Masturbation is a natural theme within human actions, men and women explore their bodies equally, seeking to satisfy themselves in various ways.

However, by having different genital members, men and women have certain differences when it comes to masturbating. Today a space will be dedicated for the ladies, in the masturbation area.

In this article you will learn about female masturbation, as well as its benefits and the various techniques or positions that you can apply for a pleasant experience.

Benefits of female masturbation

Masturbation itself is a healthy and natural process where a person seeks sexual satisfaction, at their own discretion, regardless of age or gender. This, in turn, brings many benefits to health and sexual life.

Regardless of the sex in question, there are multiple benefits through masturbation , here are the most important in female masturbation:

Release endorphins

Masturbation allows the passage and release of endorphins , or also known as happiness hormones. This is because our happiness and mood depends on certain hormones in our body, which are not always present due to the level of those hormones.

To highlight: A small study mentions that “Endorphins are the material vehicle of pleasure, euphoria, happiness and pain relief, so much so that we call them hormones of pleasure or happiness.” (1)

Avoid infections

Female masturbation prevents infections due to a very large detail, by releasing endorphins and keeping your spirits up, it allows the immune system to remain strong and stable.

Note: In addition to this, it reduces urinary tract diseases in women , as well as opening the cervix and releasing certain levels of mucus or the main vaginal discharge, the cervical discharge, which usually harbors bacteria and other microorganisms.

Reduces menstrual pain

The release of endorphins during female masturbation helps reduce menstrual pain , especially those that occur during or before the menstrual period, it is something completely healthy, only taken as a taboo subject.

Note: Female masturbation is ideal for dysmenorrhea, there are several studies that corroborate it, but one specifically mentions that “Painful menstruation or dysmenorrhea is the most frequent gynecological condition that affects approximately 45 to 95% of women.” (two)

Improves sexual relations

Female masturbation is good at a stage of growth , especially in adolescence, since it helps to stimulate the genital organ (vagina) and is a safe way to get to know the female body, which helps in future sexual experiences. that women will explore with a partner.

Fun fact: A study mentions in a survey that “It has been found that the majority of women report that they prefer masturbation over intercourse as the main source of sexual pleasure . ” (3)

promotes sleep

Female masturbation relaxes muscle tension, distracts the mind from other people’s problems and prepares the body for a full rest. Since the act of masturbation can be said to be like an exercise, both physical and mental , which during its climax leaves the body relaxed and satisfied.

Reduce stress

Female masturbation helps reduce stress and anxiety , as a result of endorphins and mental distraction. It acts naturally as a sedative effect, only it is on one’s own part and it is satisfying.

Increases overall well-being

It helps women to have a great general well-being, referring to everything that is required to live fully well, such as self-esteem or social and physical well-being. Many unspoken factors in human life, which can be found stable.

Types of female masturbation

There are different types of female masturbation, below we will present the most important, pleasurable and preferred by women:

Indirect clitoral stimulation

It is a common way of masturbating for women, where the external part of the clitoris is pressed, making slight pressure with the fingers, as a kind of warm-up, but very pleasant as it is an erogenous zone.

Direct clitoral stimulation

This is internal masturbation of the clitoris, through the vagina and vulva . Light movements are made with the fingers , without so much direct pressure, while it is lubricated with the vaginal discharge, helping to make the process more comfortable and pleasant, from here the woman begins the act of masturbation.

Important: It is necessary to take it easy , the clitoris, which is known thanks to a book “it is not a magic button, it is an iceberg that takes time to melt” . (4)

vaginal stimulation

This process covers the entire vagina, in addition to the clitoris, includes the labia majora and minora, as well as stimulation of the vulva and its surroundings . The vagina is an erogenous genital zone, which will be lubricated, its stimulation is merely satisfactory.

anal stimulation

If you prefer to masturbate in a way other than vaginal, it is valid, anal stimulation can also be exciting for women , remembering that the anus is one of the most erogenous zones of the body, with many nerve endings, you just have to get your favorite pose And start.

Combined clitoral/vaginal stimulation

The woman can use her two hands, one to stimulate the vagina from the inside , where it gently stimulates the clitoris and the other hand serves to stimulate the vagina from the outside, gently caressing the lips and their surroundings, which will be lubricated. It is a useful and very pleasant process.

Techniques for a satisfying female masturbation

In addition to the types of female masturbation, women must also know the various ways to enjoy a pleasant and highly enjoyable experience, all to give you pleasure. Here are the best techniques:

Stroking the clitoris from top to bottom

You can start from top to bottom with your fingers , for many women this is a very pleasant way, you can start slow and speed up as excitement increases. It is your rhythm and as you wish.

Rubbing the clit from side to side

This is another way that women find very exciting, you can rub the clitoris from side to side , again, it can be very slow and as the process progresses, you increase the pace until the climax. You must enjoy the moment.

pressing the clitoris

Pressing the clitoris is like an impression, it mobilizes the vagina a lot as it is erogenous , and this, in turn, causes a lot of excitement.

Note: The pressure of the clitoris must be soft and erotic, it must not be abrupt or the process will not be enjoyed.

Rubbing the vagina in circular motions

Circular movements never fail, plus you can vary with movements from top to bottom, they are completely stimulating, they mainly involve the labia and moisten the entire vaginal area. It is another technique preferred by women.

Stimulating the G spot

The G-spot or U-spot is a delicate and sensitive part of the female gender, its stimulation is capable of generating a pleasant environment and a unique climax in female masturbation, the woman can know her G-spot and stimulate it to her preference, to reach the maximum pleasure of orgasm.

Note: To stimulate it, apply finger movements, both circular and from side to side.

Using vibrators and sex toys

Vibrators and sex toys help to have an almost real and very exciting experience. Many women choose to use these toys in order to receive stimulation, almost in a real way. In addition to the fact that you can adjust the rhythm you want, it is something healthy and very safe to practice.

Pleasant positions for female masturbation

Finally, knowing the types and techniques, it is necessary to know what positions women can choose to have a full and pleasant masturbation. These are the most important:

lie on your back

It is the initial position and the most common, it is not even necessary to see your own, you just have to close your eyes, stimulate your vagina or your erogenous zone with your fingers and enjoy the act. It is comfortable, useful and very exciting to reach orgasm.

Tip: Open the legs while the stimulation is done, it is very pleasant, the woman should not always lie down without moving.

Lie on your stomach

Another common position, this one is very reminiscent of the doggy sexual position and helps to stimulate in an exciting way, not only the vagina, but also the anal area if the woman prefers it. It is comfortable and more than one erogenous area can be stimulated.


A position based on the squat exercises. This position helps the woman to prolong the masturbation process, besides that she can do it both in bed and in another place of her comfort.

Tip: Here you can stimulate the vagina and the anal area simultaneously.

cross legs

Crossing the legs consists of the woman squeezing her entire pelvic area, where she masturbates by rubbing her thighs, despite the fact that it does not sound very comfortable, it is recommended before reaching the climax or maximum pleasure, in order to make sex more pleasant . final.

stand in front of the mirror

If she wishes, the woman can stand in front of a mirror, observing her movements and her masturbatory process. It is necessary for the woman to apply her preferred position, with her comfort and the various masturbatory techniques for it.

Key Findings

  • Female masturbation is a natural and healthy process for women.
  • It has many benefits for physical and mental health.
  • Helps relieve stressful menstrual or abdominal pain.
  • It releases multiple hormones that help strengthen the system and the organism.
  • There are many techniques, positions and types of female masturbation that are easy to put into practice.

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