Human beings tend to develop many qualities throughout life, ranging from great physical, artistic or intellectual aptitudes. That not only gives a lot to talk about about ourpersonality, but also helps our self-esteem, how we recognize ourselves and the respect we earn.

However, not everything is usually positive, people also developegocentric personalityor often a very inflated self-esteem. That can not only affect others around, but also affect our private and social life in the long term.

In this article, you will know the characteristics of a person with very inflated self-esteem, as well as its meaning and very interesting historical data on the subject, in addition to treating it in case you suffer from it.

What is inflated self-esteem?

Self-esteem is in itself, the appreciation or admiration that one has for oneself, the affection, respect or trust that develops from within oneself. It can belowself-esteem or a high self-esteem. But there is another degree, which is called inflated self-esteem.

Inflated self-esteem is one that a person develops believing himself better before everyone or believing himself perfect, incapable of making mistakes, underestimating others and often having an arrogant and egocentric personality.

People with this type of self-esteem, usually have a strong and little understandable character, in addition they do not usually self-criticize, in extreme cases.

Characteristics of people with inflated self-esteem

The above was only a brief summary of what a person with a very inflated self-esteem is, it turns out that there are more characteristics, many that can pass in front of our eyes without realizing it.

They tend to be charismatic and confident.

People with inflated self-esteem manage to disguise themselves with charisma and a very confident personality.

It can be considered a hoax, since being charismatic attracts the attention of many people, both men and women. And of course, people feel safe when they are around someone who is quiteConfident .

They always want to be right

A person with this type of self-esteem does not understand the true art of being right. They do not seek to be right to confirm a fact or something important, but rather, so that their word is the only one that is real and that must be accepted, regardless of the opinions of others or other more accurate bases.

ToStudy defines this term of being right, as follows: “The eristic dialectic is the art of arguing, but in such a way that one is both legally and illegally right.”

They impose their criteria on others

These people are extremely demanding and have a rather harsh or unsympathetic personality.

They tend to force others to do things to their own criteria, like a kind of tyrannical leader, striving for perfection without forgiving failure. Historically, he has been seen in many important characters in humanity.

They think they can do anything

People with this type of self-esteem tend to believe that they can do anything, an activity, a job or a study, better than anyone else.

This is a way of underestimating the qualities and abilities of others, but that is little concern for those who have inflated self-esteem, in the end they see others as competition.

They are not able to detect risks and dangers

Something that can be said as a double-edged sword is that people with inflated self-esteem do not believe in dangers or focus on risks, which sometimes makes them make decisions that can be quite dangerous, for their life, their health. or all around. They tend to be quite demanding with no exact limits.

They think that everyone loves them

People with very high self-esteem have full confidence that they are loved by everyone, admired and even idolized.

But this is only the internal thought of these people, many times this makes them believe they are powerful and invincible. However, people don’t always admire someone who puts himself above others.

They tend to talk too much

It is normal to listen, analyze and then comment. People with inflated self-esteem do not usually pay attention to this, they do not have the need to listen to the opinions of others, on the contrary, they decide to speak a lot, with their own thoughts in order to put them first, as if they were correct. and irrefutable.

They underestimate the abilities and capabilities of others

These types of people do not want to recognize or admire the abilities or skills of other people, whether they are artistic, intellectual or very social qualities.

This develops envy, contempt and generates a feeling of non-existent competition, in the person with very inflated self-esteem. Therefore, they do not always make friends, but rather annoying obstacles.

They need recognition and praise from others.

People with inflated self-esteem are not what they are without the recognition of others, they urge others to praise them and give them physical or verbal recognition.

They take it to the maximum power this need. They rely on people who are easier to manipulate and who have no education on this subject, it is a need that is very urgent.

It is unfortunate and sometimes very sad to require this kind of thing. This is considered false recognition.

they are not empathic

They are very empty human beings, at the moment of truth, for some good things and for others, terribly bad.

This is one of them, these people with this type of self-esteem, are usually not empathic at all, since they act without understanding or positive interactions.

This is a very important value for human beings, in fact a Study defines empathy as “An ability to understand the needs, feelings and problems of others”.

His treatment of others is derogatory and discriminatory

People with inflated self-esteem are quite envious, this is highlighted by contempt for other people, both for their personalities and qualities, based on false backgrounds.

They also tend to discriminate against those people, with strong messages of hate or quite disrespectful claims, reaching a point that they even prohibit things from others.

Egocentrism and vanity always accompanies them

Your best friends are egocentrism and vanity, you want to be the center of attention, concern or needs of others, trusting that your opinions and actions matter more than those of other people around you.

They are also vain, for believing in their superiority, many times over others, based mainly on their physical and intellectual qualities.

They choose to always have the best

It could be said that they are materialistic or superficial, they want to have the best things (fancy cars, expensive houses, the best drinks or clothes) and surround themselves with particular groups of people, such as girls or boys with a very high economic position.

People with inflated self-esteem, who have these desires, are often teenagers.

Deep down they are fragile and fearful

When push comes to shove, and they will never openly admit this, people with inflated self-esteem are weak, fragile, and afraid of many different things. Like being outmatched, fear of losing or failing, being forgotten or disappearing.

Any human being can be afraid, but these types of people repress them in different ways.

Effects of having inflated self-esteem

It is good to be a person with high self-esteem and to value oneself very much. But being someone with inflated self-esteem brings many consequences over time to the person’s daily life, being mostly very harmful.

Therefore, these are some of the effects that can cause being someone out of naturalness.

Problems in interpersonal relationships

Some may have a certain number of friends or acquaintances, but they do not turn out to have affection towards people with inflated self-esteem.

So these have trouble establishing relationships with other people, to form a friendship or have a formal relationship, since the egocentric personality is incredibly shocking.

Labor disputes

They may have labor problems, either because of the relationship between other people, with the same boss or because of teamwork.

People with inflated self-esteem want to be leaders, but without seeing others as equals, but rather as pawns or a necessary resource to achieve a goal, which can lead to separation or labor discussions.

Coexistence is difficult

Coexistence becomes difficult for people with this type of self-esteem. They do not usually live with others, but with those they want, since they develop favoritism for a group of people, who dismiss or despise others.

As a consequence, other people do not want to approach them either and start conversations to live socially.

Analysis Inability

People with inflated self-esteem do not want to analyze details or situations, but rather act out of urgency.

They do not measure the errors, problems or difficulties that may be encountered along the way. This can be risky when making decisions for important things in social, private and even work life. The analytical capacity is underestimated.

increased frustration

A person with very inflated self-esteem can have many episodes of frustration , since they tend to be perfect at all times, the slightest mistake in some case frustrates them and can cause them stress in the long run.

It goes without saying that stress or anxiety are capable of altering the immune system and damaging health.

Tendency to isolation and loneliness

A person with inflated self-esteem, believing himself to be unique, often decides to isolate himself from society, to live alone.

A historical fact is the case of James William Sidis, the most intelligent person who ever lived, but despite his incredible achievements, he developed an introverted and sometimes quite incomprehensible personality. What distanced him from people and his family, leaving him alone and without remorse.

Emotional Imbalances

Inflated self-esteem can lead to very serious emotional imbalances, such as depression, which greatly affects young people and adults.

It also generates bipolar disorder, which prevents having a very stable social and work life, in the same way schizophrenia and anxiety or panic attacks.

In this sense, a Study examined that “imbalance is the consequence of a relationship between the subject and the environment that generates profound dissatisfaction respectively.”

How to avoid inflated self-esteem?

If you want to help yourself, a friend or an acquaintance, regarding the issue of inflated self-esteem, it is necessary to take into account the following recommendations.

Recognize weaknesses and failures

Self-criticism is very necessary for the human being, to recognize the faults and weaknesses that we possess.

There is a saying that says “The first step to solve a problem, regardless of its magnitude. It is recognizing that there is onetag. “Starting with this introspection, many problems are saved for daily life.

Accept yourself and show yourself as you are

One must be accepted and respected with all the virtues and defects. It is not necessary to wait for others to do it, when you have confidence in yourself, all doors are open without exception. If one does not trust himself or his abilities, he will not have a fulfilling life.

Avoid depending on the outside

Dependencies are dangerous, from the physical such as drugs and alcohol, to things like parties, going out or free time.

You yourself must choose the environment and the moment that makes you feel comfortable, happy and serene. You own your own happiness, do things and find yourself where you feel happy yourself.

Value and respect others

Humility is one of the most powerful values of the human being. Despite the fact that many disguise it or show it off, the important thing is to be humble and serene from the heart.

Act of your own free will and with the intention of helping. It is necessary to value and respect other people’s opinions, we are all equal in certain aspects.

Cultivate the interior and self-respect

You have to develop self-respect, which is cultivated over time, learning from mistakes, evaluating experiences and knowing more in depth.

It is a process of introspection, which also deals with the affection we have for ourselves, our personality and the way we act with others.

Avoid comparing yourself to others

We can all be equal in aspects of rights and life. But inside and out, even if it is small, we have things that make us unique. This is not why we are better or worse, that is only defined by actions and thought.

One must concentrate on cultivating one’s own stamp, image and one’s own thinking, not comparing oneself with another circle of people.

Work towards goals in a healthy way

One must focus on goals or dreams, with passion and effort. But with the appropriate methods, so that our health and social life are not affected.

The correct routines, responsibility and dedication are ways by which one can achieve all dreams and goals.

Seek professional help if necessary

It never hurts to visit or make an appointment with a specialist or professional. Psychologists are the best option to be able to vent our feelings, seek our guidance correctly, focus our goals and better analyze our entire situation.

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