In sexuality and intimacy , many things are explored to find satisfaction, from there are born the sexual positions that the human being can enjoy, put into practice and enjoy to the full.

In this present article you will learn about the best sexual positions, but in this case, so that the man can enjoy them more. These positions are ideal for making love in a pleasant way and as a couple.

Most pleasurable sexual positions for men

There are various sexual positions that are born from eroticism . Men and women can enjoy them in a pleasant way equally. In this case, we will guide ourselves to the sexual positions that generate more pleasure for the man:


It is one of the most famous positions and the one that is usually done first, it is also where the man takes control of the sexual act.

It is about putting the woman on her knees , in a position on all 4 legs (like a dog) on ​​the bed comfortably, the man begins to penetrate, varying the speed while holding her buttocks and groping her.

Important: Thanks to a study, the importance of the best sexual poses is highlighted, in the following way : “Desire is a powerful engine, and letting oneself be carried away freely by it, without prejudices or predetermined objectives.” (1)

the 69

Another very common position for men , in fact it is even a famous position for lesbian couples. The man must be lying down , with the woman on top of him but in an inverted way.

Immediately afterwards, they begin to stimulate themselves orally, not only their genital parts, but also the man can stimulate the anal area (fortified with nerve endings) to increase his and his partner’s pleasure.


A very common position, not to say that it is also exciting , in this case the man must lie on top of the woman , with the act of penetrating immediately.

Note: This should be done slowly and passionately , while the woman supports his neck and surrounds his hip with her legs. It is an erotic moment that can be complemented with kisses or caresses.

lotus flower

It is one of the best sexual positions, very exciting to make love , the man must be sitting firm, on a flat surface (if desired, it can be done on the floor) bending his legs, while the woman sits on top of his genital member, surrounding his partner’s waist with his legs.

Tip: From here, the position is complemented by kisses, caresses and erotic words.


Here the aim is to satisfy and impress the woman , due to the stimulation of the clitoris that is achieved, which increases pleasure and orgasm for the man.

They should both be on their sides while the man penetrates her and, in turn, passionately stimulates her vagina and clitoris. Looking for a slight coital alignment. It is ideal for making love intimately.

legs to shoulder

daring position and holds the orgasm for a long time, which increases the sexual act. The man is in front of the woman, who is seated with her legs raised over her partner’s shoulder, while the man enters her, quickly or very slowly, without her moving much.

Tip: To get more aroused, the man can support himself by holding the woman’s legs.


It is not an exact position, but a series of sexual positions that can be done standing up.

Among them is sex against the wall, which is the most famous, where the man carries the woman holding her thighs while penetrating her. Both can lean against a wall, this also prolongs the sexual act and orgasm, being very satisfying.


Ideal for anal sex , which excites men a lot (if taken responsibly). For this position you need to be sitting on a ladder, the woman kneels on all 4 legs while the man penetrates her anally.

Important: Lubricant is recommended to achieve this act.


It is a very romantic position that also works as a stimulant for the woman’s G-spot .

For this position , a table will be needed , where the woman will be sitting with her knees up, very open and leaning on her buttocks. While the man penetrates her, holding her buttocks to lift her off the table while she consummates the sexual act. It is considered romantic and erotic.


It is also known as aspas del molino , it is where the man lies on his stomach, and the woman lies on her back. The man should look down at the woman’s legs, the trick is not to see each other, but the woman has the freedom to caress and stimulate the body of her partner. It is a very difficult position.


It is another daring sexual position that manages to charm couples, especially men, since it breaks the monotony between couples.

The man must be seated, while the woman sits on top of him to be penetrated. During the act, little by little the woman leans back until she puts her head on the ground, while the man penetrates and holds her legs tightly. hips. It is a difficult position that requires a lot of flexibility.


Finally, in this position, the man should lie down, calm while the woman sits on top of him, both front and back, while she makes slight movements and jumps as if she were riding a horse.

Key Findings

  • Sexual positions are usually a great way to break routines in couples.
  • The most common sexual positions for men are those in which they take control of the act.
  • They must be done with prior agreement , responsibility and in order to explore sexual desires face to face.
  • Positions like doggy style, 69 and missionary are the ones that most excite men.

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