What is a cold person?

The human being has been created in essence to bean affective animaland for this he was endowed withemotionsand feelings, which allow him to establish different types of interrelationships in society.

However, there is a group of people who, despite being born with these feelings, do not have the ability to express themeither because they have hereditary factors that prevent them from doing so or that they are simply afraidto express their feelingsof affectivity. These types of people are identified ascold people. (1)

You should know: Medical science refers to a person who isunable to manifest their feelings as an emotional learning disorder calledalexithymia. (2)

Consequently, this type of peoplefind it difficult to identify theiremotions and therefore do not know how to manifest them, you can even think thatthey do not care what happens around, but sometimes they can generate discharges of negative emotions typical of impulsive behavior. (3)

How does a cold person behave?

This type ofpersonalityhas its characterizationand we describe below how its behavior can be:

1. Possesses a high level of rationality and logic

It is understandable that cold people possess a high level of rationality and logic, becausethey do not entertain themselves and set their purposesbased on their thoughts, something comparable to an analytical andrational person.

or social relationships, as energy is harnessed to solve problems in detail and make decisions.

2. She is usually independent and lonely

Due to their characteristic behavior, they are generally people who are usually separated from social groups, because they do not get along with people who are open to feelings and affections.

Note: Cold people think that they do not have the need to interact with other people, so the possible bond that may arise is seen by others as an interest in achieving their goals. The cold person is associateda lot with a calculating person .

3. Their behavior is given by previous experiences

One of the causes attributable to this type of behavior is the experience lived, especially during childhood. We must remember that the ways of raising our caregivers constitute a decisive factor in shaping the individuality of each being. (4)

You should know: Traumatic experiences during childhoodcan cause some learning disorders and consequently suffer from cold personality.

4. She is distant and reserved with her emotions

to others since they lack. This can be perceived by third parties as a

and the things that happen in their environment, turning this distance into a

5. Carry out activities in a structured and methodical manner

Another characteristic, due to his rational and logical thinking, is that before doing something, he orders the activities to be carried out in a in a structured way and structured way and with methodology in mind and avoids ignoring any step or important elements to achieve the task.

To highlight: Generally he Does the Activities Alone , he does not ask for help from other people, but when he surrounds himself with people it is because he really considers them valuable.

6. Act prudently when expressing yourself

They really are people of few words but it is not due to language deficiency, rather they are Precise in their expressions.They do not comment on topics in which they have no interest, unlike Immature People , nor do they engage in conversations that have no definite purpose.

7. Avoid unnecessary risks and dangers

Cold people have some advantages and that is that, for example, in dangerous or stressful situations, they do not let themselves be overwhelmed by emotions, they are cold-minded and they focus on how to deal with the problem.

Note: Cold people do not panic and rather think rationally about what is happening, they look for the best solutions without exposing themselves to unnecessary dangers.

Key Findings

  • Cold people are not capable of expressing their emotions.
  • is also called alexithymia.
  • Cold people possess a high level of rationality and logic.
  • The behavior of cold people can be attributed to the learning process during childhood .
  • Cold people act cautiously and do not expose themselves to danger.

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