Like all minerals, phosphorus is essential for the formation and development of the human body. Specifically, this mineral plays a role in cell regeneration, which is why it becomes necessary to keep phosphorus levels in the blood balanced.

Therefore, below you will know a list of foods rich in phosphorus , in this way you will know which foods to consume if you want to increase your levels of said mineral in a healthy way.

What is phosphorus?

Phosphorus is a vital mineral, which together with calcium, is mainly involved in the formation of the bone system , it is also the substance responsible for the growth and maintenance of the health of the cells and tissues that make up the body.

Important: An article published by the Colombian Journal of Nephrology (1) , indicates that hyperphosphatemia (high level of phosphorus or phosphate in the blood) is a factor that intervenes negatively in people suffering from kidney diseases, since phosphorus increases while calcium decreases, thus causing problems at the bone level.

Foods rich in phosphorus

According to data provided by the National Institutes of Health (2) , and as is the case with all the compounds that make up the body, each person must consume a specific amount of phosphorus according to their age, therefore we present below the foods that contain greater amount of phosphorus so that you learn to identify them and include them in your diet:

1. Salmon

This fish is considered one of the main sources of phosphorus , this is because for every 100 grams of salmon that you consume, you would be getting 250 to 300 mg of said mineral.

You should know: Among the benefits of salmon , it stands out that this protein has high levels of omega-3, B vitamins, iodine and potassium, thus being one of the favorite foods among people who perform physical activities.

2. Sardines

This blue fish is used as an ingredient in different supplements and considered an excellent source of nutrients, due to the different properties and benefits it possesses, it is also one of the foods implemented in the diets of people suffering from anemia, low weight and deficiency in essential nutrients.

In this sense, the Spanish Food Book (3) , describes in the nutrient table of sardines, that they have a surprising amount of 475 mg of phosphorus per 100 edible grams of said fish, thus being a food source of high nutritional value that can be implemented in different culinary dishes.

3. Chicken

Chicken is one of the most consumed foods due to its versatility when cooking it, as well as its high biological value, together with the low levels of fat it provides (when consumed without skin), make it an excellent food for people who suffer from heart disease or require weight loss.

Note: Regarding the amount of phosphorus, this protein contains 198 mg of phosphorus per 100 grams of said food, it is also a good source of vitamin B.

4. Pig

Pork contains 170 mg of phosphorus per 100 grams of meat, it is also considered one of the proteins of high biological value that contains essential amino acids, zinc and group B vitamins in good amounts.

It is important to note that products derived from pork , specifically sausages and other processed foods that contain additives, are one of the main sources of phosphorus , as reflected in a study conducted by the Spanish Society of Nephrology (4) .

5. Eggs

Among the foods with calcium , one of the ones that stands out the most is the egg compared to other foods, however this protein is also considered a good choice when consuming phosphorus naturally, since it contains 200 mg of said mineral per every 100 grams of eggs.

You should know: To increase the production performance of laying hens, there are methods that include increasing the doses of calcium, phosphorus and different types of additives in order to strengthen the shell and increase the properties of its content.

6. Milk

The consumption of whole milk of animal origin is part of the diet of every person from an early age, due to its contribution of calcium and the importance that this has in the age of growth and development.

Its contribution of phosphorus, comprised of 92 mg per 100 grams of product, makes it the main option in any balanced diet.

7. Oats

Among the properties of oats , its great contribution of fiber and the quality it possesses to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels stands out, however it is important to note that this cereal has 523 mg of phosphorus for every 100 grams that you consume of oats. , thus making it a food rich in essential nutrients.

8. Lentils

This protein of vegetable origin, which also has a low fat content , is one of the most complete foods that you can include in your diet, standing out for its contribution of iron and magnesium, including the 240 mg of phosphorus that lentils have for each 100 grams of these.


Dark chocolate has 411 mg of phosphorus for every 100 gr of consumption, in addition to its contributions of iron, magnesium and potassium, making this food a healthy and natural way to obtain essential nutrients to strengthen health.

Key Findings

  • Phosphorus is an essential mineral to strengthen the bone system that also contributes to cell regeneration.
  • It is important that calcium and phosphorus levels are balanced for the body to perform its functions correctly.
  • High levels of phosphorus are a particular symptom in people with kidney and heart disease.
  • The average intake of phosphorus varies according to the age of the people, however it is between 700 and 1,250 mg daily.
  • Salmon, chicken, oats and lentils are considered the foods with the highest phosphorus intake.

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