Sex is an intimate and often special experience. It is about obtaining pleasure and enjoying someone you trust, or even a partner. For this reason, there are many means created by the human being, with the goal of exploring sex .

Beyond the sexual positions , there are the seductive kisses, those that are capable of conquering any person, if they are applied in an appropriate and very intriguing way in private .

In this article you will learn about the black kiss , what are its most successful benefits, how it influences privacy and what are the recommendations to carry it out correctly.

What is the black kiss?

It is important to know that the black kiss is one of the many types of kisses that exist. But this one applies in private and intimate moments with a partner or someone special.

It is also called anal kiss, the process by which the anus is licked, in order to generate a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. This occurs because the rectal area has many nerve endings, being more sensitive, it is a place where stimuli cause more excitement.

It receives other names such as analingus , which is considered the true name. Although it is said that only the anus is licked, it is proper to say that it also includes the surroundings, such as the buttocks and any area surrounding the anus, in order to generate pleasure.

Important: The doctor Jorge Vargas Castilla mentions a curiosity of the black kiss “Although the black kiss is very stimulating. You have to take precautions, if you have an active sexual life you have to be checked regularly, because the diseases are still present “ . (1)

Benefits of black kiss in sexual life

The black kiss, although it may be hard to believe, has many benefits for the sexual life of a couple, even for the same intimate self -esteem .

It can be considered as an exercise kiss to impress someone during sexual intercourse, the mouth and tongue are used more than anything, to be able to moisten the area and start the act.

The following benefits that this kiss brings are important and healthy for a full sexual life:

Increases sexual stimulation

The black kiss is a very pleasant sexual stimulant , many times it is women who enjoy being treated by their partner through this technique. It is capable of generating pleasure and enduring orgasms for a long time

A study confirms that the sensitivity level of the anus is approximately 91%, which places it as an erogenous zone of the human body. (two)

Strengthens knowledge of yourself and your partner

The black kiss is a means of knowing positions or kisses for the privacy of the couple, it is not strange nor is it part of a taboo subject .

In addition to strengthening self- confidence , during sexual intercourse, it also reinforces the knowledge and mutual trust that exists in a couple, who decide to explore their sexual desires.

Complements the sexual relationship

Analingus is a complement to sexual relations, you can choose to practice it before or after penetration or oral sex .

It can mainly serve as an opening for anal sex , in order to moisten the area of ​​the anus, in order to enjoy this part of casual sex.

A study mentions that “The vast majority of people who have practiced anal penetration are approximately 86% worldwide, being a very common practice.” (3 )

Increases pleasure and eroticism

The black kiss is a very ideal stimulant for the couple’s pleasure, it is capable of taking it to impressive levels, all also depending on the sensitivity that the couple may have.

It is also an act charged with eroticism , without the need to consummate the act, since the black kiss does not imply penetration and can be enjoyed at any intimate moment.

Break the monotony in the couple

The black kiss breaks the tortuous routines to which many couples are subjected, it is a way of exploring sexual desires or techniques . Mainly so as not to cause boredom or disinterest in the couple, even during sexual moments.

Previous recommendations to perform the black kiss

The black kiss can be a gratifying experience, but it is also true that it requires previous measures , all to enjoy in a healthy and safe way, a sexual act as intimate as in analingus .

Because sexual relations that are done through the anus have a higher risk of HIV transmission , compared to vaginal or oral, we invite you to follow the following recommendations:

Do it with the consent of the couple

The black kiss is a practice that is done by prior agreement , where the couple, communicating in a healthy way, decide whether or not to try this sexual practice, it is like agreeing to find each other’s G-spot .

That includes being open and honest about the diseases that can be contracted and the healing that is required.

Wash the anal area very well

Personal hygiene is important , both in the genitals and in other parts of the body, that includes the anal area. Feces and many microorganisms are found in this area, so it is necessary to wash them properly, this even prevents bad odors.

Important: Thanks to a recent study by UNAIDS , it is confirmed that “Coronavirus and different microbes have been found in the feces of infected people. Mouth-to-anus contact may carry a risk of transmission.” (4)

Epilate the area for greater comfort and hygiene

Both men and women require anal hair removal , in addition to being more attractive, it is healthier to prevent the spread of diseases or feces that remain attached to the hairs of the anus. It is also more comfortable at the time of analingus or anal sex

Dr. Kristie Overstreet mentions that “there is nothing unsanitary or disgusting in the areas around the anus. As long as it is ensured that your partner is very neat and clean. Because it’s essential.” (5)

Tip: It is important to use appropriate and harmless depilatory techniques, since the anus is a delicate and sensitive area. You can use cold waxes or simply razors, but be very careful.

Use tongue protector or condom

Using protection and condoms during a black kiss or anal sex significantly reduces the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases , as occurs in penetration and oral sex. HIV, Hepatitis A, Gonorrhea among others, are some of those that can be contracted if precaution is not taken.

Note: Tongue protectors are very necessary for rimming, they do not diminish the pleasure, that will depend on how each person takes it.

Avoid fizzy drinks or heavy foods to reduce involuntary gas

It is something necessary for the black kiss or analingus , because flatulence is usually involuntary and is not desired for this type of practice.

For this reason an agreement is made, where hours are specified for the act. During that time, heavy food or drinks should be avoided .

Take an enema if you prefer

An enema is a hygienic procedure, where liquids, mostly water, are introduced into the anus and rectum, in order to clean and disinfect them.

If you voluntarily want to perform an enema, in order to enjoy the safe black kiss, you are completely free, it is also highly recommended.

Techniques to make the black kiss

There are many ways to give black kisses, in this case we will present the best and most important techniques.

caress with the tongue

The tongue is the main tool to stimulate the anus, in addition to moistening it, you can make different slow movements with it, in order to stimulate those erogenous and sensitive zones in the anus area.

lick around

The entire area of ​​the anus has many nerve endings , so licking the surroundings provides greater pleasure to the partner who receives it.

Practice, patience and gentle movements with the tongue are required, as if giving an erotic massage .

dry kiss alternating with tongue

You should not just use your tongue to start the analingus , you can also opt for some dry , but stimulating kisses, which feel like kissing the lips passionately.

Tip: It is necessary to consent to our partner in all its aspects, when the moment begins, you can alternate the dry kiss, using the tongue.

dry and sonorous kiss

The dry kiss can also be accompanied by exotic sounds , which are caused by the act of analingus , that our partner can hear. What it does is increase the excitement and the erotic moment.


If you wish, you can blow on your partner’s anal area , this makes an impression and you will feel a brief tingle inside the anus , since the nearby air that is released directly hits the nerve endings. It is a rather striking way to provoke our partner.

Key Findings

  • The black kiss the process by which the anus is licked, in order to generate a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.
  • It also includes the surroundings, such as the buttocks and any area surrounding the anus, in order to generate pleasure in the couple that receives it.
  • It can enhance intimacy as a couple, strengthening trust and increasing pleasure and eroticism.
  • The black kiss must be done in a safe and hygienic way , to avoid sexually transmitted infections and other discomforts.
  • There are many techniques to do it such as dry kissing, licking around and blowing.

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