The act of kissing is an art and because of this everything we do must be well thought out and done with good technique . Many times the first date or the first love vanishes because of a bad kiss.

For this reason, in this article we will explain step by step the aspects that you must consider to make a correct kiss with tongue.

What is the correct way to kiss with tongue?

There are many types of kisses , however, as we mentioned before, the tongue kiss requires prior preparation and whose advice you should follow. We describe them below:

1. Try to have good oral hygiene and hydrated lips

To ensure that this start does not fall off from the start, it is important to ensure that you have good oral health. (1)

The oral cavity, as we know, is the gateway to everything we consume, be it for food or recreation. In it , small remains of food and chemical compounds that serve as food for the bacteria that cohabit in it accumulate between the filiform papillae (2) .

These bacteria can alter their growth and cause some conditions in the teeth such as cavities, or gum diseases such as periodontitis and with greater visibility palate disorders such as white tongue and tongue sores . 

You should know: These conditions, despite the fact that they are not contagious or represent a major health problem, are unpleasant in view of the couple. So, if we do not want to fail on the first try, we must take care of our oral health.

2. Look for the right moment

For every situation there is an opportune moment. Many battles have been won or lost as a result of the chosen moment and the act of kissing is no exception. The opportunity to kiss is the result of the convergence of a series of factors that if we list it seems almost an impossible mission.

Therefore, here we must appeal to intuition, privacy and the disposition of the couple. If you manage to get at least these three elements to coincide in the same space, you already have the opportune moment in sight. 

Note: You must take into account that in our culture, the kiss represents the manifestation of love par excellence. (3)

3. Tilt your head to the level of the other person and to the opposite side

Having mastered the previous aspects and the couple is ready, the time has come for the faces to approach. How should we make this approach? This seems easy but it also has its art. 

First, the approach must be done slowly trying to level the height at which the lips meet and then both must tilt their heads to one side, to form something like an X and thus avoid clashing their noses and secondly to that their mouths fit comfortably.

4. Start with conventional kisses

Don’t get caught up in the excitement of the moment and want to do everything in one fell swoop. It is generally recommended to make small exploratory kisses (not many) to warm up and as they lose ground, the act of kissing can be more continuous.

You can also use small, soft and subtle nibbles on the lower lip to add an extra element of fun.

Important: With great discretion, try to keep your lips moist so that the contact is pleasant.

5. Insert your tongue gently and play with hers

At this point we enter the main theme and it is the participation of the tongue in the kiss . For this, there are techniques such as the French kiss, which fits perfectly in this opportunity. 

Undeniably, for a good kiss the tongue must intervene and its use is not to drown the couple, but rather to make more intimate contact during the kiss.

The intention is for the tips of both tongues to caress each other, to explore new sensations and to the extent that these sensations are pleasing to them, they can gradually increase the intensity of the kiss.

On the other hand, in order not to run out of breath and interrupt this act, it is advisable to take pauses of no more than two seconds to oxygenate, but this pause must be active, that is to say that they take advantage of those two seconds to take, for example, small bites with delicately on the lower lip of the couple or also kiss their cheeks and then if they wish they can continue.

You should know: The movement of both tongues inside the mouth must be harmonious , it’s like caressing your hands.

6. Avoid colliding with teeth

One of the mistakes they make, especially first-timers, is that they get so excited about the kiss that they chatter their teeth together. This is particularly dangerous and great care must be taken, as it can cause dental trauma and cut lips and gums. In the kiss, only the lips and the tongue should intervene .

7. Maintain a balance and avoid overwhelming the other person

Giving a partner a kiss does not mean taking over him or her , harassment does not generate anything pleasant. Therefore, try to achieve a balance between what you do and its results, if you have positive expectations, be patient and if you do not achieve the objective, surely other opportunities will present themselves.

Note: Remember that overwhelm generates fatigue, rejection and eliminates second chances .

8. Accompany with caresses and exciting words

To make this gesture of the tongue kiss a perfect kiss , you must show your partner attachment, passion and emotion. This can be achieved with actions during the kiss such as holding her cheeks with both hands and gently, caressing her hair or also hugging her tightly but without drowning her breath.

To stand out: You can also use the time to take a breath and communicate passionate and loving words, so as not to lose contact and then continue with the kiss if you wish.

Key Findings

  • Kissing well with the tongue requires conscious learning.
  • To kiss well with the tongue, correct oral health is necessary.
  • The tongue should be used as an instrument to explore pleasant sensations.
  • The kiss must be complemented with caresses and words of love.
  • The tongue kiss must be done at the right time, patiently and also safely.

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