Sex is one of the most pleasurable activities for the human being, it is a process where two people come together in intimacy , in the midst of excitement and wet and unique sensations.

There are different degrees of sex, there are variants such as making love, although the process may be the same, the feeling is different. Therefore, sex is broader than one can come to believe.

In this article you will learn about exciting sex, as well as certain recommendations to enjoy it better. You can put it into practice with a person you trust or with whom you are in love, the order of the factors does not alter the product.

What is exciting sex?

We know that sex is the process and set of feelings that two people perform, to give each other sexual pleasure.

It can be in different ways, but exciting sex is one of the most pleasurable, since arousal is the second phase in which the human body reacts in a sexual situation, increasing pleasure and desire.

It should be noted that this can be known as sexual arousal (said in a decent way in the medical community), therefore arousing sex requires not only love and commitment, but desire and passion, a unique situation for two people who decide to explore their sexual desires, both men and women can enjoy exciting sex.

In a study by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Salamanca entitled Sexual Response Models , the phases of sex (capable of creating exciting sex) are explained and there are 5 exact phases: appetitive, relational, excitatory and orgasmic, the latter being the climax of the whole process.

Exciting sex characteristics

There are key characteristics of arousing sex, knowing them will give you a single idea of ​​how incredible it means, the experience that comes with it and how important it can be for intimacy.

must be agreed

Exciting sex must be carried out by consensus, that is, an agreement between the two people, who share the same sexual desire and have the desire to live the experience with each other.

If this does not exist, it is difficult to achieve sexual relations with someone you do not want, a sexual act without consent is often considered a crime of sexual violence .

It can be planned or casual.

For exciting sex, there can be two ways to carry it out: planned or casual.

In a planned way it is correct, since both people set schedules, they can enjoy dinner or an elegant date so that when the sun goes down, they can enjoy sex under the sheets.

But many times casual sex is more pleasurable, more natural and properly, more fun.

You need to keep an open mind

You have to have an open mind when it comes to sexual issues, the same applies to exciting sex, both men and women must be aware of the situation, the tastes and discomforts of each one, dealing with an intimate moment, not child’s play.

Both must explore and carry out the process calmly and with great care, increasing the passion.

Involves different activities than usual

You have to explore the different activities on a sexual level, both people can get excited and increase pleasure in various ways, ranging from mutual masturbation to oral sex, involving kisses and light bites that increase the passion between both people.

It is not necessary to be tied to a single action, you must leave old habits behind and try new ones.

Recommendations to make sex more exciting

For an exciting sex, in addition to maturity and security, one or other unusual and very intimate actions are required, in order to impress our partner during the process of sexual relations.

Break the routine and plan a different meeting

Routines can be cumbersome and sexually annoying, not to mention boring. Even if you don’t have someone as a partner, you should still satisfy them by getting away from old routines.

Plan to meet up in a different place, try sex games , more intriguing positions, and explore your bodies more.

In this way exciting sex explodes with passion, men and women agree that routines must be broken. As Fuchsia magazine mentions “Making love is acceptable and advisable, but from time to time get out of the traditional and start exploring”.

warm up the engines with sexting

Always maintain a flirtatious and naughty attitude for the person you want to have sex with.

Many times sexting (sex by chat) is a great way to warm up the engines, either through provocative texts, intimate images or exciting audio. However, what is written or promised must be fulfilled when the moment of exciting sex arrives.

Set the place to the taste of both

The environment is crucial to increase desire and create an unforgettable experience, mostly the environments are nocturnal, but with certain characteristics to take into account.

To create an erotic environment , very little light is needed, with many candles that give intriguing sensations. Put on soft but provocative music and of course, an extravagant and tasty aroma. This ignites the senses of both people and makes them focus only on the moment.

Use provocative clothing and sex toys

It is necessary to have very provocative clothes or lingerie. Thanks to Excelsior magazine , you can choose different types of lingerie, mostly for women, highlighting that “they want to look perfect in an outfit that inspires their partners.”

Among these types of lingerie is the corset with or without a bra (the one preferred by men), the lace babydoll, the sensual thongs or long transparent stockings, all these options melt a man.

In addition, they can include sex toys to increase the pleasure and fantasy that both people have, either with dildos (for women) or sex dolls (for men). Do the combination.

Perform erotic dances with each other

Erotic dances increase passion and desire to have sexual relations, it is time to put your hips into practice and make sexual or provocative movements.

Men and women can do it equally, in a streaper role rather, so practice the moves.

Have a good kissing and caressing session before

There are many types of kisses . In exciting sex you have to explore more the probabilities, you have to have more intention when kissing. Try with tongue kisses, bites and soft and light caresses.

The thing is not only to kiss the lips, you have to go through the different erogenous parts of the body, this is something that is very impressive.

Practice role playing

It is one of the most flirtatious and naughty sex games during exciting sex. Here roles of random situations can be divided; the woman being a nurse and the man being someone sick who requires “attention”.

Or the girl who misbehaved and needs a punishment from her man. Role plays are very imaginative, often increasing pleasure in an incredible way.

try different positions

There are various sexual positions that make the experience more natural and above all, more exciting.

You have to vary the positions, such as the missionary, the puppy and even 69, since there are endless sexual positions, where the man or woman can take control of the situation and live it in a more pleasant way.

It is highly recommended to read the positions of the Kamasutra in an erotic and ideal environment, to practice the various positions that exist in the world, such as the lotus flower, the French, the padlock or the helicopter.

make a fantasy come true

If you both have a sexual fantasy that you’ve always wanted to explore in privacy, make it come true during exciting sex. It will be pleasurable, quite funny, and will make both of you share a wishful moment. As long as it is by mutual agreement.

practice masturbation

Mutual masturbation is also a way in which both people can become aroused little by little, in a light way without rushing the moment of orgasm or climax. It is necessary that it be done slowly, in order to excite and excite.

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