True friendships are an invaluable treasure for the life of any person, therefore, learning to identify them is necessary so that you can place all your trust and good intentions in that individual.

In addition, having good and faithful friends helps you stay lively, improves your social relationships and above all, gives you someone who wants well-being for you.

This is important in difficult times because you can count on a friend who understands, supports and advises you, which will make it easier for you to get ahead.

Next, you will discover the characteristics of a friendship, so that you learn to identify when it is true. You can also discover the excellent benefits of having a bond with a good friend.

What is true friendship?

“Keep your friend under the key of your own life”, this phrase expressed by the renowned playwright and poetWilliam Shakespeare, points out that friendship must be protected and cared for as something very valuable, as important as life.

In this sense, true friendship is one that is built based on the connection that two people come to have, for common interests, unconditional support or simply for wanting to share certain moments of life with another person.

The important and complex thing about true friendships is that the love of two friends is sincere and reciprocal, establishing an affective bond that can last for years.

The difference between a relationship and a true friendship is that the first goes more towards the intimate and passionate bond, instead that friendship is feeling understood by another person with whom you also have great trust.

Characteristics that identify true friendship

The Research carried out by the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences , National University of La Plata, Argentina, focused on determining if there can be a conflict between true friendship and the moral obligations of each individual.

Throwing as a conclusion, that if there can be conflicts between friends because of their beliefs, but true friendship is located in knowing how to face such situations, demonstrating what one can do for the other without any interest.

For this reason, below you will learn the characteristics of a true friendship, so that you know how to identify and preserve it:

Part of respect and trust

In friendly affective ties, trust and respect are two great and imposing values, although it is true that in a true friendship there must be closeness and the certainty that you are completely trusting another person.

For its part, respect is based on not belittling or offending the other person, since the union they have can be affected if one of the two feels attacked by the other.

Honesty and sincerity are elementary

One of the main characteristics of a true friendship is honesty, this can become so great that a very strong and unbreakable type of trust develops.

True friends are there to tell you secrets, experiences and worries, so there can be no doubt that you are trusting the right person to share your deepest thoughts.

There is motivation and unconditional support

A real friend is the one who motivates you to get ahead, supports you in any venture or goal you set for yourself and also helps you achieve it.

Usually, emotional downturns caused by insecurities can occur, so a true friend is always present to motivate you and let you know how valuable you are.

The acceptance and evaluation is total

That a person values you and accepts your weaknesses and defects is something that should be considered as true friendship.

Not everyone has the happiness of meeting people who will always be available when you need them most and who also gives you a feeling of appreciation that is unique in friendships.

Complicity and camaraderie are present

Complicity is one of the traits that most defines true friendships, because it is instilled in the confidence to make any kind of adventure a reality, which not everyone would know how to understand or appreciate as much as you.

In turn, it is shown as actions that you can carry out with someone who may not agree, but who dares to not leave you alone and support you at all times.

Communication flows assertively

Communicating with true friends is one of the easiest things to do, the bond they can have is such that they create their own verbal expressions, further unifying the closeness and close relationship they maintain.

In addition, you recognize that you are talking to a good friend, when he understands each of your ideas and complements what you want to express.

Listening carefully is key

Having someone to listen to you when you are going through a difficult situation is essential and that is exactly why true friends exist.

Therefore, they are those that let you manifest without judging yourself, each feeling, idea or problem without interrupting you so that you can vent and release everything you have to say.

Joy and good humor are never lacking

Spending time with someone who is fun, makes you laugh, and boosts your self-esteem is comforting for everyone and that makes for a good friendship.

Good humor and complicity among a group of friends is one of the most obvious characteristics because you feel surrounded by people with similar tastes to yours, who understand your points of view and who have fun with the same things.

There is no place for envy or rancor

A friendship relationship cannot be healthy if there is envy or some kind of resentment for a past situation, friends are there to forgive if one of the two fails and, in turn, is happy for the achievements of the other, they do not try to overshadow them or be superior to him.

Is for all the life

Real friendships can begin in childhood and last into old age, but they can also occur in other periods and stages of life.

The important thing is that once that person comes into your life, understands you, understands you and their authentic interest is for your well-being, they stay and belong by your side for the rest of their lives, always exalting and fortifying the unique value of friendship.

benefits of true friendship

ToStudy published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience , reveals that it is in the nature of the human being to make friends, in addition, these affective relationships can become as strong as that of a pair of brothers.

Likewise, in the investigation it was possible to verify that if one of the two individuals is at risk, their best friend may also feel affected as if their life were the one that is really at risk.

In this sense, having best friends gives you a series of benefits, learn about them below:

Self-esteem is increased

Having someone who always reminds you of how valuable and strong you are despite whatever situation you are going through is worth appreciating. In addition, being close to someone who understands your flaws and uses them for good will make you feel better about yourself.

Therefore, sharing with a person who cheers you up and constantly tries to keep you with good self-esteem, means that you have the best friend in the world.

Increases joy and enthusiasm

Having someone to share pleasant and fun moments with increases your enthusiasm considerably and makes you feel happier, wanting to continue living, but above all, it helps you stay positive and with good energy.

Stress, anxiety and depression are reduced

Having the firm will that a friend will always be there to support you, knowing what to tell you and help you whatever the situation, reduces the possibility that symptoms due to stress, situations that generate anxiety or depressive states will be reduced.

As people, it is necessary that we have someone to lift your spirits in any situation, even more so if there are risks of it becoming something that could endanger your life.

Improve mental health

This is because, when going through periods of crisis or conflict, friends help you maintain sanity so that you do not commit any act that puts your physical integrity at risk.

Also, having someone to advise you and give you their unconditional support strengthens your mental and psychological health but also maintains the bonds of friendship even more.

Improves physical health

Among friends they can be encouraged to carry out sports or recreational activities that improve health and physical conditions, sometimes when people are alone they tend to be more sedentary.

However, having constant stimulation inflicted by another person is sure to encourage you to be more active.

Reduces the impact of damaging situations

As has been said before, the bond that a true friendship maintains gives you a person who is with you in any harmful situation that comes your way.

This increases the possibility that you can face and overcome the problem more quickly, in addition, a true friend will always do everything possible for your well-being, accompanying you and helping you to stand firm.

Increases the immune system

This happens due to contact with objects that have been handled by other people or in simple conversations, it is about sharing viruses and bacteria that, when staying in your body, force it to create defenses to defend itself.

Therefore, your immune system is strengthened and becomes resistant to common viruses in the environment.

Importance of true friendship

An article published by the Aesthesis Psychological Therapy Institution in Madrid , Spain, describes that human beings, from an early age, seek to relate and create affective bonds with other people.

This is because each individual has the need to feel loved, accepted and understood by other people, in addition, the fact of having a true friendship gives you the advantage of having someone who listens and understands you without judging you.

On the other hand, a true friendship gives you the complicity that you may not be able to have with a family member or with your partner, so it can become such a strong and unbreakable bond that it can remain strong throughout your life.

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