The human body is made up of more than 60% water in all its body weight, starting from the point of view of when we have the correct levels of liquid in our organism and each organ works without problems.

In this sense, water has electrolytes that help to better maintain mood and physical condition, avoiding dehydration, eliminating toxins and malignant cells through urine and sweating. Consuming this liquid guarantees a quality life .

For this reason, in this article we will explain in detail the benefits of drinking water , in order to raise awareness and try to consume the corresponding amount of this liquid per day, in order to have an organism in optimal condition .

What are the benefits of drinking water?

Water is a vital liquid for all living beings , which despite having no taste, color, or smell, is necessary to take care of our vital functions. Below we will explain some of the benefits of taking it:

1. Strengthens the immune system

Water is essential for life. Good hydration is the most effective way to defend yourself against infections, bacteria and viruses. Therefore, when we drink the correct amount of liquid, we take care of the cells of our body, since this lubricates the mucous membranes, nourishes the organs and helps blood circulation.

Important: In Spain, a study was carried out on the importance of water in the Spanish community. This showed that anyone who wants to see beneficial results in their health and improve their defenses should consume said liquid, since it was shown that those who drink more water than other sugary drinks lose less electrolytes. (1)

2. Lowers the risk of heart disease

The absence of water directly affects blood pressure. This refers to the fact that dehydration reduces blood supply to the heart, which increases the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

To highlight: It is recommended to drink 7 to 8 glasses of water a day to pump oxygenated blood, avoid heart attacks and cardiovascular accidents.

3. Eliminates toxins from the body

Drinking water helps activate the metabolism and takes care of the organs that are in charge of eliminating toxins from the body. This liquid helps to get rid of all the impurities that the body does not need. In this way, the whole organism is kept hydrated and free of harmful cells.

4. Stabilizes body temperature

Water has thermal properties that help level body temperature, through sweat. In this way, the body maintains the necessary amount of heat. It is mandatory to be constantly hydrated , since sweating causes the loss of essential electrolytes for the organs.

5. Improves digestive functions

Water helps the body get rid of the urea nitrogen that is in the blood. If there is not enough fluid in the body, not only is there dehydration, but the kidneys, liver and pancreas are affected. In addition, water takes care of the digestive system since it allows the correct expulsion of feces and the functioning of the colon.

You should know: In Mexico, a study of water consumption was carried out in different socioeconomic levels, where it was possible to reach the conclusion that contaminated water causes stomach upset , headache, nausea and heaviness; while drinking water improves the immune system and the digestive system. (two)

6. Boosts brain functions

When there is a lack of water, the brain loses oxygenation and lubrication. This wastes nutrients and minerals that must be absorbed during daily meals. 

Note: The vital fluid allows the spinal cord and nervous system to send messages to the brain.

7. Contributes to weight loss

Although water does not have miraculous effects on our body weight, it helps to eliminate toxins. Consuming it keeps the body hydrated, which makes calorie burning higher . In addition, it has a satiating effect that helps reduce excessive food consumption.

8. Reduces migraines and headaches

Drinking water during a headache or migraine is what doctors recommend. This is because this liquid at low temperatures has analgesic and soothing properties that reduce inflammation of the blood vessels.

9. Promotes skin health

Another of the benefits of drinking water is that it eliminates the toxins that cause cellulite, varicose veins and acne. Water increases the production of hyaluronic acid and helps the absorption of collagen. 

To highlight: Water also keeps the epidermis and dermis hydrated, with the necessary elasticity.

10. Eliminates bad breath

Drinking water stimulates salivation , keeps the mouth clean and free of impurities. In this sense, by ingesting water the digestion process is improved, which prevents gas from the stomach from rising into the throat. It also helps prevent cavities and oral bacteria.

11. Increases physical energy

As long as the body maintains the correct levels of hydration, daily activities can be carried out with enthusiasm and vitality . So that when there is a lack of fluids, the body loses electrolytes and nutrients that make the organs stop working completely, which causes a loss of energy .

Important: A study in Spain revealed that drinking 10 glasses of water a day keeps the body hydrated and helps to better absorb food. In the same way, it improves performance when performing physical activities and controls body temperature when presenting fever or fluid loss. (3)

12. Protects against cancer

Drinking plenty of water reduces the risk of stomach, colon and bladder cancer, it also allows the daily expulsion of toxins and cancer cells. It should be noted that this liquid allows the elimination of agents that cause chronic diseases .

Key Findings

  • Water is an odorless, colorless and tasteless liquid, of the utmost importance for the existence of living beings.
  • The human being has more than 60% of this liquid in his body.
  • This vital liquid helps maintain a good mood.
  • Drinking water helps to eliminate all kinds of toxins and malignant cells from the body, through urine and sweating.
  • Water cannot be replaced by other liquids.

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