Coffee is one of the most commercialized and consumed products worldwide. It comes from a seed that grows in warm climates. It contains a large number of components and nutrients, which are reduced by a certain percentage after being dried and processed to obtain the morning and evening drink par excellence.

In the following article we will talk more about what coffee is, all its benefits and properties provided to consumers. 

What is coffee?

Coffee trees are shrubs of a fairly broad genus , they do best in shade and mild temperatures. A drink called coffee is obtained from its seeds, which is characteristically stimulating due to the presence of a psychoactive substance called caffeine .

The cultivation of coffee is linked to the development and progress of many countries, especially in warm climates such as tropical and subtropical . It is originally from Ethiopia and has a very defined aroma and flavor that is present only in the ripening stage.

Curious fact: For the year 1905, decaffeinated coffee was invented by Ludwing Roselius, a process that continues to improve and benefit, where coffee should not have more than 0.1% caffeine. (1)

What are the health benefits of coffee?

Due to all the biological and active molecules present in the coffee beans, this product confers a great number of benefits to its consumers. They will be mentioned and described below for their recognition and use:

1. Stimulates blood circulation

A paper presented at the Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association highlights the ability of coffee to improve the health and function of blood vessels, since it activates our blood pressure and cleanses throughout its course. The study demonstrated a 30 percent increase in blood flow for at least a 75-minute period after coffee consumption. (two)

Note: It should be noted that the study was also a comparison with the effects of decaffeinated coffee, obtaining positive results from the presence of caffeine, which is responsible for the increase in blood pressure and the benefits it brings to the circulatory system.

2. Prevents neurodegenerative diseases

Despite the fact that the factors that influence the appearance of this type of neurodegenerative disorders and diseases are of genetic and environmental origin, studies have shown that coffee consumption can reduce the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s , as long as are moderate amounts. (3)

The active principle is due to the presence of estrogens, antioxidants and non- steroidal natural anti-inflammatories, which through certain scientifically recognized mechanisms can even determine possible ways of prevention.

3. Slows down aging

Throughout life there has been the belief that drinking coffee causes rapid aging, since it influences the hours of sleep, but the truth is that due to the amount of antioxidants present with the ability to attack free radicals , the cellular oxidation process slows down. .

To highlight: Not enough with that, coffee has anti-inflammatory properties that also make it possible to fight and attack diseases and conditions, so that also benefits the intention of retarding aging . (4)

4. Relieves respiratory conditions

Caffeine, the main compound in coffee, has certain properties that benefit the health of its consumers and relieve respiratory conditions . It is a bronchodilator and reduces muscle fatigue , as well as being directly related to an active compound used in drugs such as theophylline, aimed at patients with asthma.

5. Helps burn fat

The active principle of this benefit is due to the fact that coffee is a low-calorie and diuretic product , in addition to the fact that by keeping the system in a state of alert it stimulates brain signals and therefore accelerates metabolism and facilitates the process of burning fat. and lose weight.

6. Increases physical and mental performance

The consumption of coffee, especially if it is done hours before making the effort or physical activity, allows a greater disposition and motivation when starting the training . 

Note: This improvement in performance seems to be related to the blockade of adenosine receptors produced by caffeine and having effects on the nervous system and therefore less feeling of fatigue. (5)

7. Helps control stress and depression

There are studies that have focused on determining these benefits of coffee, thus making it possible to determine which cells acted against depressive symptoms . 

To highlight: The studies carried out at the University of Coimbra, obtained as a result that the A2A adenosine receptors were inactive and did not allow the development of depression, especially as a consequence of stress. (6)

8. Prevents gout and liver cirrhosis

It has been proven through studies and follow-ups that coffee consumption produces a decrease of at least 25% in the risk of suffering liver cirrhosis . 

Important: The exact physiological basis for the experimental evidence is not known, but at least since 2015 these effects and benefits have been evidenced by coffee consumers. (7)

9. Reduces the risk of cancer

Research carried out by Oliver Kennedy at the University of Southampton, allows us to demonstrate that just from all the previously mentioned benefits , the development of certain diseases can be prevented . It is even considered oncosaludable (tools to contribute and achieve a favorable nutritional status for patients).

You should know: There are enough indications through the studies carried out, to be able to say that coffee reduces the risk of developing cancer of the colon, liver, bladder, breast and even in the oral cavity. (8)

coffee properties

Among all the biological molecules that coffee provides, there are micronutrients that are allowed to stand out because they are the main responsible for the benefits obtained from this recognized and characteristic drink. We mention the most relevant ones below.

1. Vitamins

Coffee is characterized by having an important contribution of B vitamins , highlighting riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3) and pantothenic acid (B5) among them . A cup of coffee can provide even 6.2 mg of these. They help keep the digestive system, mucous membranes and skin properly healthy.

2. Minerals

There is a contribution of minerals such as manganese, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium . They also interact in the correct development of the organism and help to keep it healthy, in addition to the proper fulfillment of all the functions and the protection of the cells.

Key Findings

  • Coffee is a product traded worldwide . It is even considered the third with the highest production and consumption. 
  • Research studies have proven through science that coffee has active ingredients that even prevent the development of diseases.
  • The amount of antioxidants that it provides to the body slows down the cellular aging of the organism , in addition to stopping the activity of free radicals.
  • Coffee helps reduce stress and therefore minimizes the symptoms of depression. 
  • It is a bronchodilator, so it relieves respiratory conditions and being a diuretic and with little caloric intake, it helps to burn fat and lose weight .

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