What is auriculotherapy?

The word auriculotherapy derives from the Greektherapy, which means to cure, and from Latinaurícula, which means ear. The ear has a great meaning in this aspect, because it represents a microcosm, in which it represents the mind, the body and all the functions of the human being.

For this treatment it is required that theapplicator has knowledge in the area of health, this however is not exclusively to people who have had contact in that area, as indicated by studies conducted by theAutonomous University of Mexico. (1)

Note: Part of the benefits of this ancient technique that uses various points of the ear is thatit treats various health diseasespainlessly for the patient.

What is auriculotherapy for?

Scientific studies largely support thefunctionality of this method. TheUniversity of La Rioja (DIALNET)(2), through research and tests on various patients with back ailments or cervical pain, explain thatauriculotherapy is effective in the treatment of pain inthis part of the body, among other ailments and conditions that we will mention below:

1. Weight loss

The National University of Colombia, through studies and clinical trials, concluded that auriculotherapy treatment at various points of the ear helps to reduce body weight , stating that it has a high rate of effectiveness, but not 100% totally effective. (3) .

To highlight: This treatment was performed in conjunction with electroacupuncture (it is a form of acupuncture where a small electrical current is passed between pairs of needles).

2. Menstrual disturbances

The use of auriculotherapy is a great alternative for menstrual pain, as it helps to a great extent in controlling menstrual disorders such as menstrual ataxia, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and hypermenorrhea, according to research from the Escola Universitària de la Salut i l’ Esport (EUSES) , in Girona, Spain. (4)

3. Approach to pain

In a work carried out by the University of La Rioja , they also concluded that auriculotherapy has been demonstrating its effectiveness in the treatment of pain, this technique being favorable for the body.

Important: Traditional Chinese medicine, with this type of therapy, has helped to regulate disorders of the body at various levels, as well as has contributed to the reduction of body pain and even improve alterations in organs and systems of the body. (5)

4. Digestive, respiratory and heart problems

Auriculotherapy improves to a certain extent digestive system discomforts suchas gastroduodenal ulcer and gastritis; It also relieves disorders of the respiratory system such aspulmonary tuberculosis, edema and asthma , as well as heart problems such as those of the cardiovascular system.

To highlight: Improving these problems can contribute to the emotional state of the patient, according to conclusions made in a study by the Chinese Ministry of Health. (6)

5. Psychological and emotional problems

Experts in auriculotherapy and acupuncture, carried out various tests and studies in which they demonstrated that after several sessions with the auriculotherapy technique, anxiety levels decrease in the body.

This makes the patient have a better emotional and psychological management, proving the effectiveness of the treatment, which was carried out at the “Octavio de la Concepción y de la Pedraja” hospital in Camagüey, Cuba. (7)

6. Sleep disorders

As far as this is concerned, a group of experts from the “Alberto Fernández Valdés” Polyclinic Hospitaltag. Santa Cruz del Norte, Mayabeque, Cuba, through studies carried outusing the auriculotherapy technique, diagnosed a positive evolution.

In these studies, they found that sleep disorders such as insomnia were decreasing completely, giving clear indications that this acupuncture technique helps regulate sleep disturbances, as well as various health problems. (8)

Contraindications of auriculotherapy

This traditional Chinese medicine therapy has its not so positive side since there are contraindications that must be taken into consideration if you want to practice this treatment for different diseases.

1. Ear problems

It is recommended that if you suffer from any kind of wounds or cuts in your ears, you should wait for them to heal before applying this therapy, since you could have this part contaminated, which would worsen the problem you have in the area where said procedure is performed. therapy.

2. Pregnancy

The use of this technique can be harmful in pregnancy , since it could give way to hormones, which can put the fetus and the patient at great risk.

Important: The risk increases if you have previously suffered a miscarriage or premature births.

3. Anemia, hypertension and schizophrenia

In this case, the benefits of auriculotherapy may be null or lowin a person who has diseases such as anemia, severe heart failure, people with schizophrenia and high blood pressure, which does not make it totally contraindicated, only that the positive effects will not be so high with this treatment.

Key Findings

  • Auriculotherapy represents part of acupuncture, practiced in its beginnings in China as an alternative healing method and rehabilitation technique.
  • Part of the benefits of this ancient technique is that it Treats various health conditions painlessly.
  • Auriculotherapy is effective in the treatment of back pain , among other ailments.
  • Auriculotherapy treatment also helps to reduce body weight, digestive, respiratory and menstrual disorders.
  • It is contraindicated during pregnancy , ear injuries and in people with anemia, hypertension and schizophrenia.

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