What is intuition?

Intuition, according to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), is “The faculty ofunderstanding things instantaneously, without the need for reasoning”(1). From this concept, it follows that intuitioncomes from the experiences of the subconscious, of almost immediate response without the mediation of thecognitive process.

Note: Every day we call this intuitiona hunch, omen, premonition or foreboding.

On the other hand, intuitionis accompanied by signs to which we must be attentive, they are alert and can present as tingling in the skin, constriction in the stomach, inexplicable aversions to newly known people, inspiring solutions to problems, among others.

How to develop intuition?

In order to guide you on the path to enhance intuitive thinking and knowledge thinking and knowledge , we recommend some practices that will allow you to develop intuition effectively:

1. Learn to observe the environment

Intuition develops on the basis of previous experiences , , events, contact with other individuals, itself, contact with reality. But this reality must be observed from from different perspectives and learn from each one of them .

To highlight: In this way way we are feeding the unconscious from different positions , which allows it to , which allows it to act (to intuition), in a way adapted to the environment in which it can manifest.

2. Listen to your thoughts

Sometimes we say that ideas rain on us and we don’t know where they come from. That “sudden brainstorm” to which we almost never give importance, may indicate a response response to something that we are perceiving , but that the conscious mind at that moment does not have an immediate response.

You should know: Many times we say “I thought so”, it is a sign that our intuitive process wanted to warn us of something. Faced with this, it is best to learn to listen to our inner voice and understand intuitive thinking.

3. Learn to be alone with yourself

Knowing ourselves internally is vital to know our ability to deal with various situations tag. Paying attention to the impulses that can benefit one of our objectives is vital in the development of confidence and self-esteem .

4. Apply empathy

5. Release negative emotions

As a characteristic of negative emotions, it is that they are also stored in the subconscious. In this sense, we must this sense, we must develop intuition in develop intuition in a positive way , , this means that we must neutralize from the intuition process all those manifestations that hinder our goals and objectives, , that that is, be pragmatic people in that sense.

Note: If we see a property and property and intuition tells us that it will be profitable to acquire it for the future, but the owner of the property is an enemy of an ethnic group that we do not like, then we must not release that negative emotion and act with Pragmatism as indicated the intuition.

6. Pay attention to your dreams

Sometimes dreams act as premonitions tag. Let us remember that dreams correspond topsychic stimuli that manifest during wakefulness and that have been repressed or are prevented from unfolding freely.

In this context, dreams are the result of recently lived experiences during the waking state. It usually shows the most creative ideas, the best intuitions, the best decisions you must make, the goals you must achieve or the path you must follow. Intuition is also nourished from this .

7. Boost your creativity

Here we reach a high level of intuition, where the conscious has a greater participation through the creative process , which is called ” Intuitive Intelligence “

In this regard, the article , the article ““Intuitive intelligence and education in creativity” You deduce the following: “of the “of the many possible options, we intend to , we intend to develop creativity by strengthening the creative process , and , and for this we take the path of intuition, since it gives us the possibility of complementing the intellectual and logical path with the great contributions that our unconscious knowledge offers us (two)

8. Practice meditation

Regular meditation is an excellent tool to deepen the connection with your interior with your interior, with your intuition. It helps clear your mind of distractions, negative emotions and focuses you on your goals and over time, allows you tobetter recognize the subtlest signals that your intuition can emit. It helps you enhance your senses.

9. Perform relaxation exercises

like, meditation, , helps you achieve a state of mental peace, , allows you to order your ideas and get to know yourself, to generate a closer contact with your own self.

To highlight: In this regard, the article , the article ““Power of intuition” points out that “The intuitive -and creative- faculty develops better when the mind is serene , calm, in a state of stillness.” (3)

What is the importance of developing intuition?

Intuition will achieve important changes in you on a personal, family and work level. Here we mention some of them:

1. It allows you to make the right decisions

An old phrase says: “he who does not risk, neither wins nor loses”tag. Decisions based on intuitions can be considered anact with some risk , , but, in this fast-changing world, the one who decides quickly is the one with the greatest chances of benefiting.

You should know: Decision making based on intuition throughout the world has generated greater benefits than losses tag. In the article ““Decision-making: intuition and deliberation in the experience of decision-makers” (4) , reference is made to the to importance of the intuitive process for decision-making , mainly for those individuals who perform managerial functions.

2. Strengthen self-awareness

Knowledge is important, since it allows us to know about our own capabilities and limitations , and , and on that basis build our list of objectives and goals, aspects under which intuition will be focused.

In the same way, , Self-knowledge helps you to visualize those small details that you that you have gone unnoticed, to listen to that small inner voice, which at the time you failed to capture, and which could have given you the impulse to achieve your goal.

3. Promotes labor leadership

Making the the right decisions at important moments , in , in a very quick period of time, differentiates us from the rest and makes us natural leaders, not only in the field of work but also in society, in politics and many other areas.

4. Strengthen interpersonal relationships

This happens because people see us as guides, they follow us, they ask us for advice , they respect us. The social circle grows, because people believe in us, they view us as trustworthy.

Important: Making the right decisions on an intuitive basis generously enhances our interpersonal relationships.

5. Provides peace and quiet

Being sure of oneself, having high self-esteem, , having full confidence in the activities we carry out , , generates well-being, peace and tranquility. There is nothing better than experiencing that feeling of self-Confidence .

Key Findings

  • Intuition is the ability to Understand Things Instantly, without the need for reasoning.
  • Intuition is accompanied by signs that we must be attentive to , they are alert and can present themselves in different ways.
  • Intuition develops on the basis of previous experiences , events, contact with other individuals, itself, contact with reality. ,
  • Knowing ourselves internally is vital to know our ability to deal with various situations and develop intuition
  • Making the right decisions on an intuitive basis generously enhances our interpersonal relationships.

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