Losing weight quickly is one of the most treated topics among societies, thanks to the fact that surgical and aesthetic procedures have become the main option but also the most risky. 

In this sense, diets have also emerged that are based on eating less and going hungry throughout the day, which negatively affects metabolism and can generate a rebound effect , which leads to gaining twice the weight that has been lost. 

For these reasons, in the following article we will show you how to lose weight in a healthy way in just 2 weeks , motivating you to follow a diet that includes beneficial foods for your physical and mental health.

Healthy recommendations to lose weight in two weeks

Although it may seem surprising, it is possible to lose a few kilos in 2 weeks . The main characteristic of this is to consume healthy foods every few hours without going hungry and in turn helping the metabolism to get used to the new eating lifestyle. Here are some recommendations:

1. Reduce Calorie Intake

To lose weight quickly and healthily, you must eat low-calorie meals , taking into account that a large part of these must be prepared by you, making sure to consume the necessary foods for your nutrition, where the consumption of saturated fats, pasta, pasta, is limited. wholemeal bread, among others. 

You should know: a woman should consume an average of 1400 kcal daily , while men 1800 kcal . Exaggerating or decreasing the amount of calories can have harmful health effects.

2. Increase water consumption

Water, in addition to keeping you hydrated, helps you reduce fluid retention that could be causing weight gain. Likewise, it is the ideal substitute to avoid sodas and other drinks full of calories. (1)

Tip: We recommend you drink two glasses of water before going to sleep, this will help you lose weight while cleaning your body of toxins and waste .

3. Eat between 5 and 6 times a day

Dieting does not mean eating less, but eating healthy. A good start so that you do not get carried away by anxiety attacks is to eat between 5 and 6 times a day. 

Some of the foods that you can consider are: a piece of fruit, a glass of milk, a salad , a portion of grilled fish or chicken for lunch, white rice accompanied by vegetables, among others. 

Tip: So that it does not become complicated to choose meals every day, we advise you to make a varied diet plan , where you highlight breakfast, lunch and dinner along with snacks between each meal, so it will be easier to keep track of what you eat. you eat and it will help you lose weight faster.

4. Increase the consumption of proteins, fruits and vegetables

Foods such as eggs, vegetables and fruits are ideal for a diet low in calories but high in nutrients. In addition, you can include them as part of your breakfast or any of the other daily meals. 

Note: You can prepare a fruit salad for breakfast using foods such as: apple , banana, watermelon, melon, among others, that contain a large amount of water and fiber, since they are satiating and nutritious foods. 

This should be done taking into account that increasing protein consumption per week can help you lose fat and increase muscle mass.

5. Include whole grains, legumes and nuts

Legumes, whole grains and nuts , have the particularity of providing a satiating effect that helps reduce appetite and therefore lose weight in a healthy way. 

Tip: You can include nuts as part of a snack, accompanied by low-fat yogurt . Similarly, you can eat a cup of legumes for lunch and whole wheat bread with tomato or vegetables for dinner.

6. Consume thermogenic foods

Thermogenic foods are those that are also known as natural fat burners , thanks to the fact that they help speed up metabolism and increase heat that helps process calories and in turn lose weight. 

Tip: We recommend you prepare coffee or herbal tea and drink it in the morning and in the afternoon, without exaggerating its consumption.

7. Avoid eating foods rich in sugar, flour and fat

Excessive consumption of cookies, desserts, cakes and ice cream, as well as fast food and fried foods, causes weight to rise. To do this, you can replace them with homemade food prepared with olive oil, vegetables, a cup of salad , low-fat cheese, whole wheat bread, vegetables, grilled meats, among others.

8. Reduce salt intake

Salt is one of the most widely used condiments around the world, however, its excessive intake can mainly lead to heart conditions, in addition to increasing fluid retention. (two)

Tip: In contrast, you can replace the common salt with a little pink salt or Himalayan salt that is a little healthier.

9. Perform physical activity

In principle, you can exercise for 30 minutes a day, while the body gets used to physical activity, then extend the time from 1 to 3 hours a day as you gain better physical condition and lose kilos. (3)

In this sense, we advise you to jog, jump rope and perform exercises that include your own weight , so you will obtain greater resistance. Always remembering to drink plenty of water before, during and after exercising.

10. Rest properly

The body needs to rest to be able to work properly, likewise, during the moment of rest or deep sleep, each of the systems that make up the body perform their functions with greater intensity , which in turn helps you lose weight and accelerates your metabolism.

How much is the most you can lose weight in 15 days?

Losing large amounts of kilos a week is not healthy, mainly because it can affect the normal function of the body as well as include the loss of essential nutrients for the body to function properly. 

In this sense, the maximum (among healthy standards) that you can lose weight in two weeks is between 1 and 4 kilos , taking into account that this entails a strict diet, low in calories, carbohydrates, and fat, while increasing the consumption of water, proteins and other healthy foods accompanied by constant physical exercises. 

Important: We recommend that you see a nutritionist , this will help you to know the range of kilograms that you can lose per week and what is your ideal weight.

Key Findings

  • Losing weight in two weeks is possible if you eat low-fat food.
  • To burn fat and lose weight, it is recommended to consume thermogenic foods such as coffee, satiating foods such as legumes, milk and portions of fruit. 
  • To avoid nutritional alterations and anxiety about food, you can drink a glass of milk , accompany meals with vegetables, fish, chicken, whole-grain yogurt-based snacks, and include eggs for breakfast.
  • It is advisable to accompany the diet with physical exercises , the intake of abundant water and rest properly .

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