Cloves are spices that are distinguished by their concentrated flavor and aroma , which can be used for a wide variety of unique recipes, dishes and desserts, thanks to the fact that they bring freshness and a spicy touch to any meal.

Likewise, these spices not only add flavor to desserts and dishes, but also have benefits for the body that help prevent ailments and disorders, being able to eliminate toothaches and control blood sugar levels.

For this reason, in this article we will explain in detail the properties and benefits that cloves have , in order to include them in our daily diet to see extraordinary results through their consumption.

What are cloves?

Syzygium aromaticum, commonly known as cloves, is a very common aromatic spice in gastronomy , which is identified as the dry cocoon of a tree called clavero. Its name comes from the fact that it looks like a rusty wooden or metal nail.

To highlight: Its main use is gastronomic, which is based on providing a delicious aroma and flavor to food , in addition to the fact that it can perfume any place naturally. 

Properties of cloves

Clove is the protagonist of various recipes around the world , which has great benefits for our body . Below we will explain in detail its most important nutritional properties:

1. Vitamins and minerals

This spice is a great source of vitamins A , C, D, E, and K. It also has highly beneficial minerals among its components, since in 100 grams of cloves we can find 26 mg of magnesium , 110 mg of potassium , and 64 mg of calcium , which is ideal for strengthening the immune system and alleviating ailments and infections. 

2. Other compounds

Clove is spicy and burning with a slight bitterness. This is because it contains hormones, tannins, sitosterol, stigmasterol, mucilage, and oleanolic acid . In addition, it has fiber, omega 3 and fatty acids.

What benefits do cloves have?

Without a doubt, cloves help improve the health of the body , since they reduce cholesterol, eliminate oral discomfort and are a source of vitamins and minerals . Next we will indicate the most outstanding benefits of this spice:

1. They improve blood circulation

Clove essential oil is an excellent topical , which is used throughout the world to improve blood circulation. In addition, consuming infusions of this spice allows to purify the blood and maintain a nourished skin. Therefore, it is recommended to strengthen the immune system and increase hemoglobin. 

2. They reduce bad cholesterol

Cloves contain beneficial effects for patients suffering from hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, and a high content of eugenol that helps control bad cholesterol.

Note: They are also an excellent aid to relieve liver discomfort. In addition, they are purifying to eliminate toxins and fat from the blood.

3. They control blood sugar levels

It is necessary to include cloves in our daily diet, since they help control the absorption of sugar in the blood , and improve insulin production.

You should know: They are recommended in patients with diabetes , since they prevent glucose imbalances.

4. They fight the action of free radicals

This spice is an excellent antioxidant that helps eliminate all kinds of toxins, fights free radicals and allows the release of hydrogen thanks to its phenolic concentration. The latter work as anti-inflammatories, which protect the body from chronic diseases that cause tissue aging. 

5. They relieve digestive disorders

Clove is used in infusions to improve digestive diseases , since it helps the regeneration of intestinal flora , relieves discomfort from indigestion, constipation, nausea, vomiting and upset stomach. 

To highlight: Cloves also control the absorption of nutrients in the colon.

6. Respiratory conditions improve

Clove is a spice rich in flavonoids , making it an excellent natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic, which helps decongest the bronchi , allows the natural expulsion of phlegm and reduces discomfort from fatigue, asthma and bronchitis. 

Note: A study in Cuba revealed that cloves contain great antimicrobial activity , which helps to reduce diseases caused by viruses , also highlighting that the use of clove oil helps eliminate microorganisms that cause respiratory diseases. (1)

7. They reduce pain and inflammation

Another of the benefits of cloves is that it is characterized as a natural antibiotic that relieves internal and external pain. It speeds up the healing process and contains eugenol that relieves organ inflammation and eliminates fluid retention.

Therefore, a clove tea can eliminate headaches , fevers, acne blemishes and inflammation in the mouth.

Important: In Chile, a study was carried out on different herbs and spices, where it was determined that cloves contain a high content of eugenol , a substance recognized for being a powerful natural antioxidant. (two)

8. They help to lose weight

Cloves have antioxidants, which increase the secretion of gastrointestinal enzymes , which improves digestion and in turn helps speed up metabolism , thus allowing fat burning to be much faster.

You should know: These spices are ideal for those who want to lose weight , because they eliminate fluid retention and control bad cholesterol.

9. They promote oral health

Cloves have been used in oral health for more than 3 centuries. It can be crushed and applied to the teeth and gums to eliminate pain , since it has eugenol, which is a useful ingredient in toothpastes and rinses.

It also eliminates bacteria from the mouth and stomach that cause bad breath, cavities and bleeding, and also reduces dental plaque.

To highlight: In Cuba, the pharmacological properties of eugenol were studied, resulting in it being a substance with capacities to relieve pain in dental organs , since it is a nerve conduction blocker and inhales cyclooxygenase. This allows it to have an analgesic and anesthetic power. (3)

10. They stimulate libido

Clove is an aphrodisiac par excellence . In many countries it is used in infusions to stimulate libido and improve sexual desire . It is ideal for patients with premature ejaculation problems and erection failures.

How are cloves used?

Clove is known throughout the world for its aroma and flavor. It can be used for cakes, teas, infusions, sauces, desserts and broths. It is usually accompanied with fruits, herbs and other spices.

Its most common use is tea, as it helps reduce gastric and respiratory diseases. It has a stimulating and relaxing smell to eliminate stress and anxiety. 

Note: On the other hand, cloves can be used as a poultice for wounds, scrapes and bumps.

Key Findings

  • Clove is a spice with a bitter and spicy aroma and flavor, which is used to make desserts and dishes.
  • This spice works as a natural antibiotic to relieve pain and reduce scars.
  • It has vitamins and minerals that optimize the functions of the organism.
  • It is ideal for improving congested lungs, and treating respiratory diseases.

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