In the world there are different plants and crops that provide incredible benefits for the health of the human being, both for development, food and even for medicine. One of those plants is the camelina, a sativa plant (tall plants from certain tropical areas) quite popular for its properties and benefits.

Therefore, in this article we will divide the information on camelina about what it is, what its properties are, and the benefits that this plant can provide.

What is camelina?

The camelina or also called camelina sativa , is a plant of certain annual growth whose cultivation has been known since the time of the Romans.

Camelina is popular for its energy use in different areas of production , in addition to serving as a substitute for vegetable oil, because camelina oil does not impact health, nor does it alter nutrients or their development in the human body.

Note: A study mentions that “The commercial interest in this sativa crop is due to its use as an energy product, due to the good qualities of its oil as a biofuel, especially in aeronautics.” (1)

What properties does camelina have?

The properties of camelina are very favorable for life and human consumption, it provides many positive factors. Here we present the main properties of camelina and its relevant importance:

1. Vitamins

Camelina is rich in specific vitamins, such as vitamin D, A, K and E , the latter is very relevant and is abundant in the plant, since it has antioxidants and helps reproduction or growth, in addition to this, it has unsaturated fats . , able to help lower bad cholesterol and the body to absorb vitamins.

2. Minerals

Camelina or especially its oil, is very rich in favorable minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and finally potassium . Being a beneficial plant for the development of human bones, reducing the appearance of diseases related to them.

Note: A study mentions that “The hardness of the bone depends on the crystallized organic mineral salts that it contains, see phosphorus or even calcium.” (two)

3. Trace elements

Trace elements are tiny elements existing in the body of human beings, they are involved in metabolism and influence the functioning of the organism. Camelina has some very significant ones such as copper, magnesium and selenium , including others such as iodine.

What are the health benefits of camelina?

Camelina is a beneficial plant for health , as we mentioned before its properties, these greatly influence the functioning and development of the human body, we will present below what those benefits are.

1. Promotes cardiovascular health

Camelina oil, having a very high content of omega-3 fatty acids , greatly influences cardiovascular health, being a substitute for vegetable oil that can be harmful in the long run. It also protects against oxidative stress , a pathological state that causes degenerative diseases.

Note: A study mentions that “Hypertension or cardiovascular diseases are reduced in a syndrome of metabolic and structural abnormalities within metabolic alterations, which may be due to inadequate nutrition.” Therefore, including camelina in the diet reduces the presence of heart diseases and in the body. (3)

2. Lowers triglyceride and cholesterol levels

Camelina helps a lot to reduce inappropriate levels of triglycerides , which at high levels can cause a heart attack or heart disease, as well as the bad cholesterol level or called LDL cholesterol.

Important: Thanks to a study, it is known that “Omega 3, unlike omega 6, are fatty acids, whose consumption is of vital importance since the body is unable to synthesize them, therefore they must be supplied in the diet . They are very present in camelina and this helps, in abundance, to reduce excess LDL cholesterol and different triglycerides” . (4)

3. Balances blood pressure

By reducing triglyceride fatty acids, the occurrence of heart disease is reduced, which means more stabilization in blood pressure, acting as a favorable regulating effect to improve blood circulation and prevent low blood pressure.

4. Strengthens the immune system

Camelina , by possessing vitamin E, helps to greatly strengthen the defenses of the immune system, making it less susceptible to facing different diseases or bacteria from the environment. Being vitamin E, a quite accurate and important antioxidant, which is obtained in camelina oil.

5. Eliminate toxic substances

Camelina oil and seeds also work as a cleanser or better said, a means to detoxify the liver or other toxins in the body . This works more through vitamin-rich foods, prepared with camelina oil.

6. Improves bone health

The bones can be strengthened a lot with the consumption of camelina, due to its richness in important minerals such as potassium and calcium, avoiding joint pain or diseases such as arthritis or other ailments such as bone wear.

7. Prevents tissue aging

To prevent early aging of the tissues, a great and healthy diet is required from the beginning.

Note: Foods prepared with camelina oil are a great option, because they are nourished by antioxidants and minerals suitable for strengthening muscle tissue and even organs, prolonging their operation.

8. Improves skin and hair health

The cellular change of the skin and hair is very noticeable, therefore they require some care. In this sense, the consumption of camelina, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, helps protect the dermis layer of the skin, from which hair or scalp can grow.

Highlights: The antioxidants and amino acids contained in camelina strengthen hair and provide a better appearance to the skin.

How is camelina used and consumed?

There are very key and important ways to use, but above all, consume the camelina. We present the most practical and simple ways to take advantage of all the wonderful benefits that this plant contains:

1. Camelina infusion

This infusion is very easy to prepare and you can consume it warm for a better use of its properties. If you have prepared green tea or coffee, it is a very short and practical similar procedure.


  • camelina flowers
  • Water
  • sweetener to taste

Preparation and consumption:

  • In a small pot add the water. We begin to heat over low heat.
  • We add the camelina flowers (to personal taste) so that they mix with the water, the flame can be increased.
  • Then we turn off the flame and serve in a cup, having a strainer on top to only have the infusion liquid in the cup, not including the flowers.
  • Add the sweetener of your choice to your own taste and enjoy.

2. Camelina oil

Mostly camelina is consumed in its oil form, adding it to meals, since it is a substitute for vegetable oil rich in omega 3 fatty acids , very favorable for cardiovascular health, but it should not be used in excess.

Note: Camelina oil also has external uses as a skin moisturizer and hair conditioner, which is beneficial to the dermis layer.

Key Findings

  • Camelina is a very nutritious sativa plant, with many medical , aesthetic and nutritional purposes.
  • It is a herbaceous plant belonging to the brassicaceae family , found even in central Asia.
  • It is consumed mostly by infusions, by boiling the seeds and flowers or using its oil to prepare and cook food.
  • It is an excellent alternative rich in omega 3 and even omega 6 fats, which is also found in foods such as salmon.
  • It has many properties for the body, including necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • It prevents heart or cardiovascular diseases, as well as degenerative diseases and helps cleanse the body of toxins.
  • It is not ideal to consume or use it in excess, moderation must be maintained when consuming this plant or in its oil form.

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