Hygiene is ideal for human life, especially when it comes to body, genital and even oral hygiene. Not only for the presentation to other people, but it is also healthy for our daily lives.

For this reason, in this article we will learn about one of the fundamental parts of oral hygiene, such as cleaning and keeping the tongue clean in a correct and simple way.

Recommendations to clean the tongue correctly

The tongue is a very important organ in the oral cavity (that is, our mouth), because it allows us to taste, helps to digest food and generates saliva along with it. However, it is sensitive and if proper care is not taken, different deformations and diseases can arise.

That is why we have condensed some of the best recommendations and ways to clean the tongue correctly, which are the following:

Use mouthwash with lukewarm water

There are different dental cleaning products. Many of us are familiar with mouthwash, that liquid that eliminates the bacteria found in our mouth (which is why it burns) but this does not have an exact temperature.

Mixing it with warm water can strengthen the process , since the properties of warm water range from relieving pain to improving blood circulation, as well as being an antioxidant.

Important: A study divides the different injuries that a tongue can suffer, ranging from congenital, inflammatory or traumatic injuries. (1)

Can be done with the back of the toothbrush

The back of the brush works specifically for cleaning the tongue, due to its light and smooth surface. Passing it on the tongue, with toothpaste is something very important, capable of giving very good results.

Preferably use a tongue scraper

Some brushes do not have a very ideal back for cleaning the tongue, but for that there is a tongue scraper, that oral hygiene device, designed with a special surface for cleaning the tongue, in order to eliminate bacteria that find in it

Scrape gently from the deep area to the tip

The tongue is sensitive and covers a long way to our throat, it is necessary to gently scrape and clean from where it ends or reaches the neck, to the tip, this at least with a brush or lingual scraper.

Tip: If you want to cover the entire tongue, it is complemented with mouthwash.

Clean around the sides

Never forget the sides of the tongue, carefully pass the toothbrush to the sides to remove bacteria, even under it.

Note: This can be done simply with the brush, but never do it roughly or you could injure yourself.

Apply toothpaste and rub

If you want to do a better process, apply toothpaste directly to the tongue , with light pressure and rub. Either with the toothbrush or the scraper instrument. Either will help in effective cleaning.

repeat several times

You should not do this once a week, try to make it a habit within each breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is important for your mouth, teeth and gums. With practice, you will get used to it and repeat the process daily for several minutes, avoiding future discomfort.

Rinse each time the action is repeated

The mouthwash will complement the work each time the tongue is washed, since it covers places of the tongue and the oral cavity that are not cleaned many times, correctly.

Tip: Always rinse after brushing your teeth and tongue.

Benefits of cleaning the tongue correctly

Cleaning the tongue is very beneficial. You will wonder what kind of benefits they can bring, when it comes only to the language.

To highlight: Thanks to a study it is known that “The oral cavity is the origin of the digestive system, whose function is the incorporation of food, its digestion, absorption and elimination of waste”. (two)

Due to the aforementioned, we will highlight the specific benefits of cleaning the tongue so that you acquire this habit in your daily oral hygiene.

Bacteria and toxins are eliminated

Many bacteria from the environment and the food we consume remain lodged in invisible crevices of the tongue, as do toxins from cigarettes or smoke in the environment. These are one of the main causes of inflammation in the gums or the appearance of cavities.

Therefore, oral cleaning, and specifically of the tongue, completely eliminates the presence of these microorganisms in front of the mouth.

Important: Thanks to a study, it is known, with obvious importance, that “Despite the fact that the immune system allows control of communicable diseases in most people, they may continue to be susceptible to various pathogenic microorganisms.” (3)

Prevent cavities and oral diseases

Cleaning the tongue prevents the appearance of toxins and bacteria, which infect and inflame the gums, eventually resulting in the appearance of cavities or various oral diseases such as gingivitis, as well as certain types of cancer such as mouth cancer.

Note: That is why constantly cleaning the tongue is beneficial to keep the teeth and gums free of conditions that can be serious.

Bad breath is eliminated

Bad breath can be caused by strong products or foods such as onion and garlic, even very strong liquor. Mouth and tongue cleaning help to eliminate this problem, since it refreshes the mouth by acting like a mint.

The sense of taste is improved

The tongue, if it is infected or has a persistent bad smell or a sensation of dry mouth, it can be difficult to enjoy the taste (in the most serious cases) so, by having a good and great hygiene, the sense of taste becomes sharper and stronger, which benefits everyday life.

Boosts the immune system

Hygiene is linked to strengthening the immune system. There are specific areas that if they are well treated or cured, it is possible to boost the defenses of the immune system, avoiding the appearance of diseases or easily being infected by pathogens.

The digestive process is improved

The tongue helps a lot in the process of digesting food and chewing . That is why it is necessary to keep it very healthy and clean. It may not be noticeable at first, but in the long run this can improve the digestive process of the human body.

Key Findings

  • Hygiene and proper cleaning of the tongue or the rest of the mouth is important, regardless of age.
  • Poor cleaning leaves the tongue vulnerable to bacteria or toxins, with a subsequent appearance of cavities.
  • Cleaning the tongue correctly prevents the appearance of cavities or other very serious oral diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms.
  • In addition to toothbrushes, there are scraper or tongue cleaner tools and even dental floss.
  • Many benefits of cleaning the tongue help the immune system, the digestive process of the human body and proper general health.

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