Guavais a delicious fruit andwidely consumed in Latin America. This is because itis very versatileand allows you to make a variety of dishes. It can be consumed as jams, desserts, meals, tea and juice.

In addition to that, it has many benefitsfor the human body, since its consumption improves the immune system by increasing the defenses and hemoglobin of the blood. It is also ideal for skin care as it beautifies it.

For all these reasons, in this article we will let you know 12 of its main benefits, so that you can include it in your diet.

Health Benefits of Guava

The consumption of guavahas many advantages for the human body. It is recommended to incorporate it into the daily diet and enjoy the great benefits it brings. Below we will explain the great virtues of this fruit:

1. Supports heart health

Guava is a fruit with ahigh potassium content. This allows it to be anideal food to avoid cardiovascular diseases. It helps control hypertension and improves blood pressure health.

Fun fact: Guava containspolyphenol antioxidants and carotenoidsthat protect the heart from aging and heart attacks.

In this sense, a study showed that guava is afruit with a high nutritional contentmuch more than other fruits such as blackberry, strawberry, tree tomato and pear, where these properties favor the heart. (1)

2. Strengthens the immune system

Guava isabundant in vitamin C and antioxidants, which indicates that it is an ideal fruit toprevent flu and respiratory discomfort, because it has nutrients that help the immune system stay strong and stable, in order to fight many diseases, includingcovid 19.

Important: It has Anti-inflammatory and expectorant benefitsthat can help relieve sore throats, tonsils, asthma, and bronchitis. Increases and stabilizes hemoglobin levels in the blood, in order to prevent viruses, fungi and bacteria from entering the body.

3. Reduces cholesterol levels

(Natural fiber that fruits have). This allows the stomach to absorb only the amounts of fat that the body requires for its proper functioning. It also

4. Regulates blood sugar

Guava contains potassium, which helps improve the circulatory system. This fruit has Minerals and vitaminsthat reduce blood diseases. Increases the production of white blood cells and blood hemoglobin. It also strengthens the walls of the veins.

5. Prevents cell aging

The high potassium content of this fruit allows the regulation of the functions of the nervous system,improving muscle contraction and controlling the heart rate. It also allows cells to purify themselves and absorb the necessary nutrients.

Note: Guava has flavonoids that prevent deterioration due to oxidative stress. It has a lycopene that can fight chronic diseases such as cancer and human papilloma.

In this sense, a study carried out at the University of the Andes in Venezuela found that guava is a fruit capable of reducing oxidative stress , the risk of diseases caused by free radicals, hypercholesterolemia, cholesterol, triglycerides and controlling blood pressure. (two)

6. Protects brain health

Guava is rich in vitamin A , thanks to this, it is an ideal food to care for and protect memory. It also contains vitamin B6 that improves the formation of neurotransmitters .

Similarly, this fruit reduces mental and neurological deficienciestag. Helps prevent diseases such as dementia, encephalitis, Alzheimer’s, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, as well as neurodegenerative diseases and epilepsy.

7. Improves gastrointestinal health

Guava is a fruit famous for its great benefits for the digestive system. Being rich in fiber, it prevents bad digestions and improves intestinal transit. The skin of this food regulates the acid levels in the stomach. This fruit is recommended for patients with gastric ulcers.

Important:In Venezuela, patients with acute diarrhea were evaluated. Gastric specialists recommendedreducing dairy consumption and starting to include fruits such as guava , since it has a high pectin content that goes directly to the colon, and a high percentage of fiber and the ability to retain organic materials. (3)

8. Helps lose weight

Guava should be a food consumed by all those who want to lose weight, since it has a high percentage of water with vitamin C and has few amounts of carbohydrates, since it only has 268 calories per 100 gramsof guava. Fruit.

Note: Guava has a High fiber contentthat is ideal to give a feeling of satiety in the stomach. It speeds up intestinal traffic and reduces appetite between meals.

9. Fights anemia

People suffering from anemia should resort to a high consumption of fruits, to obtain the full amount of nutrients possible. Now, guavahelps protect the thyroid by having copper and amino acids that control blood sugar levels and improve the immune system of an anemic.

To highlight: Guava helps to improve the organic imbalancethat exists in people suffering from anemia. A portion of guava has the virtue of raising hemoglobin, 5 times more than orange.

10. Prevents respiratory conditions

Guava has vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and prevent respiratory viruses from entering the lungs. The guava leaf is recognized for its virtues to eliminate and avoid colds, flu and counteract asthma.

Curious fact: This fruit also has a high content of ascorbic acid , which eliminates the symptoms of fatigue, poor healing and improves the health of the bronchi.

11. Relieves oral conditions

Guava leaves have been used for years as home remedies to eliminate bad breath. It has antiseptic properties that reduce oral bacteria. It is also used as a mouthwash, since it provides firmness to the teeth.

In the same way, infusions with guava leaves are used as an analgesic to soothe sore gums, teeth and toothaches. Helps improve oral diseases such as periodontitis, periodontitis gingivitis, herpangina and oral candidiasis.

12. Improves skin health

The skin is a part of the body that requires a lot of care. Guavais a fruit rich in collagenthat helps maintain the firmness, elasticity, and structure of the epidermis. It isrich in lycopene, which is an antioxidant that prevents the aging of the dermis and has vitamin C that speeds up wound healing.

Guava properties

Guava is a fruit known around the world as a Superfood.It has a wide variety of nutrientsand substances that improve the health of the body. Here we explain the most beneficial properties of this food.


Guava is a fruit with a high nutritional content and few calories. It has the presence of vitamin A, E, B, C and D. So it is a fruit that can be used to improve the functioning of various parts of the body.

Note: It has a higher percentage of Vitamin C,even much more than citrus fruits. It is an excellent detoxifier and anti-inflammatory for skin, mouth and heart health. In addition, it has beta-carotene that rejuvenates tissues.


Guava contains minerals that control the nervous system. It has potassiumthat allows muscular and neurological functioning. It helps to improve the condition and coordination of the muscles when doing physical activities.

On the other hand, it also has calcium and minerals that regulate and keep the body’s hydration in balance.

To highlight: An analysis carried out in Venezuela revealed that guava consumed in different ways will always have a considerable percentage of minerals such as K, Fe and Ca. (4)


One of the fruits with a high fiber content is guava, sinceevery 100 gr of this food gives us 5.4 gr of fiber, which helps the purification of the body, stimulates the elimination of toxins, thanks to its laxative effect, and increases the strengthening of cells.

How to prepare and consume guava?

Guava is a delicious fruit thatallows you to prepare it in infinite ways. One of the gastronomic virtues of this food is that it can be used completely from its leaves, skin and pulp. Here are some useful recipes for this fruit:

Guava juice

Guava juice is a refreshing drink,Ideal for after a hot day or after sports training. It provides vitamins and nutrients that help to recover the strength of the muscles.


  • Guavas
  • Water
  • sweetener to taste


  • Wash the guavas and cut them into pieces. Then in a blender or processor add the water and the fruit.
  • Process for a few seconds until the seeds are crushed.
  • Pass the juice through a strainer to remove the seeds.
  • Add the sweetener to your liking and ice.

Guava Tea

Teas have always been known to purify and cleanse the bodytag. An example of this isGuava Infusionsfor being an excellent anti-inflammatory for oral and respiratory diseases. Here we explain the step by step:


  • Guava Leaf
  • Water
  • sweetener to taste


  • Add the guava leaves to the water and bring to a boil.
  • After it boils, wait 2 minutes and turn off the heat.
  • Let it sit, add the sweetener, and then you can serve it.

Key Findings

  • Guava strengthens the immune systemand increases defenses.
  • It is one of the richest fruits in fiber, so it is ideal for losing weight and fighting constipation problems.
  • It is an excellent option to eliminate oral bacteria.
  • It has properties that improve the appearance of the skin.
  • It can be consumed in juices or infusions with its leaves.

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