Relationship breakups have become more frequent over the years, causing many divorces that in turn generate personal, family or work problems, where the two affected people are greatly harmed.

It is possible to find several types of divorces, which can be caused by different causes that affect the marriage relationship. This makes stabilization difficult and harms the emotional health of the couple and their children, if they have them.

Therefore, in this article, you will find all the necessary information about divorce, what are its possible causes and what types exist. In the same way, you will know some methods that can help you overcome that moment of marital breakdown.

What is divorce?

Divorce is the disunion of two people who were previously married, and that at the request of one of the spouses, the dissolution of the marriage is carried out. This term comes from the Latindivortium, which is related to the separation of a marriage certificate.

In the latter, the distribution of assets, the marital home, the parental authority of the children, the maintenance of the same, and the responsibilities to continue individually are negotiated before a civil registry.

AstudyonMarriage, Family and Divorce, defines the latter as a family crisis where the conflict affects all its members. This crisis is carried out through courts at the request of one of the spouses, which is the rupture of the conjugal bond.

Grounds for divorce

Divorce and the dissolution of the marriage certificate by the spouses can be caused by different reasons that generate discomfort and conflicts in the relationship on a constant basis. Among its most common causes are the following:

Failed communication

Failed communication in couples has been one of the biggest causes of divorces today, making it a common problem harmful to relationships, in which it generates misunderstandings or little willingness to fix conflicts.

These conflicts caused by poor communication generate consequences that influence a divorce decision by one of the spouses, among them we find disrespect, Infidelity , personal dissatisfaction or sexual problems.

irreconcilable differences

Irreconcilable differences are one of the common causes of divorces around the world. These are based on the fact that couples do not agree with each other in opinions or actions, which generate stress and a very conflictive environment.

These irreconcilable differences may be related to loss of trust, financial problems, personality , physical separation for a long period of time or other reasons, which are part of a set of reasons for divorce.

Infidelities and Deceit

In marriage, infidelity and deceit are one of the main causes for divorce, considered by one of the spouses as treason when the other party engages in sexual relations with a third person.

An article published in the Alternatives in Psychology magazine explains that infidelity is a complex process in marriage, since the marriage certificate has been betrayed at the time that one of the spouses had sexual relations with another person.

loss of interest

The loss of interestis a sign or cause of a divorce in a couple, since the connection that it had has been faded. This means that the love or affection between the spouses no longer exists, because each one carries out a life independent of it.


This feeling is an initial cause of the loss of interest in the marriage relationship, when the emotions and positive moments run out between the couples, the lack of sexual desire being a main symptom.

jealousy and distrust

ToStudy that was carried out at the University of Malaga on jealousy and emotions explains that these can be the cause of divorces, since one of the spouses suspects infidelity by the other party, making the environment very conflictive and insecure.

Change of priorities

When relationships are not working properly, there is often a shift in priorities, with the husband and wife going from doing things as “we” to “me.” Acting independently and indifferent to each other.

This change in priorities generates doubts and confusion in couples, as they question whether or not they should continue their relationship. Sometimes, this becomes a justifying cause for one of the spouses, with respect to proceeding with a divorce.

Physical and psychological abuse

Physical and psychological abuse are sufficient cause for a legal claim and divorce before a public prosecutor’s office, due to the fact that aggressions and humiliations are shown that affect the lives of each of the spouses in many aspects.

ToStudy carried out at the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombiaexplains that partner violence occurs when the other person is hurt. Likewise, he mentions that these can bring serious legal problems and the total breakdown of the relationship.

types of divorce

There are several types of divorces, which are related to specific situations or conditions that one of the spouses has, in which they can request the dissolution of the marriage certificate before a court, these being the following:

Contentious divorce

Contested divorces are based on starting with a legal procedure for the dissolution of the marriage certificate, without the approval of one of the spouses for not agreeing with the terms of this, so that the judge is the one who has the power to take the decision. Final decision.

Divorce by mutual agreement

It is voluntary divorce by mutual agreement, being more advisable and healthy to carry out, which consists of ending the marriage with a judicial sentence at the request of the two spouses, where they accept its terms in writing, personally or verbally.

administrative divorce

Administrative divorces consist of the separation of two people who agree to liquidate the conjugal partnership. To do this, they must not have children and have maintained one year of marriage. The sentence must be handed down by a judicial authority.

Divorce by court order

Divorces by court order are similar to the contentious type, since one of the spouses does not have the consent to finalize the marriage certificate. In this, the participation of a judge is required to contemplate quite complex points.

This type of divorce seeks to carry out objectively to achieve a fair result for both spouses, in which the distribution of assets obtained during the marriage is agreed upon and negotiated, and the good of the children they have in mind is considered. common.

Wrongful divorce

Unprovoked divorce exists as a modality in some countries in which the consent of one of the spouses is not necessary, nor a justification that has to be proven before a judge to decree the dissolution of the marriage.

How to overcome a divorce?

Couple or marriage breakups are difficult times to go through as it greatly affects emotional health. Therefore, it is necessary to look for methods to overcome the disunity efficiently and quickly.

Most cases require both legal assistance and psychological help, in order to overcome this process as well as possible. Thus, keep the following aspects in mind:

Acknowledge and accept the situation

A method that turns out to be necessary is to recognize and accept the divorce situation, in order to be able to put aside the moments of the past and be able to live in the present, without having to live with the depression or demotivation that caused the marital breakdown.

Drain the emotions

After the breakup of a love relationship, it is convenient to drain all the emotions that are inside to heal and move on. The ideal is to do it in a safe place where we are confident to say or do what we wanted.

Taking the time to heal

It is necessary to take some time to heal the divorce, since the emotional wounds that it causes do not heal quickly, being the first weeks or months the most difficult to face and overcome the attachment that was maintained.

Highlight the positive

Not all situations are bad, there are aspects that are usually positive, so one way to overcome divorce is to make them stand out. These can minimize emotional pain and raise a little, so as not to fall into depression.

Perform pleasurable activities

One method to overcome divorce is by doing activities that seem pleasant to us. We can achieve these with habits, actions that we like to carry out and maintaining a positive attitude to stimulate a good and firm self-esteem.

Lean on family and friends

It is advisable to rely on family and friends to overcome the breakup of a marriage, since they can advise us and help us in specific situations to move forward more easily. In addition, they can raise our self-esteem.

Focus on personal projects

An effective method to overcome divorce is to focus on personal projects that we have or plan to do, since these will keep us busy and distracted so as not to have negative thoughts. Likewise, they generate satisfaction.

Prioritize Health

After the breakup of a marriage, it is necessary to prioritize health, since a negative emotional state can affect the body, since this generates various complications that are reflected in the body such as chest pain and general malaise.

On the other hand, it is important to take care of the emotional health not only of the spouses, but also of their children, in order to ensure that their parental authority is granted to whoever can guarantee their rights and a better quality of life.

Strengthen self-esteem and emotional intelligence

In order to overcome a divorce, it is necessary to work on strengthening self-esteem and emotional intelligence, since these are important to enjoy greater happiness and well -being in oneself.

Go to therapy if necessary

If you think your case warrants it, go to psychological therapy to overcome the divorce, especially if there are children or legal conflicts involved. With the help of a professional you can achieve emotional balance faster to move on.

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