Individuals are usually comfortable or not with what happens to us, many factors intervene and the harmony we can have with our decisions and environment. There are two terms for this and those are: ego-attunement and egodystonia.

Both are elements of clinical psychology and also become components of pathologies or disorders, which allow them to be identified and recognized.

In the following article we will talk about the egosyntonic character, what are its characteristics and the effects on the personality of the individual.

What is egosyntonic?

Egosyntonic is a term that comes from the word “ego” of “I”, from the Greek “syn” which means “with” and from the Greek “tone” which means “tension”.

It refers to the harmony that exists in the individual, between the beliefs he holds and his way of developing. Its values, principles, structure and personality.

Egosyntonic also has reference to the ability of a person not to present discomfort that is noticeable or significant in the face of coping with situations or problems.

Characteristics of the egosyntonic

For the understanding of the egosyntonic character, certain characteristics that determine it are mentioned, they will be mentioned and described below.

It is a psychological term

As we mentioned previously, it falls within the terms of clinicalpsychology, due to its functional aspect inpersonality.

Behaviors and thoughts are acceptable to the self

The egosyntonic, is characterized by being a synchrony in the support of the individual and all aspects that comprise his personality and projection.

In this sense, their behaviors, experiences, errors and thoughts are acceptable and competent with the Self they perceive of themselves.

It results from following your own convictions

Many times, we find people who preach certain values and principles without putting them into practice, or in many things even going in a completely different direction.

In this sense, the egosyntonic is the balance and harmony in an individual between what he says and does.

Generates emotional well-being

Their feelings, thoughts, and actions generate the satisfaction of being consistent and competent. It improves interpersonal relationships (although some aspects may interfere negatively) and improves the quality of introspective value.

Produces conformity with the ways of dealing with situations

With the same reasons previously exposed and the ability to be faithful to their beliefs and values, the way in which they face a certain situation will always be satisfactory to what the individual really wants.

In addition to the actions triggered through your behavior, they will also be assumed in compliance.

Limits awareness of possible disorders

It often happens that the search for help comes from external people, due to the low visibility of the person involved who presents personality disorders and sees the egosyntonic character reflected.

In studies of cognitive behavioral intervention in the management of obsessions and compulsions they are even counted as manifestations of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), as one of the most heterogeneous symptoms both at the beginning and during the course of the disease.

Effects of the egosyntinic

The effects of the egosyntonic character greatly determine the qualities and characteristics of the individual’s personalitytag. These will be mentioned and described below for further understanding.

Perceptions and behaviors are considered reasonable

As in many personality disorders, sometimes they are not usually perceived by the one facing the situation, but by the observers, so the individual does not realize the excess and considers their behaviors and attitudes correct and reasonable.

Not aware of discomfort that may be occurring

These personality traits can create a huge gap in interpersonal relationships and not be noticeable.

The belief that the attitudes are reasonable and the personal perception of things, gets deteriorations and conditions without being really aware of them.

When something does not fit it can generate anxiety and depression

In a research article on Generalized Anxiety Disorder , it is described about the constant worry of events or activities that are in progress or have not even developed, where it is normal for egosyntonic disorders to appear trying to fight against their inconsistent ideas and feelings.

Treatment of some personality disorders is difficult

The difficulty arises from the lack of perception that something bad is happening in the patient, because, as we have mentioned, the egosyntonic character is characterized by being in accordance with their attitudes, decisions and thoughts, even though these do not really fall within the parameters of social assertiveness.

In many cases, the discomforts or symptoms in the patient will be consciously ignored due to the conviction that such a problem does not exist, and all this is thanks to an egosyntonic character.

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