Vaseline is a product that is usually found in most of our homes, even since we have awareness.

Many uses are attributed to it and it is quite accessible and inexpensive. In fact, presentations have been developed so that we can always carry it with us.

In the following article we will mention all the benefits of petroleum jelly, its properties and a couple of tips for using it.

What is petroleum jelly?

Vaseline is a chemical derived from petroleum. It is also known as jelly or white mineral oil. It has pharmaceutical applications, in food, cosmetic, plastic, etc. industries.

Robert Chesebrough was the one who with his experiments with cuts and self-inflicted blows, later covered himself with what for him was an unknown paste from oil and discovered that his wounds healed more quickly and without risk of infection.

Benefits of petroleum jelly

All the uses attributed to petroleum jelly are incredible and successful. Next we will develop them for better handling of this product, explaining what its foundations are.

1. Helps protect chapped lips

Vaseline moisturizes, not only the lips but also areas of the skin where this product is applied. It is also used as an ingredient for the preparation of many types of cream for this same reason, in addition to its gel quality.

Vitamin E is key for its antioxidant properties that reduce the formation of free radicals so its presence in petroleum jelly positively influences hydration.

2. Contributes to wound healing

Vaseline helps in wounds by preventing the formation of scabs, but at the same time, being a dense product, it prevents air from passing through and increases the risk of bacteria production. In addition to this, its application is recommended to prevent unwanted marks from appearing.

3. Allows to remove dead skin

Dead skin usually accumulates due to lack of hydration and exfoliating our skin with Vaseline, as the main ingredient, can avoid unnecessarily hurting it and also facilitate the immediate care it requires.

4. Helps smooth cracked heels

Vaseline has the ability to soften rough hands, cracked heels, etc. The application of this on the skin with circular massages and later cover with gloves or socks, will help us to effectively reduce the dryness of our skin.

5. Eliminate diaper rash

In the journal Pediatric primary care , an article dedicated to the Treatment of atopic dermatitis was developed where it is mentioned that Vaseline is one of the most used products as a treatment for it.

It happens that being a product free of odors, alcohol and dyes, inhibiting the proliferation of microorganisms and moisturizing the skin is recommended and used in this type of conditions. It also reduces the possibility of irritation and the discomfort of rubbing.

6. Relieves redness and itching

In outbreaks such as atopic dermatitis, moisturizing the skin with products that do not contain alcohol or fragrances is recommended to avoid itching, so Vaseline facilitates hydration and also prevents the appearance of wounds.

In addition to this, as we have previously mentioned, Vaseline is a highly recommended product to protect the skin, especially for its protective property due to the protective barrier it forms.

7. Helps the skin against rosacea and psoriasis

Vaseline, based on these studies, has shown that it not only has a moisturizing effect in these types of dermatological conditions, but also has an antiproliferative effect.

8. Slows down skin aging

It happens that the drier the skin, the more likely it is for wrinkles to appear on it. The application of moisturizers on it prevents it from losing its elasticity and therefore does not crack with these unpleasant marks.

Similarly, the molecular weight of this component produces a protective layer on the face that also protects it from external agents that may influence the aging process.

In addition, it has vitamins A and E and with all this stimulates the production of collagen in our body.

9. Helps remove makeup

Vaseline is used to remove makeup, especially in the eye areas, such as the eyelashes, where we can remove the mask with a cotton swab without excessive rubbing that is harmful to our health.

It is worth mentioning that although many health blogs recommend the use of this product to remove make-up, we should not leave it on our face all night to avoid closed pores.

10. Avoid blisters on the feet

Vaseline is highly recommended, especially for the sports area, being used on the feet and avoiding the appearance of blisters. Over time, this product has shown its protective and moisturizing benefits that take care of our skin.

As it is also a lubricant, constant rubbing will reduce the constancy of its appearances.

11. Contributes to the duration of the perfume on the skin

Does the scent of your perfume last a short time? Here’s the solution.

Vaseline has a fixing property due to its composition and molecular structure, so applying a light layer of Vaseline on the key points will be the element that will prolong the duration of the fragrance.

The previous hydration of the skin also allows it to favor the effect, so Vaseline is definitely the perfect weapon.

12. Improves dry ends of hair

Applying a thin layer of Vaseline to the hair from mid-lengths to ends an hour before bathing will save and completely eliminate the need to cut it.

It will not hydrate the hair due to its type of structure, but it will cause the water to penetrate the hair ends to strengthen it and regenerate the hair naturally. In addition to that, it eliminates dandruff due to dryness.

It is also applied to eyebrows as a fixer and emulsifier for eyelash growth.

Vaseline properties

Vaseline has countless benefits and these are due to its particular properties. Below we mention and describe them to stop considering Vaseline as a possibility and make the decision once and for all.


Due to its structure and molecular weight, Vaseline, and as we said earlier in the article, forms a protective and waterproof film that will protect our skin.


Vaseline as a commercial productis defined as an emollient and occlusive agent used to protect and moisturize the skin. Its applications prove it by being used to soften a hardness and reduce inflammation.


Due to the components that Vaseline has, among which are Vitamin A and E, it has a protective capacity due to the thin layer that it forms when in contact with our skin.

It contains antioxidants, which in addition to protection provide anti-aging effects.


The occlusive property is understood to prevent moisture from being lost from something, so Vaseline promotes water retention due to its hydrophobicity.

When an ingredient is occlusive, it can also be taken by those that do not withdraw on their own, that is, they are not volatile. Once applied to the skin, they remain on it and will only be removed by rubbing or cleaning.

How to prepare homemade products with Vaseline?

After knowing all the applications and benefits that this product has, we will provide you with a couple of quite practical and homemade ways to use it.

Homemade Balm

The balm will keep our lips moisturized and protected, preventing them from cracking and aggravating the situation by ripping the dead skin off them. If using Vaseline alone doesn’t appeal to you, here’s a way to fix it.


  • Vaseline jelly.
  • Old lipstick (the color you like)

Preparation and application

  • Add Vaseline and lipstick in proportions 60:40 respectively.
  • Heat in a water bath or microwave until they melt and be able to mix evenly.
  • After mixing, place it in a container or mold where it is practical to apply it and that’s it. Useful and beneficial lipstick at your fingertips.


It helps moisturize the skin simultaneously. Could there be anything better? It can even be applied to finish removing makeup from our face. Three in one!


  • Vaseline
  • Sugar

Preparation and application

  • Mix a small amount in equal proportions and apply to the skin.
  • If you want to exfoliate your lips you can use this same mixture with an old toothbrush applying circular movements.
  • Super simple! Then remove and wash your face or skin.

Hand cream

Thanks to the combination of the following ingredients, a restorative moisturizing will be provided for our hands and even nails. It is a gentle and simple formula, as we can obtain the necessary ingredients at a local pharmacy.


  • Liquid Petroleum Jelly
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Almonds oil
  • Lavender flowers (15 g)

Preparation and application

  • Add three tablespoons of almond oil along with lavender flowers to produce an herbal infusion.
  • It is left sealed and resting for two or three weeks in a dark and cool place.
  • When the time has passed, the flowers are extracted by filtering the infusion.
  • Liquid petroleum jelly and cocoa butter are added to a container where it can be heated. It can be in a water bath or microwave.
  • When both are in a liquid state, add it to the infusion and mix vigorously for a few minutes.
  • Once the ingredients are integrated, place in a dispenser container and use once a day.

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