Society has created various ways to communicate, understand each other and express their feelings and emotions. 

Thus, one of the most peculiar ways to express or transmit feelings is through the kiss, and some social groups according to their religious, social and cultural customs have characterized the way of doing it. 

One of them is the French kiss , until now considered one of the most passionate ways to convey emotions. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you what the French kiss consists of , what its peculiarities are, and we will explain step by step how to give it.

What is a French kiss?

According to Sheril Kirshenbaum (1) ,  the French kiss is a term that was coined at the end of the First World War, at which time the American soldiers who traveled to France, when getting along with French women, observed that they felt more freedom when use the tongue in kisses.

Initially, the soldiers who returned to the United States popularized it as the way to kiss like the French and then it was written as the French kiss , with a peculiar style to do it.

You should know: The main characteristic of this type of kiss is that, in addition to the lips , the tongues of the couple are involved , a situation that causes new and pleasant sensations. In this passionate gesture, the woman intervenes in a discreet but very active way, communicating to the man the pleasant sensation that she feels.

What are the steps to give a French kiss?

Just as this type of kiss has its own name, it also has a technique and some steps to achieve a good kiss with the tongue and we will name them below:

1. Find the right place and time

One of the peculiarities of this kiss is that it becomes a sensual, exciting and erotic act that generally leads to sexual intercourse, which is why it is not recommended in conservative societies to do it in public.

Note: The people who take part in it require an intimate space where they can have the peace of mind to express the fruit of their sensations. 

That is why, in the case of the man who generally has the initiative, he must locate a place and time to do it. Remember that the woman is more free to express herself, if the right emotional conditions are in place and she has privacy.

2. Take care of oral hygiene and lips

So that you do not lose the game before starting it, there are basic rules of hygiene and presence that can make way or prevent the kiss from happening. 

One of these rules is hygiene and oral cleanliness (2) Imagine when the person when smiling shows stained teeth or very visible cavities and in very extreme cases, food remains between the teeth. Oral health then becomes the gateway that will allow you to open the way for the gesture of the kiss. (3)

3. Get into a suitable position

In order not to interrupt the magic of this moment, the couple, but mainly the man, must provide a comfortable and lasting position for this act of love.

To highlight: Whether sitting in front, one next to the other, standing or lying down, the comfort of the position must be sought , to avoid the interruption of the gesture at infrequently indicated moments.

4. Make your partner feel comfortable

Confidence is one of the keys, so that both can slowly but progressively express this gesture of passion. Many factors can intervene in this step such as the site, privacy, both thermal and musical ambience, lighting, in short, all expressed in the same place.

5. Start with subtle caresses and kisses

The French kiss is not a gesture that is carried out between family and friends, it is an act that is carried out between people who feel a special emotional attachment and in this sense, it cannot be carried out abruptly.

To do this, you must previously make a few small but subtle kisses on his lips and also make a few soft bites on the lower lip to gain confidence.

6. Separate the lips and insert the tongue gently

Now, from this step onwards, we are going to get into what really is the characteristic of the French kiss. As we have mentioned, the tool that identifies this style is the use of language.

Already being at this point, you will have achieved contact with your partner’s lips , for which we must think that the disposition already exists to separate the lips and give way to the tongue.

Important: Try to have your lips and tongue adequately lubricated , neither too much nor too little saliva.

On the other hand, remember that the intention is not to drown your partner with your tongue in haste. This must be done with the rubbing of the tips of the tongues, in a smooth and harmonious movement , similar to the movement that the bride and groom make in their hands when caressing. This is one of the techniques that is achieved with practice.

7. Try different movements, rhythms and intensities

We must understand that kissing well with the tongue is an art that is achieved with strategy, because everything has its objective and the French kiss has its objective , which is to achieve new sensations and open the way to desire.

You should know: Both the mouth and the tongue must come together with a soft touch , well done, dynamic, fun and interesting. You must add rhythmic movements to those of your partner, something like a dance where harmony and synchrony are important. 

On the other hand, during the French kiss you can decrease or add intensity, this will be indicated by your intuition and the desire of your partner.

8. Caress different parts of the body with your hands

Another aspect that adds intensity and emotion to the French kiss is to cover areas such as the cheeks, neck or hair with the caresses of your hands. That will show that you have respect for him, but at the same time and according to the intensity with which you do it, you can also indicate that you want to go further. Remember, you must be patient to make a perfect kiss .

9. Avoid contact with teeth and excess saliva

And finally, try to avoid these two things, excess saliva in the mouth and contact with your partner’s teeth. In the first case, traumas or injuries to the lips, teeth and gums can occur, leading to other diseases. For its part, excess saliva can become something very unpleasant that can interrupt the French kiss.

Key Findings

  • The French kiss arose from contact between French soldiers and women during World War II.
  • Its main characteristic is the use of the tongue as a tool to perceive sensations.
  • It is essential before performing the French kiss, to have adequate oral health .
  • The tongue, like the lips, must be used in a harmonic , rhythmic and synchronized way.
  • The French kiss has its objective, and it is to open the way to sexual desire.

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