Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world . Its production and distribution is quite wide worldwide, since it constitutes a drink that provides energy with a great distinctive taste.

There is a lot of nutritional information on black coffee and its derivatives, but there is a very interesting type of coffee that we will learn about in this article, including its properties and benefits, that is the famous green coffee.

What is green coffee?

Green coffee is a series of coffee beans without a roasting process (unlike black coffee), because its natural color is green (fruit of the coffea arabica species ), which we can get in the traditional form of drinks. or even in pill forms.

An interesting question about consuming green or natural coffee is that it contains “chlorogenic acid” (which is only lost in the roasting process) , a very important component of an antioxidant, antiviral and hepatoprotective nature.

Note: One study adds the following: “It has been described that green coffee extracts have significant antimicrobial activity , mainly against Gram-positive bacteria . ” (1)

Green coffee properties

Have you ever wondered what is special about green coffee beans? Its composition goes beyond just caffeine, with a long chain related to antioxidant and rejuvenating effects . For this reason, we present below the main nutritional properties of green coffee:

1. Vitamins and minerals

Mainly, green coffee beans are a source of mineral wealth, highlighting calcium, potassium , magnesium , zinc, strontium, rubidium or chromium , the latter three are found in smaller quantities but are highly relevant.

To highlight: This green bean does not skimp on vitamins, we find some specific ones such as complex B (highlighting B1 and B2) as well as vitamin C and E (both with antioxidant effects), which only exist when the grains are not toasted.

2. Other compounds

Green coffee has an alkaloid which is caffeine, the one dedicated to being a stimulant, as well as trigoneline, an invading alkaloid for cancer cells, as has been studied in its chemical composition.

Note: Green coffee  is a repertoire of fiber and phenolic compounds, the best known being chlorogenic acid, which has an antioxidant character for the system and these are more abundant in the coffea arabica species , mainly.

What are the benefits of green coffee?

Green coffee is a natural product with magnificent properties that certainly, with moderate consumption, can contribute a lot to the body and life of the human being, so it is worth asking what are those contributions? Below we present the best benefits of coffee green:

1. Boosts the immune system

Green coffee is a great enhancer for the immune system, in other words, it helps to strengthen our body’s defenses , whether it is against bacteria, viruses or any other microscopic and toxic agent in the body.

You should know: The antioxidant and protective effects of green coffee, thanks to its chlorogenic acid, make it ideal for the safety and strengthening of the immune system, these effects are possible with moderate and adequate consumption.

2. Controls blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar

As long as this coffee is taken without excess, it has the power to keep glucose (blood sugar) levels stable, prevent the increase in blood pressure in people with heart problems and decrease the development of LDL cholesterol.

To highlight: Apart from “CGA acid” (main author for these benefits), green coffee helps control people’s stress levels (especially those who suffer from hypertension) and improves lipid metabolism, as well as being good for control diabetes.

3. Fight free radicals

An important chain regarding the strengthening of the immune system, starts from a unique benefit that green coffee has and is to combat the effect of free radicals , which usually stimulate cell aging in the body.

Green coffee beans have antioxidants such as phenolic compounds and ” CGA acid ” , which greatly slow down the effect of free radicals, approximately 10 times more than green tea in general.

Note: One study mentions the following: “Antioxidants prevent free radical damage from occurring by acting by reducing their formation. In this way, diseases associated with oxidative stress such as diabetes can be reduced . (two)

4. Improves cognitive functions

The green coffee drink is ideal for improving mental focus, that is, brain health, one that allows us to develop our most important cognitive functions related to speech, memory, and thus prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Important: Many theorize that this is achieved through chlorogenic acid that prevents brain cell degeneration, preventing sudden death of neurons and more importantly, improving neurotransmission to achieve cognitive functions.

5. Eliminates toxins from the body

Toxins are usually produced by microorganisms in the environment or in harmful products such as tobacco, preservatives or chemical additives (even in very unhealthy foods) and the latter are lodged in the digestive system.

Green coffee, through its numerous antioxidant agents, helps to cleanse important organs such as the liver , both from toxic agents such as viruses or bacteria, as well as from fats, the development of cholesterol and free radicals.

6. Contributes to fat burning and weight loss

The accumulation of fats is very responsible for obesity, a state in which many people seek the ideal means to lose weight, lose weight quickly and be able to eat healthy, day by day.

Green coffee, with its great detail of acids, is of great help as it speeds  up metabolism , however this does not work with excessive consumption, so many recommend complementing it with exercise and healthy diets.

Note: One review highlights the following: “Chlorogenic acids have been shown to be beneficial for weight loss , but caffeine has not been shown to be effective. This is due to its beneficial effects on glucose metabolism . (3)

7. Promotes healthy skin and hair

The skin or the epidermis layer is a very delicate area, just like the hair, since these are usually defenses against microorganisms spread in the environment , but they also degrade if care is not taken.

To do this, green coffee has antioxidant properties that provide hydration to the skin, as well as volatile compounds that prevent the formation of wrinkles and also stop the appearance of “androgenetic alopecia” , a fairly common type of baldness.

8. Protects against some types of cancer

Understanding the occurrence of cancer can be complicated, as it can also be easy to understand our environment and the various risk factors that are present, so it is important to understand the composition of coffee.

Green coffee or green coffee extract has been studied for its effect against certain types of cancer , where ” CGA acid ” is used as a treatment for the more complicated states of breast cancer and colon cancer. 

To highlight: For these claims, a study highlights the following: “Chlorogenic acid, one of the main phenolic compounds in green coffee, is known to have anticancer activities and DNA protection functions .” (4)

How should you drink green coffee?

The first way to drink green coffee is through a very typical and homemade infusion, which mainly requires unroasted beans, although you can also get them ground and thus prepare them with a coffee maker or in a pot with boiling water.

The second way, very peculiar but also healthy, is with pills or capsules made to facilitate its consumption worldwide, having the same properties and which is added to the diets of diabetics due to glucose reduction.

What contraindications does green coffee have?

The green coffee bean is not allowed in people with conditions such as heart disease (cardiovascular diseases of the blood vessels), as well as patients with very delicate kidney problems or conditions and those suffering from  type 2 diabetes .

Important: As with black coffee, pregnant and lactating women should avoid consuming this drink, due to the sensitivity that may exist regarding caffeine. The same applies to small children, whose system is not accustomed to daily coffee consumption.

Key Findings

  • Green coffee beans are obtained naturally from the coffea arabica species without a roasting process , unlike black coffee.
  • They are made up of “CGA acid” , which gives it a green color and is an incredible antioxidant .
  • Green coffee can reduce sugar levels , facilitate weight loss and reduce the effect of free radicals, being some of its benefits.
  • It can be taken by infusion or in capsules , but there are certain patients who have contraindications.

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