Sexuality is a natural theme within human actions. In the same way, the way in which we show our feelings towards someone in particular, or in other cases, how we give ourselves our own satisfaction, in a sexual and intimate way.

Along these lines is masturbation, which is a normal topic during puberty and young adolescent development, fun and exciting for some, uncomfortable and unorthodox for others. The truth is that it is about exploring one’s own body.

In this article, we will discuss what masturbation is and what are some of the recommendations for masturbating, with pleasurable techniques that you can try at any time.

What is masturbation?

Masturbation is a very intimate sexual process, which has existed since the creation of man. Many institutions, such as the Royal Spanish Academy , define masturbation as “a process of stimulating the genitals or erogenous zones, in order to obtain sexual satisfaction for oneself.”

Masturbation is very common among young people, who enter puberty from the age of 12 (sometimes the time of puberty varies) and begin to practice in an intimate way, exploring their body, their tastes and looking for ways to satisfy desires. sexual.

Yet masturbation has been plagued by many myths, some vaguely considering it harmful and immoral. Others say that masturbation damages vision and prevents the growth of the genital organs.

Of course these rumors are denied by the medical community, which considers it natural and completely healthy.

Health benefits of masturbation

Masturbation has multiple benefits for people’s health, even on a personal and intimate level.

For this reason it is important to know that its practice is not simply due to inertia, but rather it is prompted by its highly healthy benefits and how this benefits us all.

Lowers the risk of prostate cancer

Masturbation favorably decreases men’s risk of prostate cancer. Because it stimulates this organ much more and ejaculation is very continuous, preventing the prostate from growing to a maximum point.

This is known thanks to various investigations such as those of Harvard University , which concludes that “men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month have a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer than those who did not.”

Prevents dysfunction and incontinence

Masturbation is like a way to exercise the genitals and the muscles that control the bladder. This helps, in the future, to prevent factors such as erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence.

This is because it keeps the pelvic muscles trained, avoiding the unwanted opening of the urethra, and masturbation helps in other psychological aspects such as avoiding stress and anxiety .

Boosts the immune system

Masturbation generates a very noticeable change in the body, releasing many hormones and internal energies. In this way, the defenses of the immune system rise, which helps to avoid diseases that are transmitted more easily.

This is thanks to the release of hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins; with the increase of these, the system becomes stronger, being able to avoid colds and even flu.

Improves sleep and well-being

Masturbation helps people with sleeping problems, it is satisfactory until the end, so much so that it leaves the mind clear and the body less tense, making the sleeping process fast and healthy.

It is quite soothing for the body and does not exhaust you exhaustively, but instead relaxes the body for a full rest.

It reduces stress

Masturbation releases oxytocin, this is a hormone that lowers cortisol, which is related to stress and anxiety.

When oxytocin increases, stress or panic levels are significantly reduced. Since the immune system is stable and the brain is euphoric or calm.

Improves sexual relations

Masturbation is favorable for sexual relations , in the majority case, for men. Since masturbation is used to avoid dysfunctions or the well-known premature ejaculation.

In this sense, masturbation serves as an exercise for the pelvic muscles and an intimate practice, to control the level of arousal at the time of sexual intercourse, and to satisfy our partner more.

Recommendations for a pleasant masturbation

There are many ways to masturbate, with several factors around, that will help us have a more satisfying and enjoyable experience. These are some of the recommendations to obtain a much more pleasant masturbation.

Find a private place and relax

Masturbation should not be done on purpose, you have to choose a private place that generates trust, a lot of relaxation and of course that is quite comfortable for us. The rooms will always be the best option, it is a sacred place that only we have access to.

take a hot bath

Masturbation should also take place with the body physically prepared, according to the magazine Vitonica “hot water softens the tissues and promotes muscle relaxation” . This helps to be more prepared and calm to enjoy the masturbation process, with the muscles prepared and not at all tense.

start small

You must take the time to masturbate, do not rush the process, try to imagine something that turns you on and causes emotion. Find or look for something that helps you erect your penis (for men), or lubricate the vagina (in the case of women), so you should start with small massages, gradually generating pleasure.

Using lubricants and sex toys

Lubricants are very useful to be close to a real experience, in addition to helping more to stimulate the genital organs.

In addition, it is favorable for women, to try manual or anal masturbation in any case.

Sex toys are very practical for women, who opt for dildos or vibrators, to enjoy full masturbation and very close to a sexual relationship. Men can use toys like sex dolls or plastic vaginas.

Sit in a comfortable position

When masturbation is performed, we must position ourselves correctly, so that it is not uncomfortable or unsatisfactory. Normally you can be lying down or standing up.

It all depends on the comfort you get and the act you want to do within masturbation. At the moment of climax, you must be prepared with an indicated position.

Play music of your choice

You can opt for relaxing or flirty music, to have a hotter and more erotic atmosphere . This helps the brain to focus on fantasy and full masturbation.

Music does not generate distraction and helps the person to be focused on their own satisfaction. It is advisable to use only instrumental music, which does not cause any discomfort or distraction.

Support yourself with adult magazines and movies

In addition to fantasy , both men and women can lean on adult magazines, movies, and short videos.

The sounds, performances, and scenes help stimulate people to masturbate, making the process more enjoyable and the practice yielding positive results. It is not an element that should be discarded, it is one of the most important.

masturbation techniques for women

There are various and best techniques for women to masturbate comfortably and satisfactorily. Because the cases can vary by the physiology of the different sexes. Among those techniques are the following.

stimulate the clitoris

The clitoris is a very delicate erogenous area in women, it is a very exciting part when stimulated. It is capable of triggering very intense orgasms.

Women can gently touch the clitoris, even with a lubricant, with the fingers making gentle movements to slowly generate pleasure.

Perform different movements with the fingers

As said before, you need to perform different movements with your fingers, touch lightly and softly at the beginning. Various circular movements, which can be felt as a kind of massage. The hands are capable of making a slight pressure that generates maximum pleasure.

After that, the woman finds her freedom to use her fingers with the comfort she wants, she can even use them to gently penetrate herself.

stimulate point g

Doctor Beverly Whipple discovered the G-spot, defining it as “a place of arousal of female sexuality, capable of blocking pain and generating a very satisfying sexual stimulus”.

Stimulating this point is like an intense need, since it is located in front of the inner wall of the vagina, and requires subtlety and meticulous exploration, so that the woman can find the way to feel satisfied and with the appropriate movements to stimulate this point. point.

use sex toys

The most common sex toys for women are undoubtedly vibrators, but they are not the only toys, as there are anal plugs and tango vibrators. In many teenagers and single women, they opt for a dildo to enjoy a sexual fantasy.

Many of these toys vary their intensity, so that the woman can control the strength of the vibrator that she wants, in order to give maximum pleasure.

try different positions

Women can try different positions to satisfy themselves, manually or anally.

Simple positions like the doggy style, the spoon among many others, so that the woman explores her erogenous zones and can feel like she is in a real sexual relationship. It’s about trying different poses.

masturbation techniques for men

Men also have different techniques to enjoy full and comfortable masturbation. Unlike women, these are the ones who practice the most to satisfy them. Control ejaculation and enjoy full sex.

use lubricants

Lubricants help moisten the genital area, making masturbation more pleasurable and feel real. It is also necessary to have better mobilization for the male genital member.

Try with non-dominant hand

With the dominant hand it is easier to end masturbation and not be able to enjoy it.

It is necessary to try to stimulate the penis with the non-dominant hand (depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed), this will help lengthen the masturbation process, enjoying the different movements that are made.

Experiment with different rubs

Men can opt for different rubs on their body, gently and sometimes more roughly.

Men’s masturbation relies heavily on these types of rubbing. Massage the sensitive area of ​​the penis and go through the stimulation, speeding up the process little by little.

Stimulate the perineum and prostate

The prostate and perineum are erogenous areas of men. Stimulating or massaging these areas generates an immediate erection and satisfies the man’s pelvic area.

It is not strange, it is in a certain way, very pleasant for a man, in addition to helping to strengthen the pelvic muscles to improve ejaculation.

Try sex toys

Men can opt for sex toys such as inflatable dolls or plastic vaginas, plus they are for personal use, can be easily washed and generate a certain degree of pleasure in men.

All this in order to enjoy an experience close to reality, very satisfying and pleasant.

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