It is natural in the adolescent stage to explore sexual desires, to have a first time and to make out with many people. All this without worrying about entering into a formal relationship, just enjoying the pleasure.

Apart from kisses, lips and seductions, there are the famous hickeys on the neck or simply, “hickeys”, which are one of the most used kissing techniques among young people, which is often done for mere pleasure. but with its consequences.

In this article, you will learn about the necessary means to eliminate annoying hickeys that remain on the neck after a night of pleasure. This will also help you avoid unwanted marks that can be harmful.

How to get rid of hickeys on the neck?

We have all found ourselves in the bad situation of trying to get rid of a hickey on our neck, many times with no effective results, uncomfortably hoping it will go away on its own.

In this sense, the hematologist Óscar Salazar mentions that “these bruises, or hickeys on the neck, are caused by suction during intercourse, it is very difficult for them to cause so much damage. But the possibility should not be ruled out.”

For this and many reasons, it is important to know some home solutions to eliminate them and also to determine what the true effects of a hickey are. These are the best tricks:

1. Apply ice

Ice is a great remedy to erase hickeys, plus it’s super easy to get.

It has the ability to relieve pain and numb areas of the body, including the blood vessels in the neck, which are broken by hickeys, therefore, applying ice makes them contract little by little and close, preventing continuous bleeding.

In this sense, it is recommended to apply ice for 10 seconds or more, in the form of a light massage.

2. Rubbing alcohol

Antiseptic alcohol is another great remedy for different wounds, since it acts as a chemical disinfectant of microorganisms.

For this reason, you should take a little with a fairly clean and disinfected towel, immediately fill it with a considerable amount of alcohol and rub the area of ​​the pacifier. This will help kill microorganisms, relieve pain, and further heal the hickey.

3. Massage the area

You have to be patient with this part, even more so if you feel uncontrollable pain or burning.

The area of ​​the pacifier should be massaged with lubricant, with the fingers without the need to press, making different circular movements that help relieve pain and itching.

4. Hot water compress

A hot water compress helps the flow of blood vessels (much more when a bruise or hickey is created), activates the flow of blood through the tissues and eliminates swelling or pain.

For this, it is necessary to have a hot water compress (warm up for 3 or 5 minutes) and apply to the hickey area for at least 10 or 25 minutes.

5. Arnica ointment

Arnica is a plant, known for its natural anti-inflammatory properties. ideal for aches, bruises, arthritis and swelling. It is not the only way in which he acts alone.

One study defines its uses as “externally in bruises (hematomas) produced by blows, in local swelling (edema) associated with fracture and in mucosal inflammation.”

Therefore an arnica ointment, which can be obtained in specific pharmacies and sometimes made at home, should be applied at the time the user wishes, since it will act little by little to soothe the hickey area.

6. Peppermint oil

Mint has many benefits to relieve discomfort, often stomach or physical, and promotes respiratory function, as it is refreshing.

For this reason, in the form of oil and being applied in the area of ​​the hickeys, it gives the possibility of refreshing it (both inside and out), for 10 or 20 minutes after being applied. This will eliminate the pain and presence of hickeys.

7. Anti hemorrhoid cream

There are different types of anti-hemorrhoid creams, each one has different benefits: pain relief, cooling vaselines, improving circulation and blood flow.

The most recommended is the phlebotonic cream, which will directly help the blood vessels when a bruise is found, applying for approximately 20 minutes.

This is known thanks to a study , where they mention that “phlebotonics are called a varied group of drugs used to increase venous tone in patients suffering from venous and chronic diseases.”

8.Aloe vera

Aloe vera or commonly known as aloe vera , is a plant whose liquid is a good disinfectant agent, has the ability to regenerate cells and stimulates the immune system.

This helps the rapid healing process of blood vessels or skin, which have a crucial role in bruising or hickeys.

9. Mint Tea Bag

We already talked about the properties of mint, but mixed with tea leaves, they further strengthen the process. It mainly helps headaches or nausea, as well as the flow of bile and relieve cramps.

The trick is not just to treat the bruise or hickey directly, but to strengthen the body so that the immune system is strengthened, which makes the bruise clear up quickly, a bag of peppermint tea, warm or hot, will work for this case.

10. Toothpaste

It may sound strange, but toothpaste has benefits for treating bruises or hickeys.

The toothpaste or cream is made up of sodium bicarbonate, which works as an antacid, mainly in the stomach, but it is also capable of regulating or reducing the acid levels that exist in the blood, thus stopping the bleeding caused by the bruises

You just have to rub a little toothpaste on the area of ​​​​the hickey and let it sit for its due time.

11. Foods with vitamin K

Vitamin K is a very important nutrient, mainly for bone development and blood clotting (ideal for bruises).

But it is also a nutrient that we can find in various foods: eggs, meat, spinach , broccoli, among others. What is necessary is the daily consumption of these foods, not only after the bruise, since it will help to strengthen the blood flow of the body.

12. Make up the area

It can be considered the old trustworthy, it is recommended that this task be done by a woman, a trustworthy person who knows how to treat bruises or hickeys.

Makeup goes a long way to blend well with skin tones, preventing the visibility of the bruise. However, the type of makeup to be applied must be evaluated, as well as its correct application.

Health Effects of Hickeys on the Neck

It is necessary to know which of the effects that hickeys have on the neck, despite being fun and perhaps exciting, are not always healthy. Therefore, knowing these effects will help you take necessary precautions.

oral herpes

Oral herpes are painful and unpleasant-looking blisters, even becoming ulcers.

They can appear in the mouth and other parts of the face (from the neck to even the nose). Since hickeys are transmitted by oral contact, it would be very easy to transmit diseases like this or other microorganisms to our body.

The World Health Organization mentions that “HSV-1 is transmitted mainly by mouth-to-mouth contact, which causes oral herpes, or by contact with the virus of the same name, in ulcers, saliva and in the mouth.” oral labial area or its surroundings”.

If you were to let yourself get a hickey on your neck, unless it’s with a trustworthy and healthy person.


The hickey causes bruising, also depending on whether they are made as a lot of suction. Thus, they can end up creating a severe bruise.

Bruises are nothing more than internal bleeding, the product of broken blood vessels, which if not treated or severe, can last several days or months, injuring the area where it is affected.

blood clots

Perhaps one of the worst consequences of a hickey, blood clots are semi-solid masses that can form in veins or blood vessels.

Although they can stop bleeding, they can also stop the flow of blood through the body and through the heart, causing obstruction or a small heart attack.

Many times this is called traumatic hematomas, which, as the Cuban Journal of Gynecology mentions, “Traumatic hematomas are rare, made up of a collection of blood (blood clots) that can occur from injuries or sexual intercourse.”

skin tags

If the hickeys on the neck turn out to be very deep, the result of strong suction, the person will have indelible marks, because if the affected area is not treated and the blood flow does not recover, healing will simply be impossible, which will leave permanently marks on the person’s neck.

This is quite uncomfortable and not so healthy. It is something that should be done with a partner or trusted person, to avoid the strong suction that leaves the marks.

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