What is gelatin?

Gelatin is a natural edible product of soft texture, which is obtained from the skin, tissues, cartilage and demineralized bones of animals for human consumption. Its elaboration isobtained through a boiling process, where collagen is acquired, which is the main component of this food.

Similarly, gelatin is characterized by being a gel that has no smell, taste, or color; Used in endless foods, dishes and desserts for its versatility and great nutritional value.

Fun fact: Gelatin contains 98% collagen and up to 1% salts in its composition.

In Brazil, a study ofchicken leg gelatin was conducted, where it was concluded that this food is composed of 78.5% protein, 9.7% water and only 6.9% fat in 100 grams of substance. (1)

Health Benefits of Gelatin

It has been shown that gelatin is an extraordinary food, which we must add in our usual diet. Thanks to its high protein content, it has various health benefits. Here are some of the virtues of this substance:

1. Boosts the immune system

Gelatin has a high percentage of proline , this is an amino acid that helps strengthen the immune system. It also allows for greater resistance against diseases and infections, thanks to its contribution of vitamin C, which is ideal for avoiding colds and flu.

2. Stimulates metabolism

Gelatin is an excellent source of energy to improve metabolism behavior. It has amino acids such as arginine, which helps increase fat burning. It strengthens the regulation of blood sugar and can improve blood hemoglobin.

To highlight: Gelatin has glycine , which is a neurotransmitter amino acid that helps control the nervous system when it is in collapse.

3. Improves the condition of joints, tendons and bones

This gelatinous food contains minerals such as selenium, phosphorus and copper , which allow the bone system to remain strong, since it increases bone density and prevents diseases such as osteoporosis.

To highlight: Thanks to its high collagen content, itallows the regeneration of joints and tendons after physical activity. It also invigorates the development of cartilage. For this reason, gelatin is a food widely consumed by athletes and athletes.

4. Improves digestion

Another benefit of gelatin is that it repairs the stomach mucosa and reduces the secretion of gastric acids, since it has amino acids that increase the absorption of nutrients and allow intestinal cells to regenerate.

Note: This is an ideal food to prevent the development of gastritis,colon inflammation and reflux. It contains glutamic acid that improves the intestinal walls and paralyzes the passage of harmful substances into the bloodstream.

5. Slows down aging

Gelatin has a High collagen contenttag. This protein helpsimprove the elasticity and density of the dermis,thus allowing the skin to remain firm and healthy. Prevents the early appearance of wrinkles and flaccidity, completely improving physical appearance.

Important: The Autonomous University of Barcelona, in Spain, carried out a review of the benefits of collagen, where they deduced thatthis protein helps hydration and elasticity of the skin , reduces wrinkles and improves the functionality of the dermis and epidermis. (two)

6. Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails

Within the properties of gelatin, we find that it has a percentage of keratinthat helps keep hair, nails and skin healthy. In addition, this food has sulfur amino acids that allow the hair to be resistant and not very brittle.

7. Contributes to healing

Gelatin has glycine , which is a protein with great anti- inflammatory benefitstag. This substance increases the production of white blood cells, as a result allowing the healing process to be more effective.

8. Fight allergies

Including the consumption of gelatin in our lifestyle helps to improve allergies at the digestive and dermatological leveltag. In addition, it has the ability to relieve symptoms and discomfort caused by this reaction, reducing paleness, itching, burning, and diarrhea.

9. Improves sleep quality

The glycine contained in gelatin activates neurotransmitters that allow quality and deep sleep. It also has a high content of enzymes that help to rest and recover the energy spent in the daily routine.

Tip: It is recommended to consume gelatin before sleeping so that the results are more evident.

10. Helps maintain a healthy weight

This food has a very low caloric loadand does not contain carbohydrates. This isIdeal for those who want to maintain a healthy weight , since the gelatin produces a feeling of satiety and when combined with other foods it becomes an excellent low-cholesterol snack.

Similarly, gelatin maximizes the production of growth hormoneand improves intestinal transit. In this way, consuming it allows the body to have a better metabolization of nutrients and amino acids.


Gelatin properties

Gelatin has nutritional propertiesthat help the proper functioning of the body. It is necessary to include this food in our diet and take advantage of all its virtues. Below we explain more details about these components:

Vitamins and minerals

Gelatin, despite being a simple food, has vitamins A, C and E. These strengthen the nails, improve the appearance of the skin and help maintain healthy eyesight.

Note: It also has minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphate , which rebuild and strengthen the bone system. Gelatin is an ideal food for those suffering from diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.


Gelatin has a low fiber content, however it has significant levels of water . This allows this food to be a beneficial agent for intestinal, blood and neurological health.


Gelatin is a food that has 84 grams of protein in 100 gramstag. Contains dry collagen, which improves the functioning of the body. Increases skin elasticity, reinforces bone firmness and reduces cell death.

Important: In Brazil, a sample was carried out where it was demonstrated that chicken feet gelatin has a chemical and nutritional quality for human health. The consumption of gelatin of avian origin provides up to 6.3 grams of protein in 10 grams of substance. (3)

amino acids

Collagen is a protein that is made up of 3 groups of amino acids which are glycine, methionine and argininetag. They are present in gelatin, which helpsReduce discomfort caused by degenerative diseases.In addition, it contributes to increased blood flow and easy wound healing.


How to consume and use gelatin?

Gelatin is a food loved by people of all ages. It is delicious, nutritious and very versatile, which allows it to be used in various recipes that are tasty for the palate and beneficial for health. Here, we present you the most useful ways in which you can consume gelatin:

Gelatin with fruits

This is anideal preparationfor those people who want to maintain a healthy weight. Gelatin with fruits is an alternative for a quick, rich and nutritious breakfast.


  • Unflavored gelatin
  • Greek or low-fat yogurt
  • Fruits of choice (kiwi, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, mango, apple, pear, orange)
  • Sugar or sweetener to taste


  • In a bowl of water the gelatin should be hydrated.
  • Fruits should be washed and cut.
  • Then add the yogurt in the bowl and incorporate the mixtures until a homogeneous consistency remains.
  • Then add the sweetener and continue moving the preparation
  • Finally, add the fruits and take it to a bowl.
  • The preparation to be refrigerated for 2 hours or until the gelatin is agglutinated is introduced.

Gelatin mask

Gelatin can also be used to improve our external physical appearance. It is used for aesthetic treatments, thanks to its benefits for the skin. You can make excellent quality and organic masks.


  • Unflavored gelatin
  • Yogurt

Preparation and application

  • In a bowl add the yogurt and previously hydrated gelatin.
  • The mixture should be stirred until it is firm and uniform.
  • With a brush or with your hands, gently apply the mask to the face.
  • It should be left to rest and dry for a few minutes, until it is firm.


Key Findings

  • Gelatin is of animal origin, which makes it a protein-rich food.
  • It has a high content of collagen , which improves the skin, hair and nails.
  • It is ideal for weight loss diets due to its low caloric content.
  • It is recommended to include it in the diet of athletes, since it improves the state of joints, tendons and bones.

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