Avocado has become one of the favorite fruits for athletes and people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle . This thanks to the properties of this food and its nutritional value, since it is a fruit rich in vitamins and beneficial fats for the body. 

Likewise, recipes with avocado are usually easy to prepare , and this food can be included as part of a variety of dishes. 

For these reasons, below, you will be able to learn about the different ways to prepare and eat avocado , as well as the best recommendations for obtaining and preserving this nutritious food.

What is avocado?

It is the fruit of the avocado tree, native to Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico , although its peculiar flavor and nutritional properties have made it consumed and produced almost all over the world.

You should know: It is a food rich in vitamin C, E and B6 and potassium , as well as containing monounsaturated and unsaturated fatty acids (1)

The avocado consists of an intense green peel that darkens as the fruit matures, while inside it has a yellow pulp with green tones that surrounds the fruit seed in the center.

How can you eat avocado?

There are multiple recipes with avocado that can be prepared easily and quickly, taking into account that the consumption of this fruit can provide a wide variety of essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. 

Likewise, ingredients such as olive oil, lemon juice, tomato, onion, cilantro , among others, are some of the foods with which avocado is usually combined in a healthy way. 

In this sense, we present you 8 ways to eat avocado , so that you know its various consumption presentations and the versatility of this fruit when integrated with other foods:

1. Raw

The simplest recipe with avocado is to eat it raw, however, to intensify its flavor you can add a little salt , pepper, olive oil, cut the pulp into slices with a knife, accompany it with whole wheat bread or scrambled eggs.

Note: When making a preparation or recipe with raw avocado, it is always advisable to add a few drops of lemon juice so that the avocado stays fresh and free from oxidation, and thus you can enjoy its nutritional properties even more. (two)

2. Baked

There are different baked avocado recipes, these are generally prepared by those who wish to maintain a healthy diet and include avocado as a main dish. 

To do this, it is necessary to cut the ripe avocado into 2 equal parts, remove the seed and take advantage of the concave side to include the other ingredients of your choice , be it eggs , salmon, shredded chicken or a little low-fat cheese. 

Tip: You can add a little coriander, salt and pepper for seasoning and cover with a little aluminum foil before baking.

3. Grilled

To vary the recipes a bit in the kitchen, you can choose to prepare grilled avocado, keeping in mind that in this way the avocado obtains a more intense flavor, which can be combined with recipes for foods also cooked in this way. 

For this it is not necessary to remove the skin, just cut the avocado in half with the help of a knife and remove the seed. 

Tip: You can also season it with salt, pepper and a little garlic powder and then place the side where the pulp is located towards the grill grates . You need to cook it on both sides for a few minutes.

4. Salads

Avocado salad is a traditional dish in different regions of Latin America . It is the combination of vegetables and fruits such as onion, tomato and parsley, with a little chicken cut into cubes and previously cooked, it can also be salmon, to which sliced ​​or cubed avocado is added. 

To highlight: This salad can be dressed with a little olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste . This is one of the easiest avocado dishes to prepare, taking into account the freshness of the ingredients, including avocados, to enjoy this recipe even more.

5. Creams and sauces

Avocado cream, guacamole, and sauces made with this fruit are part of traditional Mexican cuisine but are also consumed and prepared in the rest of the world. 

It is about consuming avocados in the form of puree, like guacamole or preparing it in spreadable sauces . The benefit of these preparations is that they are easy to cook dishes, plus their creamy consistency can be obtained with the help of a food processor or blender. 

Note: It is recommended that for the sauces, the avocados are blended for a few minutes with a little olive oil. While, for the guacamole recipe, tomato, onion and a little parsley are cut into cubes , all seasoned with salt, pepper and a little water and lemon juice.

6. Soups

Avocado soup is commonly used as a starter dish . It is an easy recipe to prepare, it includes few ingredients and can be cooked in minutes. To do this, mix an avocado with a little vegetable broth or water, onion, garlic, salt and pepper to taste.

You should know: Although it is a soup, it is often confused with a cream. The difference between the two is the way of preparation, since the soup usually has a more liquid consistency compared to the cream.

7. Desserts

Avocado desserts tend to have subtle flavors and accompany other preparations. Generally it is mousse, jelly or avocado-based pudding.

These recipes can be incorporated as part of a healthy snack or snack , taking into account that honey or sweeteners can be used to sweeten.

8. Drinks

To get a little more energy, detoxify the body, eliminate free radicals, prevent cancer, improve metabolic syndrome and strengthen heart health, avocado drinks are the ideal and most nutritious. (3)

Note: Juices made with avocado can also include foods such as: mango , lemon, spinach , mint, evaporated milk, honey , among others, which can give it a better flavor and many more properties.

Recommendations for a better consumption of avocado 

Like all food, especially because it is of fruit origin, good refrigeration and storage is necessary to keep the avocado fresh and enjoy all its properties. In this sense, we recommend the following:

1. Select ripe avocados

Ripe avocados tend to be a little softer to the touch than green ones, and the skin can appear in darker shades of green 

To highlight: Likewise, it is important to take into account that this alternates according to the type or variation of the avocado.

2. Do not exceed your daily consumption 

Being a fruit rich in monounsaturated and unsaturated fatty acids, its digestion can be a little slower, and excess fat can cause repercussions on the normal functioning of the body , ranging from allergies to gastrointestinal difficulties.

Note: It is recommended to consume only 100 grams of avocado per day , which would be equivalent to approximately half a portion of the fruit, so that its nutrients will be obtained without exceeding its consumption. 

3. Store it properly

The avocado is a fruit that must be refrigerated once it has been cut , since it has a large amount of water, fat and fiber, which when kept at high temperatures for a long time can accelerate the process of food decomposition.

Key Findings

  • Avocado is a fruit rich in vitamin E, C and B6 , as well as containing potassium and large amounts of monounsaturated and unsaturated fatty acids. 
  • Avocado consumption is common in the form of salads , accompanied by tomato, onion and parsley. I also eat guacamole or baked. 
  • This fruit in its ripe state is usually the ideal contour for fish such as salmon and white meat.
  • The large amount of fat and fiber that this fruit has, mean that it must be stored and refrigerated correctly, as well as consumed moderately.

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