverages.

The darker these drinks are, the more congeners they will have in their chemical composition, so red wine will have more congeners than other lighter drinks such as vodka or beer.

Important: It is necessary to know that alcoholic beverages with a high amount of congeners produce more severe hangover symptoms.

Key Findings

  • A hangover is caused by excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • It is necessary to recover hydration levels, as well as the minerals and vitamins lost during the intake of alcoholic substances.
  • The best way to not have a hangover is to avoid or moderate the consumption of alcoholic beverages .
  • Avoid as much as possible the excessive consumption of dark alcoholic beverages, such as wines or brandies.
  • Isotonic drinks and plenty of water are necessary for rehydration during a hangover.

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