Multiple digestive diseases , among which heartburn caused by the helicobacter pylori bacteria , poor digestion and acid reflux as a symptom of another pathology stand out, are some of the most common and uncomfortable due to the constant pain and burning that occurs in the digestive tract.

For its part, in the current pharmacological market, there are different varieties of medications, antacids and chemical compounds intended to alleviate said conditions, however, the frequent intake of these can affect the function of different organs.

In this sense, below we present a list with the best 10 home remedies that will reduce heartburn so that you have a simple and smooth digestion.

What is a natural antacid?

Natural antacids are plants, foods or compounds (in the case of sodium bicarbonate) that have within their properties effects that reduce stomach acidity , prevent reflux, stomach heaviness and relieve symptoms caused by poor digestion.

Consequently, natural antacids are one of the home remedies that are most used at home , both for their effectiveness and for the economic value they have, as they are, in certain cases, foods for daily use.

Note: Natural antacids are used in specific cases , they should not completely replace pharmacological treatments indicated by specialists, since the health condition could worsen.

Best natural antacids to relieve digestive discomfort

Below you will be able to learn about the 10 best and most effective antacids , so that you can naturally alleviate gastric ailments that occur after eating heavy meals or those high in carbohydrates and fats.

1. Ginger

Ginger root is used in different culinary dishes for its peculiar flavor, but it also works as a natural digestive. The Manual for the Good Use of Medicinal Plants (1) reports that ginger, in addition to being an antacid, its infusion can be used to relieve stomach aches and nausea.

Likewise, this root is rich in antioxidants , so it can be used by pregnant women to combat gastrointestinal problems , vomiting and dizziness caused by the different hormones that rise during the gestational period.

Tip: To get the benefits of ginger and soothe heartburn without using drugs, make a boiling infusion with a small ginger root chopped into thin slices in two cups of water, ingest 2 times a day so you can enjoy the properties of ginger. this food.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda is a compound used in kitchens worldwide for its multiple functions and effects as a natural home remedy. This fine white powder is implemented in the culinary world, however its properties are deployed even in the manufacture of cosmetics and articles for personal hygiene.

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (2) , details that “Sodium bicarbonate has a buffer effect, neutralizing the acid content of the stomach and increasing the pH of the stomach” , therefore, thanks to this, it acts as one of the most effective and fast-acting natural antacids that you can consume.

Note: It is recommended that the intake of bicarbonate be used from the age of 12, since it can be harmful to the gastrointestinal health of children, in addition, they should not exceed 6 grams per day ingested, since it can alter the normal stomach function.

3.Aloe vera

Among the incredible benefits of aloe vera or aloe vera, as it is also known, is that it has double-action effects when used for the stomach, since it helps reduce inflammation of the lining of the esophagus and stomach walls, while healing the wounds. lesions caused by the bacteria helicobacter pylori and heartburn.

Therefore, thanks to the regular intake of aloe vera you will be able to reduce the consequences that derive after suffering from H pylori , the gastrointestinal mucosa will recover and strengthen, in addition to pain and heartburn will be reduced as well as reflux and the sensation of heaviness.

Tip: To consume the aloe vera we recommend that you carefully remove the thorns that are located on the sides and the rest of the covering of the stalk with a knife, then wash the glass with plenty of water and cut into small pieces that they will serve you to ingest them on an empty stomach, specifically 1 per day.

4. Cucumber

This is one of the foods that is mostly used in the cosmetics industry, due to its properties that help reduce excess oil on the skin while moisturizing and helping its regeneration.

On the other hand, among the benefits of cucumber , it is also found that thanks to its high water and fiber content, it helps to improve intestinal transit, it also balances the pH of the stomach , which is usually affected by acidity and stomach reflux.

5. Broccoli

Currently, broccoli is considered a super food due to the large number of nutrients, properties and benefits it has for health, where it stands out for strengthening the nervous system and muscle function.

You should know: According to the Spanish Food Book (3) , this vegetable is a rich source of vitamins where vitamin C stands out and its powerful antioxidant effect, minerals and fiber, called active ingredients that mean that this food should be included in any diet to maintain good physical health.

Regarding its relationship with the digestive system, the regular consumption of broccoli has antibiotic effects against bacteria that could lodge in the stomach and cause symptoms of heartburn, heaviness and indigestion, in turn helping to prevent stomach ulcers and works as a natural cleanser.

6. Radish

The root of the radish plant is a good source of fiber , which improves intestinal transit and discomfort that may be related to the colon, in addition, it acts as an antioxidant thanks to its contribution of vitamin C.

Tip: The alkaline action of this vegetable will significantly improve reflux and heartburn, so you can eat it raw as part of a salad.


A simple selection of fruits will provide you with a large amount of nutrients that will benefit the health of your stomach and the banana is one of the main ones that you should include. Its great contribution of potassium, vitamins A, C, E and group B, along with minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc make it a highly nutritious food.

The banana is indicated in the diets of people who suffer from stomach pains caused by acidity and ulcers, this is because this powerful fruit reconstitutes the gastrointestinal mucosa and improves digestion, thus providing relief from these conditions.

8. Apple cider vinegar

Even the smallest dose of apple cider vinegar you ingest will be beneficial for your health in general and especially that of your gastrointestinal system. This natural food preservative has been used since ancient times for its different gastronomic uses and the multiple advantages it offers as a home remedy.

Among the benefits of apple cider vinegar , its stimulating effect stands out to accelerate digestive processes , it balances stomach pH, ​​it works as a natural antacid, it also combats gas retention and cleanses the gastrointestinal system of toxins that cause certain pathologies.

Tip: Dilute a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in 1 glass of water and stir, eat on an empty stomach or after eating so you can get its properties and benefits.

9. Dad

Researchers from the Biochemistry and Nutrition Research Center of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos , Lima, Peru (4) , state that potatoes have antioxidant and cytoprotective properties on the gastric mucosa.

In this sense, the study reveals that the juice extracted from the potato helps to strengthen the layer that protects the walls of the stomach when foods are consumed that can unbalance the pH of the gastrointestinal tract, cause reflux and increase normal acidity levels in the stomach. .

Tip: To normalize heartburn and heartburn, we recommend that you drink half a cup of potato juice on an empty stomach, this will significantly reduce the feeling of heaviness and relieve pain caused by heartburn.

10. Flaxseeds

The benefits of linoleic acid present in flax, together with the properties that these seeds have, help to restore and strengthen the intestinal flora , while preventing the development of ulcers in the gastric tract and improving intestinal transit thanks to its laxative effect, normalizing so acidity levels naturally.

Key Findings

  • Natural antacids are one of the most widely used home remedies in homes, both for their easy preparation and for their high effectiveness.
  • Consuming ginger tea is the natural antacid preferred by pregnant women, since it relieves heartburn and nausea.
  • Baking soda balances stomach pH and reduces acidity almost instantly.
  • Consuming aloe vera on an empty stomach will help you heal the stomach walls affected by acidity and reflux.
  • Apple cider vinegar is considered one of the most effective natural antacids, it also helps you eliminate toxins at the gastric level.

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